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    ou-congrats!!!! that is so great you ran under 2 hours! awesome awesome awesome. hope school calms down soon for you.

    MC-maybe there'll be a cheaper 5k soon that your DD and her DBF can run. sounds like a fun one though!

    seattle-ugh, traffic slowdown is the absolute worse.

    mia-yay for a schedule and a less boring option for the temp work. hopefully the people you work with are somewhat fun. i bet you are excited to start a permanent job in December.

    RR: 10 easy ones on the treadmill, felt pretty good after the legs workout so I call that  a win. probably lifting tonight with dbf, trying to stay in a semi-routine.

    NRR: red sox are on again for game 2 tonight, our friends are coming over i think. otherwise it'll just be me and dbf watching. the late game start is killing us.

    FR: nothing too exciting here, need to make something good for dinner tonight. i am feeling turkey chili or something


      Good morning!


      RR – Had a nice foggy 5 mile run after work yesterday – legs still feel kind of tired so I’m glad it’s a rest day for them today.  Will do chest/tris/abs and maybe some climbing with DBF at the gym after work.


      NRR- Was nice and productive at work yesterday despite the awful traffic start, so that’s good.  Hopefully I can keep it up today!  Got a bunch of reading done for school yesterday although not as much as I wanted since I had to run after work instead of at lunch.  Oh, the juggling!  May do a little more after the gym tonight and then snuggling up and relaxing with DBF.


      FR – Thinking chicken cordon bleu w/some sort of veggies tonight.


      Mia - between June 15 and Oct 15 you need a permit to go up there, which there is a lottery for - that's why we went up so late in the year.  Totally lucked out with the weather!  Since we got there on Thurs there weren't too many people there then and Friday, but it was definitely getting really crowded as we made our way down on Friday and Saturday.  There aren't really any reserved spots so I'm sure it was a crowded free for all over the weekend!  (and probably this weekend too)  Good luck with the job!!  Smile


      sjp - sometimes I find that running is one of the best things to help stretch/loosen my legs up after lifting (or hiking).  I never expect it to feel good but it usually does!  I can't imagine having such late starts for sporting events, hopefully it will be worth it!

        mc: i did a long run of about 8-10 each week, whatever running was in my crossfit workout and then usually another 3 mile run. That was it.  My back problems finally started going away in July (definitely got stronger and lifting smarter).  I've never been this dedicated with weight training before, but it is definitely paying off!


        seattle: how is school going?  mine is killing me this semester for some reason and I am taking a fairly light load!


        mia: what kind of job did you get? Congrats!!!  Lack of social life - that how school and full time work happens.  I seriously have about 20 minutes to relax a day! (just what you wanted to hear, right?!)


        sjp: i hate playoff schedules - games start soooooo late!  good luck with that.  Are you doing p90X again?


        rr: crossfit endurance this morning (which is more cardio type work).  I was so exhausted and class starts at 5:45, really kicked me.  Now i'm just exhausted in general.  I need the weekend in a serious way!  Legs felt good running after the 1/2 this weekend so happy for that.


        nrr: going out for a friends birthday tonight, then afterwards playing with the new computer I bought!!!

        So went to NYC a month ago for a birthday present from friends. Totally feel in love with the city.  Trying to figure out if 30 something is too old to move to NYC and do that thing for a few years!


        fr: trying to clean up my act.  The last two weeks I've cut out fried foods.  Next week I am really goign to start watching sugars a lot more.  Really have beefed up muscle - and I have a butt now, so clothes are fitting a bit stranger then they use to.  Takes getting use to!


          Hi all,


          RR: Good, tough yoga/sculpt session last night. No run today because of work madness. Looking forward to a fun 5K tomorrow evening ... "Dead Celebrity" with costumes.


          NRR: Work fun ... lots and lots of meetings and fire drills, and things eventually working out, for the most part.


          SJP: I'm feeling like the Sox might sweep this one ... we'll see. Maybe tonight's game will wrap up fairly quickly so you don't get too tired!


          Seattle: Good luck getting everything to fit into the day! If the traffic cooperates, that helps.


          OU: Really good to hear that your back started getting stronger with lifting. That was my doctor's diagnosis after I finally got an MRI: "Garden-variety lower back degeneration. Prescription: Aggressive core training!" I think the corepower yoga with weights is definitely helping, but I've been thinking of stepping it up more with the weights, and definitely paying attention to all the weight training you all are doing. Crossfit? PX90? Hmmm ...  NYC sounds exciting -- at any age! I lived there for a summer once in between my junior and senior year of college. Loved it for the summer, but it wasn't for me long-term. I absolutely love going there on work trips, though -- my company has an office there, so I try to time visits with fun stuff.