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Oh the Mondailies (Read 12 times)

    Who is ready for another week?

    some shouts from back last week:

    mia: my lesson plans were all encompassing for 1st-3rd grade types of activities.  Lots of game style learning activities and drawing and easy writing.   have fun going back to school! so much easier when it is online and you don't have to get to classes.  Did you say the focus was medical administration or did I make that up?


    sjp: did you end up buying a house or did you guys just find a place without roommates to move to? I hear you on groceries.  My cabinets are bare!


    mc: wow can't believe they had to cancel a marathon due to snow, in April!!!  nuts weather this year!


    rr: finished last weekend of real training.  12 okay miles on Saturday, got up really early to knock them out and my legs just weren't feeling it.  I can also say that a honey stinger waffle is not enough food for a 12 miler!  5 easy miles yesterday.  I've been running a few miles in the Nike Frees I bought a few weeks ago on these short runs.  Really like the way they fit, and they don't run like minimalist shoes.


    nrr: scored tickets to the Thunder playoff game last night.  It was super fun and probably a once in a lifetime experience.  Was out super late though, game didn't start till 8:30 which is pretty close to my bedtime!!!


    fr: ehhh, I'm really sucking in this category lately. Need to get a handle on it.


      Good morning!!


      RR: Rest today. I planned on getting in a few miles early this mornng, but I've had a bit of an allergy related cold and was up all night coughing - and much to DH's pleasure, I've lost my voice!


      NRR: Had a lovely date with DH. We went to a very nice restaurant and then out for a few drinks after.  Saturday and Sunday were filled with Big B's soccer games - he scored one goal in the first and two in the second!! Tonight is Big B's karate and hopefully getting our snacks made for the week since I was a bum and took a nap with little b yesterday instead of cooking like I usually do on Sunday afternoons.


      FR: Last night we had salmon, brown rice, and broccoli - it was so yummy!



      B: overnight oats w/ apples, cinnamon and PB, coffee w/ creamer

      S: 2 quinoa energy bites

      L: Made up rice bowls for DH and I using the leftover rice, salmon, and broccoli from last night

      D: chicken tacos, guacamole and tortilla chips



      OU - I'm so jealous you got tickets to the game!! I stayed up until half time and then it was past my bedtime so I didn't see the end of the game. Glad you had fun!! My mom is a season ticket holder, so we will hopefully get her tickets at least one time during the playoffs - but I think I'll wait to cash that in until the next round or two Wink


        Good morning!


        RR - Busy weekend here! Ran 4 mi on Saturday morning, then spent ~3 hours hiking with DBF. Ran a hilly muddy 12 mi yesterday on my favorite trail. My legs were pretty beat from hiking and I haven't run that many hills in a while, but I pushed through. Last double digit run before the marathon in two weeks! Today is just climbing at the gym w/DBF after work.

        NRR - Had a lovely relaxing weekend with DBF. Saturday we mostly wandered around hiking and on the beach, despite the drizzle, and snuggled up in bed with some movies. Got some homework and laundry done yesterday. This will be a super busy week at work and getting ahead on homework! Going Thursday night to visit my brother at grad school in Cincinnati - I've never been to the midwest so should be fun!

        FR - DBF made shredded beef in the crockpot yesterday, so probably burritos or enchiladas... yum.


          Hi all,


          RR: Well, I did my half marathon yesterday, but it was not my best outing. Slowest time ever for a half. I have been examining my running log and although I have good mileage since the first of the year, I've really struggled to get the mileage I needed in the last 5-6 weeks, and I just didn't feel strong. Also, I had a weird problem with my shoes: My toes felt completely numb on my left foot from about mile 8. I have been wearing a heel lift in my left shoe, as my chiro recommended before Christmas. I think because I didn't do much hill work -- and because this half marathon was super hilly (some 9% grades), the lift put undue pressure on my toes. I would have known that beforehand if I had done the hill route that I should have last weekend! So ... has anybody else had a doc tell them that they need a heel lift to compensate for one leg being shorter than the other? If so, do you use the lift when you're running? Or do something else like use a Superfeet insole?


          NRR: Minutes after I finished the race, I had to rush home, jump in the shower and drive to the airport for a business trip to NY. I was able to just go to bed last night as soon as I hit the hotel, which was good. So tired. Today, it's really just my feet that are sore from the run.


          OU: Good for you to get your 12 miles done. Glad you love your shoes. I am not loving my shoe situation at the moment. The race organizers ended up holding the marathon, but they told the runners they had to support themselves -- they were a muddy mess when they came in and they all had backpacks with water, food, etc. It has been bizarre weather. Our snowpack is now at almost normal levels, though, so maybe this summer won't be as dry as past ones. Thunder game sounds great -- worth staying up for!


          Java: Boo to allergies -- hope they clear up soon! Your salmon dinner sounds perfect -- some of my favorite foods. You have some good stuff on the menu for today, too.


          Seattle: Good for you to push through on the hill work. Is your marathon coming up very hilly? Your upcoming trip with your brother sounds really fun!


            Good Morning everyone!


            RR: So bad this weekend, didn't get in any running due to weather and "other" things getting in the way. ; )

            NRR: Spent a lovely weekend with DBF.  He came to my place on Thursday night.  We went to a place called Crocketts for dinner that was featured on a Food network show.  We slept in on Friday and then he headed home to get some stuff done and I went to lunch with a friend and we caught up.  After that I came home and sent out a couple of resumes.  I'm bummed because no word from the first job last week.  I did get a call from second job and have another interview today.

