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    seattle-that was so nice of dbf to book a hotel. does the weather look decent for race day?

    mia-sounds like a nice weekend with dbf. does he do any bike races? are you going to road bike with him?

    snowed-you are killing the mileage lately! how many emt's are typically on a call?

    MC-that is great you get incentives to exercise. hope you win! ugh, i think back pain is one of those things that is caused by so much, its hard to figure out. boo.

    RR: 9 miles this morning and it was 62*!!!! that is the warmest temps i've run in since october (i know craziness) but its cold in the morning here and that is when i run. running a 6k with my sister this weekend and it is going to be brutally hot--not good since it has barely been in the 60's the entire spring.

    NRR: ugh, previous landlords screwed us big time. they hired a professional cleaning crew and charged us for it. the house wasn't even dirty. we cleaned when we left. ugh, beyond frustrated. anyways, its hot out, so probably sitting outside tonight and enjoying it!

    FR: not sure, office may be going out for lunch, we'll see.


      Good morning!


      RR: Yoga later. I hope I can make it with this sinus infection!


      NRR: Not much planned for tonight. I love the days our housekeeper comes - I get to come home to a clean house and do nothing! Probably not cook either since I'll get home a bit late after yoga. Hopefully will have enough time to just snuggle my boys.


      FR: nothing new - which is a good thing right now.



      sjp - good luck on the run with your sister! Hopefully it isn't too hot - that is never fun. Did you take pictures of the house before you vacated? Not sure what the laws are in your state, but they shouldn't be able to charge you for "normal" expenses (i.e. repainting, carpet, cleaning), unless you really damaged the place.


        Good morning!

        SJP: Didn't you have a cleaning deposit when you moved in?  I think you should ask about the charge and what was actually done.  I agree with Java if it's just normal stuff they shouldn't charge you for it, that's part of being a homeowner.  DBF and I do enjoy our time together although lately he's been saying some confusing things and acting a different way - so I'm not sure what's going on with him.  Planning to talk this weekend when we see each other.

        Java: sorry you're not feeling well.  Did you go to the DR. for your sinus infection or are you just planning to see if it goes it's course?  Coming home to a clean house is the best!


        RR: Going to run with my friend today, not sure how far yet.

        NRR: Got a rejection letter for the interview I had last week.  UGH!  I finished my schoolwork for the week yesterday, I really focused and pounded it out, so today is sending out more resumes and doing more job-searching.  I am trying to be patient.  Nothing big planned for the weekend, I was asked to speak at WW about adding activity in my life and how it's helped me.

        FR: took all the veggies in my fridge that were almost ready to get mushy and roasted them all the other night.  I had them over spaghetti the first night, had them in scrambled eggs for lunch yesterday and over a potato with some cottage cheese last night.  Yum I love roasted veggies.



          Good morning!


          RR- 3 mi easy run over lunch break today.  Looking forward to the race on Sunday...  so far the weather is absolutely perfect marathon weather!  Partly cloudy with a high of 63.  Sounds so much better running-wise than sunny and 80!


          NRR- Had a fun night w/DBF and his sister yesterday, we went to a pub near my work and it was fun to catch up.  DBF and I fell asleep super early last night, which was also nice - I've been staying up way too late for some reason lately.  Also, in other news, I got accepted into a Masters in Accounting program!  I'm taking one that is all online but offered by an actual physical school - for some reason I am still not wowed by the idea of entirely online schools.  So I will start taking my first class there on June 17!  Tonight is dinner with mom and grandma, and then getting some laundry/cleaning/packing done.  DBF and I are leaving work a little early tomorrow to head out to the Olympic peninsula!


          FR- Think we are having rosemary chicken w/wild rice for dinner, yum.  Need to stock up on some more carbs for the weekend!


          Back in a bit for shouts Smile


            Good morning!  Quick post for me today.


