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    Good morning!  I apologize for my completely unoriginal titles.  I can't think of anything creative before I've had my coffee.


    RR:  I had a nice 4.4 mile run yesterday after work.  I felt sluggish, but it ended up being slightly faster than 10 minute miles, which is good for me.  Today I'll probably head to the gym for a swim, 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Work, swim, then hang out with DF and a friend.  My friend and I are going to finish up Season 1 of Downton Abbey tonight, which is really good, btw.  Other than that, I don't have much going on around here.


    FR:  Portobello and sweet potato fries yesterday were delicious, as always.  That combination, along with broccoli, is my  new favorite go to dinner.  I'm not sure what we'll have tonight.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    MIA:  When is your stair climb?  How many stories is it?  That’s an awesome goal!


    Foco:  Hurray for the light at the end of the tunnel with your thesis!  That must be such a relief!


    Rerun:  Congratulations!  That’s so exciting!  You have two little girls and an older son, right?  Are you hoping for a boy this time around?


    Seattle:  The rock climbing sounds really fun!  I’ve looked into trying it out at a gym, but it turns out you have to take some intro class and its expensive.  Maybe someday I’ll give it a shot.


    SJP:  Ugh, DBF’s mom sounds ridiculous.  Doesn’t she realize the world doesn’t revolve around her?


    Have a great day!


      morning all!


      RR- Rest day, sort of. No run on tap, but doing the "300" workout. It's brutal.


      NRR-Start of my 3 day "weekend" Will go to DW's baby doc appt with her, if she makes it soon.


      FR- back to chicken salads, oatmeal, eggs, and good stuff.




      rtr- Yeah, wife wants a boy, so I do, too. Otherwise, she'll want to keep trying....lol.Boy's name I got to pick will be Peyton Andrew (named after old and new Colt's QB's)


        Good morning!


        RR - Up early for an 8 mi run before work. I want to get it out of the way early so I can spend the evening doing homework... I'm such a fun person on weeknights haha!

        NRR - One last crazy busy day at work today and then hopefully the busiest should be over with. I've been super productive so the days have flown by but been tiring at the same time! Hoping to get a little more homework done tonight and then just relax and read for a while.

        FR - Pan fried pork chops w/parmesan asparagus & sweet potato fries tonight... looking forward to it!


        Back later for shouts



          mia-glad you got to enjoy some time with DD and TLC lately. Is she enjoying college life?

          mc-way to go on your thesis...so close!!!

          seattle-whew rock climbing, not sure i could do that, though inside vs outside are so different, haha. Our friends have an ice axe for when we go witner hiking in case we need it--however i think they just like toys and if it came down to needing that on a hike, i'd turn around!!!!

          rtr-you are making me want portobello's really badly! yum. that dinner does sound really delicious. haha, and thats the problem, she thinks the world SHOULD revolve around her. no one tells her 'no'. well til i came along...

          rerun-congrats!!!! a new baby, what do your kids think?! i'm guessing the feisty and super cute one will have some funny stuff to say Smile

          RR-8 miles this morning and some stretching and bike. i also did p90x arms/shoulders last  night, i was super tired afterward but not that sore today. win!

          NRR: ugh, the gym is having boiler issues so the water has been cold. nothing like a cold shower to wake you up!

          FR: need coffee to warm up!


            The days are beginning to run together, not good.

            RTR:  the stair climb is March 24. It is 69 stories, over 1200 steps. Should be a challenge.

            Rerun:  Due date ?

            SEATTLE:  are you feeling ready for Mercer Half?  I wish the stair climb wasn't the same day, that oils one of my fave halfs.

            SJP:  yes dd is enjoying college  she seems to have found the perfect balance of socializing and studying although she could probably get more sleep. I hope you DBF is starting to stand up to his mom. That is important.


            RR:  walked some yesterday, meeting friends for a run today.

            NRR:  going to send out more resumes today. Probably also fill out the FAFSA

            FR: I'm doing great all day and then night hits and I think I'm just bored. Ugh!



              Morning All!


              FR- I'm just going to get this over with and say I've been terrible. There is no going back to un-eat all that unhealthy food. I really need to kick it into gear, starting now!


              RR- I only got one run in the last 4 days I think. It wasn't super long. But I went out the door in a horrible mood and came back in the door smiling so it was a great run. Today is my "work only" day so I have the morning to eat breakfast, drink coffee and head out for a run. I have no plan on how long I'll go, I usually don't.


              NRR- Meh. I've been so busy that I seem tired all the time. At least this past week. I seem to be behind or falling behind on everything. Poor DBF only ever gets to me in a half awake, half asleep stage.


              rtr- Nice job sticking to your running/workout plans! You seem to be out of that slump, but I may have caught it from you.


              rerun- I need to get back to the good food too. The 300 workout does look hard! It seems like it'll be great all-body workout.


              Seattle- I like how you mostly know what your dinner will be in the morning, or night before possibly. I think planning meals out could help me a lot. I never have a plan and if I get to hungry nutrition goes down the drain.


              sjp- Burr on the cold shower! Hopefully that gets fixed soon!


              Mia- Filling out FAFSA, does that mean possibly school?


                I had a great run this morning!  I think I was half asleep until the end so it just kind of flew by.  I ended up running the last 4 mi faster than the first 4, even though the second half was into the wind, so that was nice too!  My chest/tris are pretty sore from lifting last night, it felt good.



                rtr - sweet potato fries really are so good!  I think one of my favorite dinner combos is tonight's dinner, pan fried pork chops, asparagus w/parmesan cheese, and sweet potato fries... yum!  Enjoy a relaxing night with DF and friend tonight Smile  The rock climbing gym is somewhat expensive ($15  more/month than LA Fitness) but I think we'll probably only use it for a couple months until it gets nice enough to climb outside, and I think it'll be a good introduction!


                rerun - welcome back, glad to hear you are back at it and doing well!


                sjp - boo on the cold shower...  I rarely take those even in the summer!  That's not a nice way to wake up.  I'm glad we are starting with indoor rock climbing b/c I think it will help me feel more comfortable at the beginning.  I am a little bit afraid of heights and a lot afraid of open/exposed snow slopes so when DBF and I go winter hiking it definitely pushes me out of my comfort zone (although glissading/sliding down the mountain on your butt is pretty awesomly fun!).  The climb that we want to do later this spring requires us to have ice axes, crampons, and helmets... eek!


                Mia - good luck with the resume sending!  I'm sure you'll find something good soon Smile  I am not doing the Mercer half this year, I am doing the Lake Sammamish half instead.  I really liked the Mercer one but I think a flat course will be better for a PR attempt!  And yes, I definitely feel ready for it...  I have been running more mileage than I ever have before and so far so good!


                snowden - I usually try to at least vaguely plan a week or so ahead of time - it helps with grocery shopping and helps take away temptation when you know you have yummy healthy things to look forward to as well.  I would never be able to stay on track/stay healthy eating without planning ahead at least a little bit!  Sorry you've been so tired lately...  I know the overwhelmed feeling isn't very fun.  Hope you can get some rest and relaxing in soon!