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    MC-We did a half marathon this weekend. DBF ran it also, my sister doesn't run as she has knee issues and can't really.

    seattle-haha yes dbf and i are going to start making ourselves do leg workouts. saw your pics on fb, snow?! craziness.

    mia-((hugs)) i'm sorry to hear about dbf, i hope you get some sort of discussion and the situation figured out. glad to hear you'll start a job soon!

    RR: Half marathon yesterday, and i PR'ed. I was really not expecting to run fast as i was getting over a cold and it was pretty windy and misty when we started. DBF and i almost didn't make it into the first wave so were the last 2 people to start that wave and were 'catching' up to the race, which isn't true, it just felt that way so the first 5 miles blew by and i felt good running 7:15's or less so i just held it, dropped my pace to the low 7's for the last 4 miles and ran a 1:34 xx and really felt fine and relaxed/not pushing the whole race. dbf ran faster than last year's half so he was happy too, he ran a 1:28 xx. not that sore today, foot is a little stiff but otherwise, i feel good.

    NRR: relaxed and hung out at my sisters after the race/watched football. the pats stunk but it was fun to hang out with them. we made homemade potato donuts, which is super nostalgic for us as our grandmother always had them in her freezer and we ate them whenever we went to visit them. it wasn't too bad once we got a system down.

    FR: i only had a bite of donut, i'm not huge on donuts anymore. had homemade chicken parm the night before the race, it was super delicious


      Good morning!


      RR – Busy busy weekend!  DBF and I did one of our favorite hikes on Saturday which is 8-9 mi round trip and 4000 feet elevation gain.  It was gorgeous, perfect weather, fall colors, and a little bit of snow at the top so we made a snowman!  Yesterday I ran 10 miles in the afternoon in more perfect weather, on some lovely trails near the water.  My legs were definitely sore/tired from lifting, running, and the hike but the 10 was a lot better than I thought it might be!  Today will be a little bit of yoga/stretching and nothing else.


      NRR – Bummer football weekend here with both the Huskies and the Hawks losing close ones… dang.  It was still fun to watch, anyways, and to relax with DBF.  I got some good homework and studying done yesterday, and am going to take my first exam of the quarter tonight.  Think this will not be a busy week at work but hopefully I can find stuff to do!


      FR – Made teriyaki chicken and sweet potato fries yesterday so I will figure out something to do with those for dinner tonight.


      Back in a bit for some shouts!



        RR: Had a nice run yesterday in the beautiful fall weather.  Saturday was yard work and house cleaning.  Trying to get the house back in order after having the girls home. Getting there.

        NRR: Roller coaster past few days left me pretty emotionally exhausted.  So after Thursday night and dbf telling me he didn't want to go out with me anymore BUT still wanted to be friends, I was, of course, upset but figured I'd deal.  He convinced me to let him come down to talk on Friday, and I reluctantly let him.  He decided he was wrong and wanted to continue to be in a relationship and said he'd try harder.  He apologized profusely and explained he'd had a really stressful couple of weeks and was very afraid of taking the risk of being in a serious relationship.  We talked about things we needed to do differently and we are starting over.

        So Friday we went out to dinner, Saturday DBF had things to do and I had some things planned but after dinner with my son I headed to his place and we watched a movie.  Sunday I ran with my friends (which I'd been neglecting on Sundays so I'm going to start doing that again), I had a housewarming party to go to, so saw lots of friends I feel like I had been neglecting which was nice.

        Back to the regular week today.  It's the last week in this course, next week I start a new class which I think is something to do with the programs DR. offices and hospitals use - but not positive.  I know I have at least one new book coming though.

        FR: I've been doing pretty well and feeling much better the past week.  Clothes are starting to fit better.  I am employing more moderation with eating as well as my exercise and it seems to help.


        SJP: Awesome job on your half!! Did you and DBF stick together for most of the race of run separately.


        Seattle: So what is the favorite hike?  Sounds like you really know how to make the most of your weekend including both fun and getting stuff done.



          Hi all:


          RR: Yoga/sculpt tonight. Had a great hike with DH and dogs yesterday -- we went up high where there were fewer crowds, leaves were beautiful. Just a gorgeous day. Really going to buckle down on running this week. I love to run at lunch but I'm letting work get in the way too much. I seriously need to get my weekly mileage back up in the double digits for crying out loud.


          NRR: Great weekend: Band played Friday night to a good crowd, had fun with younger sis watching movies Saturday, hike yesterday followed by dinner with DD and her DBF at one of our favorite Mexican places in town: fantastic margaritas and really good fish tacos. Monday came way, way too soon. I had a bunch of stuff due this morning and should have worked yesterday. I lucked out because a meeting got canceled so I was able to get my act together just in the nick of time.


          SJP: Congrats on your PR!! That is fantastic, and sounds like you weren't even pushing that hard. It's great that your DBF runs, too -- I didn't realize he was as serious about it as well. Do you usually run with him most days? Potato donuts sound awesome!


          Seattle: Sounds like we had similar hiking experiences this weekend. I so love the fall colors! Sorry about your football games. Sounds like you got a good amount of schoolwork done, too, which will set you up well for the week. Good luck on your exam!


          Mia: Does sound like a roller-coaster with DBF, but seems like every relationship has to have some ups and downs along the way. It does seem as if you two are so compatible most of the time. And you are so independent, I can't imagine that you make him feel crowded. So he'll just have to get his mind around being in a relationship -- or not. I guess. Really great that you're starting to do the Sunday run with friends again. I really need to get my house in order, too, especially cleaning floors. DD and her DBF are going to house-sit for us startign Friday night this week, so that will be good motivation to give the place a thorough scrubbing. Glad you're feeling about how your clothes fit: I wish I had the magic bullet for staying on even keel in that regard. I always feel like I'm trying to get "back on track."


            sjp - super congrats on your super speedy half marathon PR!  sounds like it was a great race, I love it when you can exceed your own expectations like that.  sounds like we had a pretty similar football weekend but glad you had fun despite that!  The snow was at 4800 feet but it was still sunny and warm, which was awesome!


            Mia - yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! (actually the whole weekend was really nice).  Glad you got to get out and enjoy it!  The hike we did was Granite Mountain, off I-90 at the same exit as Denny Creek/Franklin Falls/etc.  It's pretty tough but it's a fantastic hike!  So glad that you were able to hash things out with DBF - I'm sure it was stressful but it sounds like you guys were able to have open communication about it in the end, which is great.


            MC - sounds like you had a great weekend!  It's so nice to be able to get out in the great outdoors and just get away from everything.  I totally agree that the weekend went by way too quickly!  I guess that happens when they are busy!  I have been craving Mexican food lately, may need to grab some this weekend...  big meals like that always seem to taste so much better when you have done something super active like a big hike or run during the day.  Plus less guilt over having the beer or margaritas with it!