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Happy Thanksgiving-Eve! (Read 8 times)

    Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Enjoy all the wonderful food!


    rr: I'm running a turkey trot in the morning.  Probably will decided whether to race it right before hand.  I've had a cold which will make breathing hard if I do race it.  Weather will be brisk and cold though, which I also run well in...hmmm.


    nrr: So ready for some time off work.  I've tallied it up, and after today I will only be physically at work 7 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So excited about that.  I'm going to a conference next week in sunny San Antonio, then I'm on vacation the week before christmas.  That and school is just about over.  I have 2 papers to finish up and a final class and that is it!


    fr: who is ready for turkey!!!!??????


      Good morning!


      RR:  I didn't get home last night until nearly 8, so this didn't happen.  Maybe today, otherwise definitely tomorrow.


      NRR:  I stayed at work until 4:40 last night, then on my way home it took me an hour to go five miles.  I was getting frustrated, so I called DH and he suggested a dinner date out in the city (which I drove through on my way home), so I ended up meeting up with him for Mexican.  It solved all my traffic problems because the later part of my drive had cleared up by the time I left.  Today is work, then I'm meeting up with a friend for cards and then I'm going grocery shopping since I'm cooking a mini Thanksgiving dinner on Friday for DH and my brother and his kids.  I am sure the store will be insane!  I'm just really excited for the four day weekend!


      FR:  Thanksgiving deliciousness, I am sure.


      OU:  Hi!   Are you going anywhere for vacation?  So exciting that school is almost over!  When will you do your student teaching?


      MIA:  Are you excited to start your new job?  I'm sure your kids will understand if they get late presents.


      Have a great day!


        Good Morning!

        RR: Nice run yesterday.  Not sure what today holds in store.

        NRR: Finished up most of my school work for the week yesterday.  Still polishing my resume, which we are working on this week in the course as well.  Maybe I'll get some good pointers.  Still trying to decide whether to apply for some positions in Medical Billing and Coding or stick with State Farm which has great benefits and probably long term potential.

        Picked up DD at school yesterday evening 2 hours there and then 2 hours home.  We got home about 7:45.  Traffic wasn't bad thank goodness!!  She is off to NJ today to visit with her dad and the ex-laws for a couple of days.  Older DD is also there.  DS will be having T'giving with me, DBF and his Brother, SIL and their son.  I hope my DS doesn't feel awkward.

        FR: Still going okay, mostly because I keep very little in the house.


        OU: Good to hear from you!  Nice to have so much time off for the holidays.  Hope you enjoy!  Have fun tomorrow at the Turkey Trot, that's the most important part.


        RTR: Will this be the first time you've entertained in your new home? Where does your brother live?  How old are his children?  Good idea about meeting DH for dinner while the traffic was clearing up.  EX took my older DD to the Art Museum in Philly last week.  She loved it.



          RR - Crap, the weather does not look good for Sunday...  somewhat cold, very rainy and possibly windy as well.  Oy.  Oh well, not much that can be done about that.  just wish it would be like it is today!  Running 4 mi tempo over lunch break.


          NRR- Working until 3 today, then DBF and I will head over to his parent's place until Friday morning.  Then watching the Apple Cup football game on Friday, hitting up the expo Saturday, and running the race on Sunday.  DBF's friend and my boss are both running it so it should be fun even if the weather sucks!  It'd be a bummer if the wind prevented me from going as fast as I want, but I guess that's the risk you take with a Dec 1 race!


          FR- Can't wait to nom on some turkey and mashed potatoes!


          Will try to be back for shouts a little later Smile


            Had a great 4 mi run over lunch, although lately I've seemed to think tempo run means "run as fast as you can", not "comfortably hard"... whoops haha.


            ou - hope your cold goes away soon so that you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest!  that's great that you have so much time off for the holidays.  and woohoo for almost being done with school!  I am so so looking forward to a few weeks off.  I am going to eat so much turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing tomorrow, I can't wait!


            rtr - bummer on the traffic yesterday, sounds kind of similar to my commute - it can take up to an hour to get through a 1-2 mi stretch sometimes.  definitely can be frustrating, especially if you are tired and/or trying to get somewhere at a certain time.  maybe next time I'll try to get DBF to come meet me for happy hour or something!


            Mia - hope your Thanksgiving goes smoothly, I'm sure DS will fit right in!  that's quite a dilemma on the work possibilities...  maybe you could stay at State Farm for a few years to build up some solid experience and then look elsewhere?  hard to pass up a job with benefits and stability in this economy I think!


            happy holidays everyone!