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    Morning all!


    rr.  Nothing on the plan today, however, I may do a short run.  Maybe 3 or 4 miles.  DH had suggested going snowshoeing today but I'm not sure we'll do that.


    nrr.  Date night was a success last night!  M did great with our sitter and we had a nice time.  Didn't get much shopping done but I know I can finish up on Amazon.  Today will involve some laundry and cooking.  Might try to do a little baking too.


    fr.  I'm making Tuna Noodle Casserole from skinnytaste tonight!  Hope it's good!


    mrnamtor.  Glad you joined in!  We moved our dailies over from RWOL because the site has undergone too many changes that make it nearly impossible to post.  I've also lost 35-40 in the past and have kept it off for the better part of 4 years (minus the time I was pregnant!).  Most of us are just working on those 'last few pounds' and keep tabs on our exercise and nutrition through the forum.  We're a pretty social group!  Smile  Sounds like you and your DW have been busy!  Those are all fun cities to visit for sure!  Your froyo dessert sounds fabulous!  As for running I think it's okay to have lulls every once in a while.  Are you training for anything in particular right now?  Having a goal race might help you get back into a program?


    minfoco.  I'm slowly but surely adding in some more foods with texture.  I had meatloaf for dinner last night.  Not much but a bit.  How'd the stew turn out?  I've never had any luck with any shoes other than my Brooks Adrenaline.  I've tried SO many times to find an alternative and haven't found any luck.  Bummer about the Sauconies!


    Happy Day all!


      Hey Everyone!

      Had a great weekend with my man.  Dinner was good except the venue wasn't good for talking - a Japanese Steakhouse.

      Need to get together with everyone for really talking.

      Yesterday was a lazy day - we slept in, went out for b'fast and then drove around the area.  The man wanted to look at a furniture store but they didn't have a great selection of things he liked.  Then we drove to a place where he used to do some mountain biking near me and it was depressing because it is all getting developed now.  We did walk through some model homes just for the hey of it.  That was fun.  Nope we are not planning anything just getting ideas for colors, decorating, etc.

      After that we came home and I started a turkey soup  while he hooked up my home speakers.  The house came with built in sound system but it's never been hooked up.  He just upgraded his sound system so gave me his old receive and hooked up the speakers.  It is pretty awesome to have built in speakers.

      It was a relaxing fun day.

      I slept like doodoo because we are introducing new things today at Weight Watchers and I'm just nervous to get it all right.  I was up in the middle of the night reviewing my notes.  


      RR: Nothing yesterday, need to run today and probably walk stairs with my friend.  I think the run is 12 miles today if my TP's decide to wait for me. If not, I may not run that far.  Right now it is windy and raining cats and dogs outside.


      NRR: Nerves UGH!  Said it all pretty much up top.


      FR: yesterday had a veggie scramble out and then the turkey veggie soup I made . . . very yummy!


      Simon: glad you had a good day and date night with your family.  Glad your mouth is starting to heal.  



        Morning Weekenders


        RR- No run today. I got a good hilly 5 in yesterday. Today I am going on a good steep snow filled hike with a friend. No snow that stuck all winter and then 6+inches between yesterday and last night!


        NRR- Hike and then work. The days are getting pretty short here, the sun goes down around 3:30 ish. Dark by 4.


        FR- My house is bare of food! Which could be a good thing, but I'll have to get creative for dinner.


        Simon- Glad your date night was a success! If you go snowshoeing.. enjoy!


        Mia- I don't know much, if all about WW. What are you introducing?


        mrnamtor- Glad to see another user in the group. I'd be glad to hear how you lost your weight. I'm not over weight, but I feel I have some weight to lose. And, I'm nutritionally stupid. 


          Hi all,


          RR: No run today, but yoga later this afternoon.


          NRR: Starting to think about Christmas shopping. Easing into it.


          FR: Thai curry steak soup was good! Maybe add some cilantro next time.


          Simon: Terrific that you have enough snow to snowshoe! I'm going to try the shoes one  more time with different socks. Here's hoping. I should have stuck to my old standbys. :-(


          Mia: Your speaker system sounds neat! We kind of created our own  speaker system but it still needs some tweaking. Hope the WW meeting went well.


          Snow: Nice that you have snow! Enjoy.


          MrNamtor: Hello! Will be good to hear about your weight loss journey. I am trying to get rid of about 10 pounds, but I'm also doing some dedicated weight training for the first time ever, so I think my body is confused at the moment. I'm trying not to focus on weigh-ins for now and instead enjoy the feeling of getting stronger.


            Hey guys and thanks for the welcome! Enjoy reading all your dailies even if i haven't shouted out to any of you.