            I went up to DBF's friday night and we had dinner and then snuggled on the couch watching TV, we both fell asleep watching a show he wanted to see.  Good thing they have it on again this week.  Slept in Saturday and then started driving without a plan.  We ended up at the Tulip Festival which is about an hour north of his place and drove around, then we went to the outlet mall there and got some stuff. He found 2 stores he really likes - Filson's and Pendleton- and got some shirts, a blanket and some pillows.  I went to Nike and picked up some running shorts, a pair of capris and two shirts.  Went back to his place I watched a movie while he practiced guitar and worked on his bikes.  Slept in again Sunday and then I headed home and did stuff around here.

            Today I go to my interview, start my classes (in medical billing and coding) and have to go get an MRI to check on a Kidney issue I was having last year.  The DR. found an encapsulated tumor and wants to make sure it hasn't grown.

            It's also my youngest DD's birthday today, she is 19!  Ex and I went in on a new phone for her, but not sure when we can get it to her since she is so busy.

            FR: hanging head in shame.


            OU: Sounds like you had fun at the game.  I'm studying Medical Billing and Training - it's a certificate course and usually takes about 2 years at a community college.  This is a 10 month course of study and looks pretty intense.  Got my syllabus for the first 5 weeks last night.

            Java: Sorry to hear about your voice.  Your nap with little B sounds much better than cooking.

            Seattle: What a weird weekend here with the weather - torrential downpours and then sunshine unexpectedly.  Is DBF going with you to visit your brother?




              MC: I've had my toes go numb in my shoes before, usually it's when I've tied the laces too tight.  Hope you figure it out.  Remind me again what you do for a job?  You travel quite a bit.  Good job finishing the half even when you didn't feel fully prepared.



                Just wanted to say, I am so happy it's sunny out!  Should be pretty nice the next few days at least.


                ou - nice work on your 12!  it seems we were sort of run twins, my legs just werent feeling it either.  I also know what you mean about last weekend of real training, it feels like the rest of the taper seems so short and easy!  awesome that you got to go to the Thunder game last night, that sounds like a ton of fun!


                Java - sounds like a busy weekend for you!  Glad you got a nice date night in with DH amidst all the soccer games.  sounds like Big B is a champ!  My brother and I both played soccer from kindergarten through high school and loved it!  your comment about losing your voice "much to DH's pleasure" almost made me spit coffee over my keyboard Smile


                MC - sorry you had a rough half!  I think races like that happen to all of us but it's definitely frustrating.  I've been told that I have one leg shorter than the other, but as long as I stretch and build up mileage slowly it hasn't seemed to be much of an issue or to need a heel lift.  the only issue it's really caused (knock on wood) is hip joint stiffness, which taking glucosamine has really helped with!


                Mia - woohoo for both your job interviews making progress and for a lovely weekend with DBF!  My mom and her friend did a bike ride up by the tulip festival this weekend, it looked really pretty!  DBF is not coming with me to visit bro, my mom is though!  I'm excited, we are going to the horse races in Lexington on Friday as well as touring Cincinnati, etc!



                  ou-we are just renting. there hasn't been anything on the market that i like in my price range for a while. we are just done with roommates, you know besides eachother, haha. that is amazing you got to go to a playoff game! but ouch on the late night!

                  java-that is awesome that big B scored so much! at least not as bad to watch little kids sports when your kid plays and scores! sounds like you deserved the nap with little b yesterday.

                  seattle-wow can't believe the marathon is in 2 weeks! came so quickly! how long will you visit your bro? is DBF going with you?

                  MC-way to fight through the race. i bet a hotel bed early felt amazing. was it snowing during the race? do your feet fall asleep normally while running?

                  mia-busy lady! congrats on another interview and starting school. i am so happy to hear things are going so well with DBF. happy birthday to DD. will she be home for summer?

                  RR: eh, my heel is still acting up so trying to be super careful by running 2ish miles then the rest on elliptical. did about 2 hours of cardio saturday and then 1:15 yesterday. same today, 1.5 hours of elliptical with a  couple miles of running.

                  NRR: started packing this weekend. found out we can't move in to the new place until 7:30 pm on april 30th, so moving at night, in about 5 hours max. we need everything packed so that it doesn't take long to load the truck. could be rough but i think we can do it.

                  FR: eh, trying to be careful/mindful.


                    Tired Monday


                    RR- I managed to squeeze in one run this weekend, right around 7 miles on Sunday. Planning on about the same today.


                    NRR- I need to make myself get up earlier. I've been sleeping in every single day for a while now. I just feel tired. Maybe I'm still catching up from my EMT class? Maybe I just got used to sleeping in the one week I actually needed it.


                    FR- Meh. Need to ring it in a bit.


                    OU- Woo Hoo for last "real trailing run". Marathon is soon! Do you like, hate or are you indifferent to taper?


                    Java- Yum, your food sounds wonderful! I really like the idea of rice bowls as leftovers. Hope you kick this cold and feel better soon.


                    Seattle- Ohh your food sounds really good too! Nice job kicking out the last longer run before your marathon!


                    MC- Did the weather affect your race at all? Make it harder? Nice job running the race even if you didn't feel prepared, I'm sure it taught you lots of things for next time around!


                    Mia! Wow you had a busy weekend! And it sounds like your starting the week off busy too! Good luck on the interview!


                    Sjp- That's awesome that you are so good about working out still even with an injury. Moving is just the worst, hope you don't have to live out of boxes for too long.