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    Morning all!

    I had a fabulous weekend, it was so relaxing, just what I needed!!!  Not ready to get back to the work week yet!

    rr: 20 miler on Sunday went awesome.  It was about 32* with 30 mph winds from the north, sounds like a recipe for disaster but it just made me buckle down and start running to get through it.  Did "run" with anyone, but there were 300 other people out there being miserable so it wasn't as bad.  A lot of my friends worked the water stops as well so that was encouraging (it was a running group led event).  So today I am resting because my legs and feet are still feeling it!


    nrr: had a massage on Friday afternoon, then pretty much lounged all the way to Sunday morning. It was wonderful.  Watched lots of march madness basketball and that was about it.


    fr: I fueled really well for 20 miler - had oatmeal morning before, some rice at lunch, and pot roast with lots of veggies and potatoes for dinner.  Paid off with a great run!  Definitely just put the eating light to the side and thought about what my body needed!  and I rewarded myself with mcdonalds fries yesterday, oops!



      ou-great job on your 20 miler!!! that is fantastic, what  boost for you training cycle. and way to tough out the 30 mph winds. yikes. i also watched a ton of bball, it was awesome!

      snowed-haha, no new treadmills where my 'spot' is. they replaced the last row where there were some broken ones.

      RR: 13 on saturday, it was pretty cold/windy and i froze near the end. 7 yesterday, it was cold/windy but sunny so that felt amazing. cutback week this week, so 8 this morning on the tmill and some foam rolling.

      NRR: had a good weekend. my sister found her wedding dress and we found bridesmaid dresses. we only tried on 2 and were def sold. haha. saturday night we went over to friends to watch march madness.  yesterday was errands and relaxing.

      FR: had an iced latte yesterday, that was awesome.

      back for more shouts later


        Good morning!  I have been a bad forum friend lately, so busy!


        RR - Ran 8 mi on Friday, and 13 on Saturday - had a nice negative split on that run because I couldn't get my legs to slow down! Today is 5 mi before work this morning and then climbing at the gym w/DBF. I did finally make it past the move I was stuck on last week!

        NRR - Had a nice weekend, but it went by way too quickly! I had my performance review (awesome!) on Friday and got a hefty raise, so that was a nice way to end a busy week! DBF and I went snow camping yesterday evening, at one of our favorite spots by a river in the mountains. It was pretty nice weather and not too terribly cold at night, and it was just nice to get out of the city for a while. Thinking we will cook up some dinner and maybe watch a movie after the gym tonight. We have work training on the new software all day both today and tomorrow, so hopefully that isn't too boring/awful!

        FR - Stir fry pork & veggies w/roasted potatoes last night. I also made a dark chocolate raspberry cheesecake for DBF, I hope it turned out well! I think we are having ribs tonight, yum!




          RR:  I made it out for 3.1 miles this afternoon.  It felt good!  Yesterday I ran a 5K and pr'd by 18 seconds.  I also got 2nd in my age group (I think out of 3), but it still counts!


          NRR:  Spring break has been glorious so far.  I'm heading out in a bit to try on my wedding dress, then a friend and I are going out for dinner and drinks to celebrate our birthdays.  Hers is this week and mine is next.


          FR:  Nothing too exciting going on in this area.



          OU:  Nice job on the 20 miler!  That's awesome that it was an organized run.


          SJP:  Hurray for wedding dresses!  Are you the maid of honor?


          Seattle:  Nice job with the weekend runs!  Snow camping sounds cold!


          Have a great day!


            Hi all,


            RR: Slogged through the snowy trails yesterday with DS and dogs ... maybe about 4 miles? Did 6 miles in bright sun and melting snow today at lunch.


            NRR: Mountain trip got nixed because it dumped snow from Fort Collins to Denver and on the eastern plains Friday night. We drove through a blizzard to get DS at the airport, and then just didn't have the juice to battle snow and ice over several mountain passes. So the lodge people were nice enough to slide our reservation forward to Thursday and Friday night this week -- should be much nicer! So we battled our way back from the airport and woke up to a winter wonderful, snow falling all day -- and a perfect excuse to completely binge on basketball! It was really fun. I think we watched every game, or at least parts of every game.


            FR: With DS being home, had to make some oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips. They're kinda health food.


            OU: Fantastic job on the 20 miles -- especially in that weather! Good job on the fueling, too. So smart to just eat what feels needed. Smart to the have the massage beforehand, too.


            SJP: Dang, no new treadmill in your spot? Maybe you can switch spots! Nice job on the Saturday 13. So cool that the wedding/bridesmaid dress shopping went quickly. Great when you can get that knocked out without a lot of turmoil.


            Seattle: Excellent work on the negative split for the 13, and your progress on the climbing run! Snow camping sounds great -- I almost went for that with this trip we have coming up, but DS didn't bring all his gear for that home from college, so we'll just make forays out from a lodge that's on the river. Should be some good nature time anyway.


            RTR: Congrats on your PR!! And second in your age group--terrific! Have a great time trying on dresses ... that seems to be the theme today!