            I apologize for this not being a dailie and promise it will be the last time.


            Anyway if you're trying to lose 10-20 lbs that's tough because you have the incentive of looking/feeling/running better without the 10 xtra lbs weighed against the incentive to eat large quantities of delicious food!  In some ways it's easier to lose 30 lbs than 10 because 30 lbs makes a HUGE difference in your running and your life.


            I'd say that there's no cookie cutter way to effectively lose weight and keep it off, it really has to depend on modifying your current eating habits in a way that depends on what your current eating habits are. Or it may involve radically changing your eating habits.


            The only thing i would say in general about losing even 10 lbs is to do it SLOWLY. People tend to think it's ok to lose 10 lbs in 3 week. And that's easy to do. It's also easy to gain back. So even if you plan to lose only 10 lbs, doing it in less than 6 weeks is probably counter productive.


            I've been an athlete most of my life but like everyone else have gone through ups and downs. About 3 years ago, for various reasons, I stopped exercising and began loading up on the comfort foods. After about a year of this, my body had changed and not for the better. I began to lift weights again, felt better and got stronger, but still had a lot of extra weight. At some point, by changing my diet and exercise to more running I was able to lose weight and reach a good level of fitness.


            Here's a photo montage of my progress, starting top going left to right. (Warning - Images are graphic and may be disturbing to some viewers. This is like the 4th or 5th time of me posting shirtless pics of myself on the internet. I just hope to hell these pics never get linked to searches of my real name. Anyway... )



            #1 - jan 2011, after  a year of no exercise+ lots of comfort food

            #2 - apr. 2011, after 3 months of lifting + some treadmill walking/running

            #3 - aug 2011, after 4 months of regular running + body weight strength training

            # 4 - feb 2012, after 10 months of running+change in diet, running about 15 mpw.

            # 5 - sept 2012 after about 6 months of HM training and maintaining a healthy diet, running about 35 mpw.


            click here


              Back after an exhausting morning!

              NRR: The intro went okay.  My first meeting had lots of people and we were understaffed which stressed me out.  People were still lined up to weigh in when I started my meeting.  I was late to the next meeting because of travel time and the back up at the first meeting.  

              RR: Went for a 6 mile run after work.  Helped to destress some.  I should have gone farther but I'm pretty exhausted. 

              FR: Had turkey soup and crackers with cheese for lunch. YUM!


              Snowden: So WW teaches people how to eat healthy but fit it into their lifestyle kind of like MrNamtor was explaining.  We focused on the food and activity parts of weightloss mostly the past couple of years.  Now we are introducing that your spaces (environment) need to be modified and that your need to develop new routines (habits) to be successful and keep the weight off.  When we introduce something new they make us learn new verbage and want us to say certain words and remembering it all can be stressful.


              MCinFoCo: Christmas shopping EEEEK!!  I need to ease myself in as well.


              MrNamtor: I lost 50 lbs  but you won't see me posting any topless pics of myself Wink  Nice job on your weight loss!



                Hey folks:


                NRR: wife left for Boca Raton Florida where she'll be for 3 days, so i get to watch more horror movies on TV. It's pretty warm here in chicago. Continued to catch up on work. Today was basically a down day.


                RR: After I post this I'm going for a 2 mile night time fun run. UPDATE:Had a nice little run


                FR: Only had one real meal today, turkey burger and fries, with water. Had  another  frozen no-sugar fat-free yogurt with the usual sprinkle of chocolate cocoa puffs and passion fruit/blueberry topping. I only get the strawberry banana flavor because it's the only no-sugar-added flavor they have. But then I scarfed down a big piece of focaccia bread with sun-dried tomatoes right after that. Probably going to eat something before I go to bed but not sure what. Update: Went for some steamed tofu/vegetables over rice and a hot-and-sour soup.


                Anyway, glad you guys moved over from RW!!! I thought you were all very heavy and that's why I came off as i did(like a guru of weight loss). LOL you guys probably would all be considered skinny by the general population, especially in the US.

                SimonSays: No I'm not training for anything and that might be the problem. Not many races in my area this time of year and the ones there are i can't make bc of my schedule.


                MialnWA: Disappointing about the lack of topless pics from you, but congrats on your weight loss as well. Is that pretty typical for this group(meaning your weight loss)? Anyway, I can't imagine why people are so shy about posting half naked pictures of themselves on the internet.


                Snowdenrun: You're so lucky to be able to run in the woods! I live in downtown chicago, which is nice, but different.  As far as nutrition, I probably don't know that much about what to eat, mostly what not to eat. You probably know as much or more than i do. Big grin


                MCinFoCo: Sounds like you have a nice regimen going anyway with yoga running and lifting.