Weight Loss Dailies


I Think it's the Thursdailies (Read 9 times)


    One of those weeks when my days are all off. Yesterday morning I thought it was Tuesday but then by the evening I thought it was Thursday.


    RR: Walk with DD again yesterday.  Probably walk again today and hopefully a short run tomorrow.  I am much less sore today.  Didn't cringe when I put my feet on the floor this morning.

    NRR: Younger DD is taking the train to So. Cal. - a 36 hour trip.  Dropped her off yesterday and it looked like that avg age of passengers was about 80.  She texted me this morning and told me some sweet old man bought her b'fast.  She is so friendly and talkative that she meets so many people.  Older DD had a checkup yesterday and it looks like her tonsils are mostly healed.  Oh yeah . .


    It's contingent on passing a drug test and background screening.  Starts the end of September so that's great timing.  FINALLY!!

    Going away for a couple of days with DBF on Friday.  Some of his friends are celebrating their 50th anniversary.  they are not quite 70 but got married in HS.

    FR: Eating more carbs with the girls home. Deciding how I feel about that.  Haven't weighed lately, kind of afraid to.


    RTR: Good luck at closing today!!!



      Mia- Awesome!! So glad you landed a job! What will you be doing? How exciting!


      RR- Went on a short easy run yesterday and turned around when I decided my knees had had enough. As I was running on the single track trail I heard this guitar music by the creek. I quietly passed and liked his music I decided to sit down on a stump and listen for a bit. Instantly put a smile on my face. So thank you Random Musician in the Woods. You made my day.


      FR- Also too many carbs.


      NRR- Lots of house cleaning today. Hazmat class tonight. And DBF and I may go out on the boat and test it out, we think we found/fixed the problem.


        Snowden: the job is with the claims department at an insurance company.  Very cool about the musician near the trail.  What a treat.



          Hi all,


          RR: Ugh, just having so  much trouble not letting my schedule get in the way of running. A coworker pretty much forced me to get out and do 3 miles this morning. She has been running regularly so I knew I would drag her down. But at least we were under 10 minutes per mile.


          NRR: I think SJP asked way earlier in the week: The workshop painting project is kicking our butts. We  have to paint up under the eaves and it's just horrible. I finally bought a paint sprayer at Home Depot, which kind of works except I think I'm spending more time masking the areas I don't want paint on than it would have taken to continue with the brush. But I have to say that except for the trim -- which we'll complete sometime in the next 10 years -- the workshop looks SO much better and now matches our house. Yay!


          Mia: CONGRATS on your job offer -- that is fantastic! Glad your older DD is on the mend, she sounded really sick.


          Snow: Love the random musician story! Good for you to get a run in. So sorry about your work situation this week. That does sound unbearable.


          RTR: I hear you on the running slump. I just can't quite get my consistency back that I had in the spring. It seems like it's always something. Good luck on the house closing -- hope it goes smoothly! I just finished all the episodes I could get of Parenthood and just watched the first episode of Orange last night -- it's going to be very good!


          SJP: Impressed with your pushups -- wow! I need to get those videos.


          OU: Hope your TX conference is going well!