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    RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning, it was raining and i didn't want to deal with that or the thunder that was possible. lifted arms/shoulders last night with dbf but he pulled his shoulder/back and is in a lot of pain.

    NRR: friday! pretty low-key weekend ahead. i saw on the local newspaper's website that the author of  a new book (Amanda Lindout-A house in the sky) is in town for the press tour. apparently the author is from here and wrote her memoir. I watched dateline last friday night on her and found it fascinating. potentially going to check it out.

    FR: eh feeling fluffy.


      Good morning!


      RR- Just finished a 4 mile run before work this morning.  It was cool (60s) and misty, so that was a nice change from hot sweaty lunch break runs.  Tomorrow aiming for 8, we'll see how that goes!  Legs still feel a little tired from being sick.


      NRR- Didn't make it back for shouts yesterday, got super busy at work!  I was nice and productive after, though - cleaned out my car, did laundry, vaccuumed, organized our recycling, cooked dinner, etc.  Think tonight is going to be a relax night - will just bring my book to the beach after work and hang out!  It's supposed to start raining on Sunday and who knows when we'll see the sun again after that.  I have a busy weekend planned - run tomorrow, then taking Grandma to get our nails done, then watching the Husky game with DBF.  Then a road trip to visit my other set of grandparents in southern WA on Sunday!


      FR- Pizza night!  And by pizza night, I mean an Amy's frozen pizza.  They taste super good for frozen pizza, plus its organic and portion controlled, so I can have my favorite food without bingeing and feeling guilty about it!


      Will try to be back later in the morning!


        sjp - I am still impressed that you do that kind of mileage on the treadmill!  Do you watch TV or whatnot while you are running?  Bummer on DBF pulling his shoulder.. ouch!  He is lucky to have you to give him lots of massages eh?  Enjoy the low key weekend, I could use one of those but probably won't have one for a while!