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Happy Valentine's Day Thursdailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  Yesterday ended up being a rest day because I ran out of time, so today I'll make it up on my run.  I'm planning on six miles after work today.


    NRR:  Our Valentine's date night out last night was really nice.  The restaurant was not crowded at all, so that was a big plus.  Today I have work in the morning, conferences in the afternoon, then a run.  Tonight DF and I are having a low key evening at home.  I'm super excited for the weekend as it's a three day weekend because of Presidents' Day on Monday.


    FR:  I definitely over did it yesterday, but back on track today.



    MIA:  It sounds like you had a nice night out with TLC man last night!  Enjoy your dinner with DS!


    Seattle:  Nice job on the consistent mileage!  What’s your monthly mileage these days?


    Snowden:  The 300 calories seems like a great goal.  Also, that’s a relief that you only have to deal with your jerkface supervisor for two hours a day.


    OU:  Wow, I don’t know if I could give up starbucks.  Well, I know I could,  I just have no desire to do so.  Good luck!


    SJP:  It’s so easy to hibernate in the winter, but I’d say you’ve been doing the opposite with your running.  When are you usually able to stop running on the treadmill and start running outside again?



      mia-aw glad you got a date with TLC man even if it isn't on valentines day. italian food is so delicious. my sister is getting married in august. yes i'm still looking at condos, but not a lot of new ones on the market so trying to be patient.

      seattle-i hope they catch the attackers soon. ease your mind a little bit. short sales are frustrating. typically the seller will take the offer but the bank can take up to 6 months to approve the sale. usually there is a 'magic number' that the bank is willing to take on a property which is based on other houses in the area and an assessment of the house (i looked at a short sale). if there hasn't been an assessment yet, could take longer for the bank to get out there--especially if its a large bank.

      rtr-sounds like a great night with DF! I am so jealous of a long weekend--dbf also gets one. i will run outside again when the snow melts. its getting lighter here so i probably could start soonish (well if it isn't 10* in the morning).

      ou-haha, i have no idea. there is a marathon on may 12th that i'm contemplating. maybe i'll run a 20 miler in a few weeks and see how i feel. well i'll build up to it, maybe throw in 17-18 soon. i might find a spring half. there just aren't tons around here bc the weather could still snow in march-april.

      snowed-ugh, sorry about your boss, that must be so rough to have that work environment.

      MC-how goes the thesis battle?

      RR: 10 miler this morning. nothing exciting. i'm goign to wear that treadmill out! i always use the same one Smile

      NRR: no big plans for valentines day. dbf and i decided not to do much and i have no idea of my work schedule because of my deadline. we'll probably have some wine and make dinner...so a normal thursday?! haha.

      FR: one of my coworkers left us reese's pb hearts. yum.


        Morning!  I'm tired because I was up most of the night coughing... yuck.


        RR - 4 mi yesterday, skipped lifting b/c of chest cold... it's so annoying! Today is a rest day so that's good timing.

        NRR - Got all settled into the new office yesterday... I don't really like it much, I'm not sure whether it's the office or the fact that I don't always do very well with change haha. We only moved up a floor in the same building so it's not like it's even that different. Got lots of homework done last night, so I can relax and enjoy tonight w/DBF. We are pretty low key on V day, probably cooking up some dinner and drinking some wine at home.

        FR - Thinking shrimp/chicken pasta of some sort...


          rtr - glad you had a nice dinner yesterday!  I think it's totally ok to overdo it on holidays Smile  Yay for having a 3 day weekend...  I wish I had one although I can't complain too much having been on vacation last week!  I have been hitting 100 miles/month for a few but I'm sure this month will be over that...  hit 30 mpw before we went on vacation and this week will be 35 and then up from there!


          sjp - I have no idea what bank they are going through, I'm curious if they've heard anything recently but DBF hasn't said anything.  They seemed to think 3-4 weeks and I have no idea why they thought that... the bank probably wouldn't have said that if it could take up to 6 months?  But maybe they would...  I just hate waiting and not having any sort of end date in mind.  Enjoy your low key V Day... sounds pretty similar!  Too funny about staying on the same TM every time...  I am a creature of habit like that too!


            Hi all,


            RR: Ugh, didn't get my 6 in yesterday, or yoga because ...


            NRR: I'm obsessed with finishing my thesis. I spent an hour or two on campus yesterday getting my application for graduation in. Spent hours and hours last night transcribing interviews. I really should not go skiing in Montana this weekend and stay home and work on it. Someone asked where I am in the process: I have my proposal defended, the interviews done, and I'm writing up the results now. Should have the draft in to my adviser by March 1. So I'm now at a point where every hour every day really does count but I will be miserable if I don't keep running. Must keep running. Also, today is DH's birthday and he wants to go to a very popular restaurant that doesn't take reservations, so I expect we'll be waiting for a table a long time with ...


            FR: Margaritas in hand!


            RTR: You are so smart to do Valentine's a day early! Yes, President's Day weekend is the most excellent holiday. I'm always really ready for a quick break at this point.


