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    Good morning!

    RR:  Rest day for me, most likely.  I had a great 6.2 mile run last night.  I was only planning on running 4.4, most of which was sluggish, but I really hit my stride when I was almost done, so I kept going. 


    NRR:  Work, then I think I'm going to take myself to Starbucks so I can get some grading done.  Tonight we have to take our cat to the vet because we had her spayed and declawed last week and there's something wrong with one of her paws.  Hopefully its nothing. 


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Have a great day!


      Big grin


      So glad that today is 'Friday'!


      rr. Planning on 4-5 on the mill tonight. Nice and slow!


      nrr. M was so tired after work yesterday. Hope she's not fighting off a bug!  We're supposed to get a series of storms this weekend with the potential for a lot off snow. We'll see what happens but I'm not wile about DH driving across the mountains on Saturday. 


      fr. Oh Lordy. 


      Mia.  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

        morning all - been gone a few days.  Had a root canal on Tuesday Tight lips and yesterday was out of town for a meeting all day.  Now somehow it is Thursday! Not going to complain!


        rr: did a 3 mile Holiday Light Run in the neighborhood last night, christmas tunes, chilly air.  It was fun.  I live next to a golf course development so everyone has fancy lights and big houses!


        nrr: see above, fun week for me.  Good news, I've gotten 90% of my grades back in classes, looks like I will have As in everything! woohoo!!!


        fr: don't even want to talk about this department... I'm just going to skate to the end of the year and do something drastic next year!



        mia: congrats on the job!!! that sounds awesome.  Will be a nice change of pace to have semi normal hours and weekends off!!!!  Enjoy the holidays without the stress of meetings now!!!


          mia-that is fantastic you start after the new year. so excited for you!!

          seattle-way to go on your test, that is great. hope you enjoyed seeing your brother last night. does he like the school he picked?

          java-so funny about big B, december birthdays are tough, open those presents for birthday and just want to keep going for christmas!

          MC-bet you are excited for your kids to come home next week! will they be home all break? hope your back is better today.

          rtr-great job on the run last night. a week and a half is awesome. grading at sbux seems like it'd be really fun actually and tasty!

          simon-it has barely snowed here this year yet, its crazy. does DH have to drive through the mountains this weekend?

          ou-ouch, root canal?! congrats on the grades! that is great.

          RR: 11 on the treadmill again while watching a christmas movie. went by fast this morning.

          NRR: probably wrap a couple presents tonight, trying to wrap as they arrive in the mail/I buy them. otherwise, thursday tv and doing nothing. i stayed up late for monday night football and can't seem to recover!

          FR: had veggie chili from a place near work yesterday, so tasty and filling!




            RR - Had a great 5 miler yesterday. Will run 3 on my lunch break today. Only a few more weeks until marathon training starts! I am going to use Hal Higdon's intermediate plan, which is a significant amount more mileage than I ran for my past marathons, so hopefully I can get a nice fat PR. I have a pretty good base built up so I feel fairly confident going in.

            NRR - Enjoyed having pizza and beer with mom and brother when he got home yesterday. Also found out I won the raffle at the 10K I ran last Saturday and they mailed me a $50 gift certificate for a local running store near here... sweet. Work has been super slow this week (accounting is pretty cyclical by nature) so I hope it picks up soon. DBF and I are going to happy hour and then probably cooking dinner and catching a movie or something after work tonight. There is one called Silver Linings Playbook (or something like that) that looked interesting.

            FR - Not sure on dinner, but having leftover baked mac n cheese with chicken for lunch, such a perfect cold weather comfort food.


            Back for shouts a bit later!


              Happy Thursday!


              RR: We are not even going to talk about that, I have been such a slug lately it's not even funny.


              NRR: Still no acknowledgment from my manager on receiving my resignation, but I know she got it from talking to her "assistant", who is my friend.  A "I got it, we'll talk later" would have been nice . . . but whatever.  I have heard that other's who've resigned never heard from managers either.  It's weird when you don't go in to an office.  Tonight I am going to a cycle club Holiday party with TLC Man.  Should be fun, it's in Seattle at a really good pizza place.  Staying at his place tonight which means I have to get up SUPER early to make my commute to work in the morning. But I only work until 1:30 tomorrow.