            RR:  I woke up early again and got 3.1 miles in.  It was already hot and humid out.  Gross, but I'm glad I got it done.  My after work activity is a sports massage at this nice massage place near my apartment.  It's a late birthday present from DF and I chose this week to get it done because of the race last Sunday.  I'm very excited about it.


            NRR:  Super busy here.  I'm trying to plan out all of the important stuff I want to get done in my classes before grades go in on the 12th.  The last day for students is the 21st, but we have to put their grades in a week and a half earlier (really stupid, I don't know why this is), so I need to prepare for tests and the like.  After work I have an after school club I supervise, then my massage!


            FR:  I think a veggie burrito bowl from Chipotle is calling my name for dinner tonight.



            SJP:  Did the landlord take pictures of the alleged mess that needed to be professionally cleaned?  If not, I can't imagine how they can get away with charging you.  Have you contacted them about it?  Nice job on the run!


            Java:  I would love a house cleaner.  My mom has one and she always cleans like a crazy person before she comes over.  Just straightens up so the lady can do the deep cleaning.  I guess it makes sense, but it was always funny to me.  I hope you feel better soon!


            MIA:  I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the job.  Are there any other jobs you're waiting to hear about?  Roast veggies sound delicious!  How did you roast them?  I don't think I've ever done that before.


            Have a great day!


              Hi all,


              RR: Ran about 4 miles yesterday and felt pretty good. Not sure what I'll do today. Our office is in second place in the exercise contest, so the pressure is on! This thing goes on for six weeks, so I'm sure we'll have to stop obsessing over the data every time someone synchs.


              NRR: Had my physical therapy appt this morning -- it went great! She thinks the chiro is great and I just need some specific exercise to help my back muscles "remember" the position that I get adjusted to. It was just great to get some clear direction! She's a runner, too, and does lots of yoga, so I felt like we were on the same wavelength. She also put some kinesio tape on my back -- wow, that feels good! So I'm starting with very basic exercises ... breathing exercises and doing some very simple bridges. She said to keep up with yoga but do the gentlest class for now. Run when I feel like it. She also showed me how to use a stepstool at  my standing desk to switch up positions so I don't cock one hip when I'm standing. I think this is the last piece of the puzzle I was missing ....


              SJP: I probably won't win the individual award because I'm not going to best that ultrarunner in our office! But I'll be a decent contributor. Ugh on landlords ... I do think you should complain. I'm sure they just did what they automatically do, and if you bring it up they might at least split it with you. You might go back to your lease and see what they say about normal wear and tear.


              Java: Ugh to sinus infection -- do you have antibiotics? That's very cool that your mom is starting a yoga business. Have you thought about getting certified, too?


              Mia: Sorry to hear about the job but good news is coming for you eventually on this front! You're doing all the right things. I love roasted veggies, too. I like to put them on a skewer and throw them on the grill. Especially mushrooms. Yum.


              Seattle: You're going to have so much fun this weekend at the race! And congrats on getting in to the master's program! You are really moving quickly school- and career-wise.


              RTR: Good job on getting up and out for your run this morning. You will love the massage! So much that you'll probably want one on a regular basis. That is really early for grades--makes the last few days of school seem kind of pointless. Enjoy your Chipotle!




                RR- Planning on hitting the trails in a few hours.


                NRR- Another gorgeous day today. Low, dark clouds and rain for our boat outing yesterday. But we saw tons of eagles, otters, and even a whale so close we were a bit worried it would catch our anchor line. 


                FR- Better now that the ice cream is gone. Approve


                SJP- They would like to see and 1, 2, and 3 certifited EMT on the duty for a night, but that never happens. Lately just one person. People are pretty glad to see the new class of EMT's getting ready to run calls and have some more help. The warmest I've ran is is 60 too. And it felt hot! 


                Java- Have a good relaxing evening. Hope you feel good enough for yoga. Can you send your housekeeper over here?


