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NYE dailies! (Read 12 times)

    Just wanted to stop by and say Happy New Years to everyone!


    I have been terrible about keeping up during the last few months.  Life has just been a mess.  I am hoping I can get things to calm down some in the new year and get my head back on straight. I took 2 weeks of in December which was  awesome.  Ran in some great places (San Antonio and Orlando) and got some running in the snow and ice back here at home.


    rr: getting roped into a marathon in May - I am coaching a marathon training group, so I might as well run the race if I put in the miles.  I will mix Crossfit and Marathon training like I did this spring.  I will take out some of the miles during the week and do crossfit instead.  It's easier on my schedule to do that anyways and I enjoy the variety.  Hoping maybe I can break my PR also!


    nrr: yea life.  School starts again in a few weeks so just floating until then.  I am trying to decide if I want to do a month long study abroad in Italy in May.  Would take some grace from my current job to make it work.  I'm on the fence. I really wanted to do this in college and regret not - it's a second oppurtunity.  However I know I would be letting some friends down because we have some plans during the month that it would happen...I just want to have some different life experiences then I currently do.


    NY resolution: I am finally making myself move on in life - and I hope maybe I can find a BF, I am really shy and bad about getting out there so I don't know if it will happen but we will see!!!


    fr: yea - vacation was bad to me.  back on track though!


      Hi ou!  I haven't popped in here in a while either... it's been a crazy crazy few weeks!


      RR - not much of this over the past few weeks.  have been running sporadically but really looking forward to getting back into more of a running and lifting routine once new years is over!


      NRR - I've been so busy!  busy with family, friends, DBF, DBF's family, getting things together for Christmas, month end/year end at work, and also I am moving tomorrow!  It will be super fun to live with a friend and be able to walk to work!  The lease goes through May and then hopefully DBF and I will move in together after.  I am excited to live in Seattle again, so close to downtown and pretty much everything.  But will be glad when tomorrow is over and all the moving is done!  DBF and I are going camping with some friends for NYE tonight, I hope it's not too cold!


      FR - hahaha.  looking forward to eating some healthy food and not eating crap and drinking so much!



      ou - I think we are feeling the same way about wanting a fresh start for new years!  I think you should do the Italy study abroad.  I'm sure your friends would understand, and it would be a great way to push your boundaries and learn a lot, which would fit great with your new years resolution.  Smile