              FR: Kind of just flying by my pants this week, it's been so hectic.




              RTR: Hope your cat's okay.  I bet it will feel good to get the grading done.


              Simon: Hope M isn't coming down with anything and that DH's trip is uneventful.


              OU: Ugh on the root canal! Congrats on your awesome grades!!


              SJP: I need to start doing some wrapping as well but I realized last night that I left all my Christmas paper, etc. at the old house.  Oh well, guess I need to go buy some.


              Snowden: What a beautiful picture you posted!


              MC: Great to have the kids home, how long will they stay?  One of my DD's got home last Friday and I've hardly seen her  between me working and her spending time with her boyfriend.  My other DD doesn't get home until the 21st and she is leaving on the 30th to spend New Years with her boyfriend in San Fran.  My DS lives about 30 minutes away and I had dinner with him on Sunday, we see each other a couple of times a month.  


              Seattle: Congrats on the good grades!!  I can't remember what you are going to school to study  . . . massage therapy?  Enjoy your relaxing evening with DBF.





                RR: A few miles after work then a walk with the dog.


                NRR: Not much going on. Can't believe Christmas (and our ski trip) are less than two weeks away. So much to be done! And I think the dog's name is going to remain Winston. We just haven't come up with anything we like better.


                FR: Took the boys for IHOP last night since DH was working late. Big B doesn't remember ever going there before - I believe I've failed as a mother.



                B: pumpkin oatmeal, coffee w/ ff creamer

                S: special K bar, coffee

                L: lentil soup, string cheese, crackers

                D: TBD?? Out somewhere after Big B's karate class



                rtr - hope the cat is ok. Don't you just love those runs that turn out better than you thought?


                simon - my boys both get really tired and sleep a lot when they are going through a growth spurt. And they eat less, as strange as that sounds. Stay safe in the snow!


                ou - I feel the same way about my FR and RR. I'm just going to get through my trip and then get serious in 2013. Your run sounds like a ton of fun!


                sjp - I am so bad about wrapping gifts! I have 2 boxes I got in the mail last week with gifts in them that I haven't opened yet!


                seattle - glad you enjoyed your visit with your brother. I'm sure you will spend a lot of time with him while he's home. The gift certificate sounds like it was a great surprise!


                mia - strange that you haven't gotten an acknowledgement to your resignation. Oh well, you're moving on anyway! Enjoy the party tonight!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Going to skip again today because my lower back is still really tender today. Went to a chiropractor yesterday evening that someone at work recommended, and will go back this evening to get a report and a game plan. I expect I'll be back to running tomorrow. Glad I banked several miles as the beginning of the week.


                  NRR: Need to do some deep cleaning on our kitchen tonight, organizing shelves, etc. 


                  FR: Nothing exciting here. Had one dark chocolate truffle with mint yesterday that was on a coworker's desk. So worth it. 


                  RTR: Yay for the great run yesterday! So fun when you just feel like keeping on. Working off-site is a great change of pace.


                  Simon: I hope we get some of that snow over here, but it doesn't look like that will be the case. It's actually supposed to be fairly nice this weekend.


                  OU: Root canal, ouch--hope recovery goes quickly. Take it easy, those take a lot out of you. Great job on grades! As for WR/FR--that's what the New Year is for!


                  SJP: Yes, kiddos will be here through Jan. 5--somehow I got their flights to be at similar times, which will be convenient. Working on the back thing...I'm nipping this thing in the bud so it doesn't keep bugging me because I want to start upping my mileage in Jan.


                  Seattle: Exciting to start the marathon training -- What's the weekly mileage range in the Higdon plan? I've heard great things about "Silver Linings" -- I really think Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress.


                  Mia: Wow, it sounds like it's a great thing that you're moving on to a new job. Holiday party with TLC man sounds fun. Sounds like you'll have some good connection time with all your kids. Mine will be home for about 3 weeks ... will feel like old times!


                  Java: Sounds like you'll have some good snow for your ski trip!