Weight Loss Dailies


Back at it Mondailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!


    RR- Been a busy girl lately!  Ran 5 mi on 4th of July, backpacked 1 mi on Friday, 5 tough miles on Saturday, 6 tough miles on Sunday, and spent a lot of Saturday rock climbing at the beach, plus swimming and playing Frisbee.  I am pretty beat so I think today will just be climbing at the gym w/DBF after work if we have enough energy.


    NRR – Had an amazing long weekend.  We had a fantastic barbecue on the shores of Lake Union for 4th of July, and then DBF and I and two of his buddies went camping on the Olympic coast over the weekend.  It was tough hiking to get to where we went, but it was absolutely gorgeous – I’ll have to sort through all of our pics and share some soon.  We played Frisbee, played in the surf, climbed on all the crazy rock formations on the beach and in the surf, had campfires, and drank whiskey.  So much awesomeness and it was the perfect group of people for that trip!  It was such a nice weekend I feel like I haven’t been at work in ages.  Just using today to get back in the swing of things.


    FR – Definitely needing a week (or a few) of no alcohol and of super healthy eating by now!


      Good Morning!

      RR: Although fishing isn't really active it is super tiring.  Maybe it's taking all that dramamine or getting up at 4:30?  Anywho, not much exercise Wed, Thurs or Fri - except for steadying myself on the bumpy boat and reeling in the fishing line.  Saturday I ran steps for about 45 minutes (my calves are still sore) and yesterday ran 11.5 miles mostly on trails.  I fell at one point where it was really rocky.  Have a big bruise on the palm of my hand.

      NRR: Spent 4 days and 5 nights with DBF.  I think that's the most time we've spent together in a row.  It was nice, very comfortable.  We had some of his friends for dinner on Saturday and, of course, made salmon.  Sunday I headed home pretty early so he could get stuff done before the work week and I could go for a run.

      FR: Okay, not like I'm supposed to for Crossfit.  It'll be easier now that I'm home alone.


      Seattle: Your weekend sounds fantastic.  You had great weather for such an outdoorsy weekend.  Hope your Monday goes smoothly.


        ugh the days are just so busy!!!  Sometimes I need a lift vest to stay afloat!!!


        seattle: your weekend sounded awesome.  What a way to do a mini vacation for the 4th.  Making me really ready to get out for my vacation in CO now!  Good luck getting back on track!


        mia: glad that extra time with the man was a success!  are things moving any better now or about the same?  I hate when I bite it during a run, especially since I usually end up pretty scratched up from it!  how do you like crossfit so far?  I don't do their paleo diet thing.  I do try and eat more protein, less carbs, and healthy fats.  I just can't give up some of my stuff.  My gym doesn't really stress it too much either.  We don't have a boot camp either because the gym is pretty new and everyone is learning.  Are you learning alot in boot camp?


        rr: did a 5K on the 4th, blew my PR out of the water by 30sec!  and I was really exhausted from a lot of workouts during the week so I could have done a lot more if I had been on my game.  made me feel good since the 5K was the only race I didn't  PR in over the winter.  Did 4 miles last night, but other then that I took the weekend off to relax the back.  Still have a good sized knot that is making it hard to move really well.  Working to stretch and get rid of it.


        nrr: had a great weekend.  relaxed on the 4th after 4 hours of work, the 5th we went to the lake the a Billy Currington concert, 6th we went to see Lone Ranger, and yesterday had birthday/ father's day with the family.  I so did not want to go back to work today!!!


        fr: outside of some slips here and there I really tried to be good this weekend.  I don't think I did terrible.  Going to try and stay away from sweets this week.


          RR- 10.75 yesterday. Going for a short one soon.


          FR- Why is it soooo hard to eat right?! I can do okay(not good) for a while and then BAM! I stuff my face with crap for a week.


          NRR- Is it summer? Its rainy, windy, really low clouds and 55 degrees.




            RR: I have not run since last week. Planned to get up early to run this morning, but as I was falling asleep DH asked if I could talk for a minute and went on for 30 minutes about what I should do if he died (like how to get the keys to his work trailers, who may want to buy his tools, etc.) Not sure what made him think about it, but after 30 minutes I finally asked him if he planned to die tomorrow and if not, could we continue the conversation then. After that I couldn't fall asleep and just wasn't up for a run at 4:30 am. Tomorrow!


            NRR: Got a lot done over the weekend. Finished up the shopping for the trip, took my wedding ring to be sized, got some clothes to the tailor, and my dad took me shopping for new running shoes for my birthday! Can't wait to try out my new shoes. Tonight should just be the usual with the boys (and probably my niece, she always asks to come home with me on Mondays).


            FR: Made roasted chicken w/ mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas for dinner last night - total comfort food.


            WR: went to the doctor this am and my weight (with shoes) was 125. So nice to see my scale is accurate.



            seattle - you have been a busy girl!! Your weekend sounds like so much fun!


            Mia - I'm so jealous of your salmon catch!!  Glad things are going well with DBF - you deserve a nice guy.


            OU - congrats on the PR!! I went to Red Coyote Saturday and thought of you Smile


            Snowden - Is it bad that I'm a bit jealous of your weather? It's going to be over 100 here this week!