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    Good morning!


    RR:  Yes, a nice run will happen today.  My friend and I are planning on running longer, but have yet to determine what longer is.  Anywhere between six and ten miles. 


    NRR:  I got some good Christmas presents for DF last night, so that's a relief.  Today its just work, running, then a relaxing evening at home, probably.  Three days of work until the break and I cannot wait!


    FR:  Meh, nothing exciting going on here.


    I'll try to make it back for shouts tonight.  Have a great day!

      Finally Wednesday - spent all day thinking yesterday was Wednesday, real bummer!


      rr: did 3 miles this morning.  Forgot how much slower I run in the mornings.  That and my ITBand is really tight from the strength stuff I have been doing lately.  Did a little foam rolling afterwards - Hurts so good...


      nrr: going to see the Hobbit tonight with friends. Going to be a super late night as it doesn't even start until 8:20!  Ouch!!!  Just 3 more days this week, I can do this...  


      fr: hmmm, yea so after burger fries and shake at lunch yesterday I wasn't really hungry for dinner.  my stomach is doing it's usually holiday sick of food dance - usually helps me kick start my new years weight loss when I get sick of eating!




        RR - 5 mi lunch break run today. No snow sticking in Seattle yet so it will probably just be cold and windy... it's ok, I've gotten used to it!

        NRR - Got all my Christmas presents wrapped last night and laundry done, so that was good. Except that now I just want to give the presents immediately! I got DBF some really nice cast iron pans, a knife block and set of knives, and a set of wine glasses (he likes to cook a lot), a coffee mug and a nice necklace for my mom, and a really nice wool jacket for my brother. Work is getting into the busy time of the month so it's making days go by quicker, which is nice! DBF and I are going to look at a townhouse to rent tonight, it's in our price range, in a great location (Mia - West Seattle), and looks really nice, so fingers crossed!

        FR - Probably grabbing happy hour with DBF somewhere and then going to look at the townhouse.


        Will make it back for shouts in a bit!



          rtr-have fun on your run today! sounds like you had good luck christmas shopping. that is always nice!

          ou-me too!!! i was hoping today was thursday, no luck. whew, an 8:20 movie would KILL me on a weeknight, haha, I'm old.

          seattle-way to go with wrapping all your presents. a townhouse sounds nice!!!

          MC-enjoying your kids being home?!

          java-are you ready for vacation, i imagine doing christmas and packing is super extra busy!

          RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning. felt pretty good.

          NRR: ugh, water main break in town so no water at the gym which meant i had to drive back home to shower. i was at the gym early bc i had to renew my license and wanted to be at the bmv when it opened. no luck, however there was no one there. to make it worse, can't renew bc i didn't have a passport. wtf. i was not a happy camper this morning...

          FR: dbf brought home wine and cookies for me last night for my bday!


            rr.  DH challenged me to "the fastest mile" yesterday.  I beat him - not by much - but I did nonetheless.  Smile  I finished up with 4 miles of speedwork, 1 fast mile, and 4 sets of Yasso's.


            nrr.  We got a TON of snow last night...7 inches at my house.  And YES, we still have school today.  Ugh.


            fr.  Made sloppy joes with deer/beef last night.  Leftovers or pizza tonight.  I really don't want to cook again.


              Got grades back this morning and I got a 4.0 in my accounting class... woohoo, off to a good start!



              rtr - enjoy your longer run today, I always like bumping up the mileage.  3 mi runs just seem too short to me now.  Glad you got some good Christmas presents!  I am also counting down the days til Friday... woohoo!


              ou - I am with you on the being sick of the holiday food...  I just want a big fat salad right now.  Have fun at the Hobbit tonight, DBf and I are hoping to see that soon!


              sjp - hooray for wine and cookies last night!  Wtf about needing a passport to renew your license??  I have to renew mine this May and I don't have a passport either...  that doesn't seem right!  Hope you can get it all sorted out soon and the rest of your day goes more smoothly!


              Simon - wow, that's a lot of snow...  our schools here tend to cancel if there is any snow on the ground at all.  One year they even canceled because it was *supposed* to snow and then it never did... hah.  Way to go on all your speedwork yesterday!




                RR- Still not walking right so still not running. I think I'll try the bike today and see how that feels. 

                - Thanks OU and MC for some thoughts. I do have new shoes. They are minimalists shoes but I've been running in them since I really started running a year-ish ago. My new pair are a different model but same brand and I'm really thinking that's it. Maybe my run is just different enough to make a strain on a muscle. I'm pretty convinced its not a bone problem because the pain can subside through the day after walking and being stretched out. I'll try to do the smart thing and not run til I get better and then work my way into these shoes.


                NRR- Another day off work today. Its a cold one. The wind is blowing here, which I'm not used to anymore. 


                FR- No sweets yesterday! And did pretty good portion control wise! And doing better getting more protein in. It does keep you more full! I had eggs and a sausage piece (veggie sausage I accidentally brought) and toast for breakfast and I was surprised when I saw the time later and realized I hadn't gotten hungry yet. Going for the same thing again today.


                rtr- Enjoy your longer run!


                OU- While my mom was here we went to the gym and she showed me how to foam roll. I was about to scream the whole time. I had NO CLUE how tight my muscles were, especially in my hips! It really does hurt so good! As soon as I got home I bought one off Amazon. It just showed up yesterday evening. I'll have to look into more exercises for it. 


                Seattle- Your presents sound great! Enjoy looking at the townhouse. I hope it works out. Finding a place to live can be so hard.


                sjp- Wine and cookies sounds like and awesome birthday gift! ...Leave it to the DMV to kill a day.


                Simon- wow 7 inches is a lot at once!


                  snowden - definitely smart to stay off running until you feel you can do it injury-free...  I know that's hard though!  Maybe foam rolling will help. I've thought about trying it but not sure how to do it properly.  Nice work on no sweets!  I agree, it's amazing how much protein (and healthy fat) can keep you full and satisfied.



                  I think today's 5 mi was probably one of my coldest runs recently...  it was windy, rainy, AND cold.  I felt like I had brain freeze when I was running directly into the wind... brr!


                    Well, I ran 3.1 miles.  It's a run, but not a longer run.  I'm still happy I got out there and got a few miles in.  It felt good too! 



                    OU:  Enjoy the Hobbit and your late night!  I heard that movie is really long!


                    Seattle:  Congrats on your 4.0!  That's amazing!  Also, that's pretty fantastic that you and DBF are looking at places together.


                    SJP:  Wait, you need a passport to renew your driver's license?  That doesn't seem legal to me.  It's basically saying you have to pay more money to the government to get a government issued ID (passport), just so you can get the government issued ID that you do need, your driver's license.  Passports are expensive!


                    Simon:  Congrats on beating your DH!  I could never beat DF in a short speed race, he's naturally much faster than I am.


                    Snowden:  Sorry to hear that you're having feet problems.  Nice job on avoiding the sweets! 


                    Have a great night!