            SJP: Thanks for asking about the thesis ... see report above. Just a few more weeks of intense focus and I should be through the woods. Wine and dinner, low-key Valentine's sounds perfect.


            Seattle: At the least the move is over and you can start settling in. Your monthly mileage is terrific! I would love to start pushing my mileage more toward the 25+ rather than the current barely 20 mpw. I think it will make a difference for me weight-wise. So great that your run yesterday turned out so great. I love it when you make yourself run even when you don't feel like it and end up feeling better for it.


            OU: Your snow sounds nice. How's the homework going?


            Snow: So sorry about your supervisor troubles! It's terrific that you kept at it with those 7 miles even though you didn't feel great.


            Mia: Hope you start sleeping better! Have fun with your DS. I've been missing mine because he typically goes with me on the ski trip I'm doing this weekend to Montana to see friends. So DH is coming with me this time, but he doesn't really like to ski.


              RTR: Yay for a 3 day weekend!!

              sjp: is the snow melting at all or is it snowing more?

              Seattle: sorry about the cold, seems to be going around.  Enjoy your evening wth DBF. :  Wink  If the house is meant to be, it will happen.  Short sales can take a LONG time though.

              MC: Happy Birthday to DH.  It is my sister's birthday also.  My son lives about 30 minutes away but I only see him about once a month.  : (


              RR: Running with friends this morning.  They had been complaining I couldn't run with them anymore because I was spending too much time with TLC (go there on the weekends) so TLC said,  ' you had to stop working so you could spend time with your running friends again.'  I really do love them, they really help me see things in a good perspective.


              NRR: TLC texted and said he was going to try to come here tonight.  I didn't expect that because it is a really hard commute for him in the morning when he comes down here.  I guess I need to clean. ; )  I think I mentioned that younger DD broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years.  He was not liking that she had friends at college and was having fun.  Well she's already dating another guy, a cadet in her ROTC program.  He is bringing her home tomorrow night so I'll get to meet him. : )


              FR:  eating all the stuff I made.  Having dinner with DS tonight.





                RR- Rest day today. I think. DBF and I were going to go hiking. We were really lazy and slept in til 10:30 and its pouring outside.


                FR- Ate a lot yesterday but stayed within my calories. Yay! I think that's a first. I made chicken rice tomato soup and homemade bread yesterday. Both were great. Although I put way too much rice in the soup and it soaked up all the juices so its not really a soup anymore, but still good.


                NRR- I'm far enough through the EMT class where I can start riding on the ambulance for calls now. I'm allowed to do the lifting and moving and take vitals basically. I hope I can find a time to do this as its how I learn and not in the classroom.


                RTR- Glad you enjoyed your Valentine's day. I think its a day where it's okay to over do it.


                SJP- Have a nice relaxing evening. Nice job on keeping up with your runs. I'm not sure I could stay sane on a treadmill.


                Seattle- Shrimp pasta sounds good. Do you buy it fresh from the docks? That's the best. Now that I've done that I don't ever get it anywhere else. Unless a coworker goes out on their boat and gets a lot. Or the hatchery that my work does a lot of business with gives us a ton of fish a few times a year. ... I have it really rough. Wink I go back to Colorado and cringe at the fish people eat.


                MC- Sorry your thesis is so stressing! But think about when it'll be done and how refreshing that'll be. I always have to take time for my running too- otherwise I am not a pleasant person!


                Mia- Sounds like you'll get in some quality family time. It's sweet that you and DS are going out to dinner tonight.


                  Hello again!


                  I made it out for a nice 6.1 miles.  It felt really good, probably because the sun was shining and it was nearly 50 degrees.  I'll take it!


                  SJP:  Reeses anything, but especially the holiday treats are the best.  Your low key date night with DBF sounds glorious.


                  Seattle:  I'm impressed by the consistency of your mileage!  What will you peak at during marathon training?


                  Foco:  Nice job with the focus on the thesis!  You're almost there!  Enjoy margaritas tonight!


                  MIA:  That's great that you're able to run with your running buddies again!


                  Snowden:  Wow, that's awesome that you get to ride in the ambulance and start work as an emt.  When you finish your classes will you do this as a second job or is it volunteer?


                  Have a great night!


                    rtr - your running weather sounds lovely!  My marathon training will peak at 48 miles/week... yikes!  The most I have ever run is 35 or so.  But I have a way better base than I ever have really, so I think it will be good!


                    snowden - here I was, debating where to get shrimp for dinner tonight, and you reminded me that I am only 10 min from Pike Place Market...  silly me!  I've never really been a seafood eater, but DBF is trying to introduce me!  way to go staying under calories yesterday!  DBF and I have done that a lot lately - "oh we'll get up early tomorrow and go hiking" and then wake up at 10... haha.


                    Mia - good luck meeting DD's boyfriend... hope he's a nice one!  That's great that she recognizes that it is important for her to have fun and to have  her own friends as well.