                Mia- Sorry about the job search. That's frustrating I'm sure, but you seem to be keeping good spirits. You'll find a good fit! Roasted veggies sounds really good!


                Seattle- Congrats on the masters program! I hear ya on the all-online schools. It's nice to have a face to actually talk to if you need too. Are you sticking to taking one class at a time?


                rtr- yumm... Chipotle! I got the veggie bowl when I was home. So good! Enjoy your massage, that sounds so wonderful!


                MC- Great news about the PT! That sounds like very helpful information. Glad she didn't find anything terribly wrong, but was able to give you lots of information to get better! I'm curious about the tape. I've seen it a lot but have never had it done. What exactly does it do?


                  Snow: I haven't read up much on the taping yet, just pretty much let her do it. But I think the idea is that is supports/stabilizes the underlying muscle to improve the blood flow and promote healing. It feels like little hands just holding my back (which is what my hands want to do whenever it hurts). I think it's just a little bit of pressure without so much constriction that it restricts range of motion. But I should read up on it more! Wow, that is so cool that you saw a whale close up yesterday! That must be amazing.


                    Mia - I haven't been to a doctor (other than my OB) in 6 years. I'm not starting now!! So sorry about the job, but I'm sure there are better jobs ahead for you.


                    seattle - Congrats!! It seems you have made a lot of great career moves lately! Can't wait to hear about it!


                    rtr - I always "clean" before she comes too. I know it seems so silly, but it's her job to deep clean - not pick up after my messy kids! Enjoy your massage! It sounds like it is well deserved!


                    MC - Between my job, my kids, and my DH - I'd never have the time to get certified! DH and I have discussed it since he's convinced I will "retire" before I'm 40, so maybe if that happens I'd consider it. So glad your PT appointment went well! Hope it really makes a positive difference for you!


                    Snowden - enjoy the trails! I've never seen a whale up close (unless you count Sea World). I bet is is amazing to see them in their natural habitat.


                      Pretty quiet day at work... hopefully the afternoon will go by more quickly!!


                      sjp - the weather looks great for race day, partly cloudy and a high of 61-63, hopefully that holds!!  bummer on the hot forecast for your race this weekend...  I know how that goes as you may recall!  Hopefully there is lots of shade on the course - the shady parts were ok during my marathon but the last 6 mi without any shade whatsoever were pretty rough!  so lame about your landlord... hopefully a nice sunny weekend will help take your mind off it!


                      Java - woohoo for yoga and a night with nothing to do but relax with the kiddos, that must be such a great feeling since you are so busy all the time!  Hope your sinus infection goes away in time for the weekend Smile


                      Mia - mmm, roasted veggies are the best!  so many veggies that I probably wouldn't eat otherwise are delicious when roasted... like brussel sprouts!!  bummer about the job Sad  hopefully you can get lots of resumes out and get some good interviews and offers quickly!


                      rtr - nice work getting your run done already!  Enjoy the massage, that sounds lovely!  DBF and I both have massage groupons, we need to book those soon!  I've only had a professional massage once before but it was really nice.  Good luck getting everything done!


                      MC - too funny that everyone in your office is so competitive about the fitness challenge..  I hope you guys can win it!  Awesome that the PT appointment went so well, it's always super helpful to have someone in that position who really understands your goals and what you are wanting to get out of it.


                      snowden - so cool that you were able to see so much wildlife on the boat yesterday!  Enjoy the trail running and the nice weather today.  that is one of my favorite things to do... trail running in the sunshine!  I am going to stick to one class over the summer to see what the workload is like and how everything works, and then I am hoping to bump up to two classes per term after that!


                        RTR: to roast the veggies I just cut up whatever veggies I want to use - this time I used onion, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, peppers and some spinach.  I put them all (except the spinach) on a pan with a little olive oil and seasonings and put them in the oven at 400ish for about 10 minutes.  You can watch the veggies and check if they are done.  Some take longer than others.  I add the spinach to the hot veggies after they are out of the oven.