Weight Loss Dailies


Well, we're half way there Wednesdailies! (Read 167 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on swimming after work, probably 1600 yards.


    NRR:  I think I smell like gasoliine.  No joke, and I'm not very happy about it.  I went to fill up my car this morning and instead of stopping automatically (like it has everytime I've gotten gas in the past 15 years, it overflowed.  I was standing right there, so I stopped it as soon as I heard it gushing out, but it was gushing and a little bit got on my sweater.  To make the situation even better, I went to tell the attendant and he blames me.  Sorry dude, your machine is broken, its not my fault.  Anyway, smelling like gas and dealing with the unapologetic attendant has put me in a bit of a mood.


    This morning we have standardized testing, then classes in the afternoon.  After work I'll swim, then I think DF and I will probably just have a relaxing evening at home.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    Have a great day!

      rtr: ugh what a way to start out the morning!  I won't student teach till probably Fall '14 if I had to guess so I have awhile.  Do you just have to proctor testing for a group?


      snow: sorry foot is acting up again.  I am having sympathy pains in my foot from where I broke it before!!!  glad you and DBF had a great anniversary.


      jkr: haha on house mom - I think that all the time, why didn't I just hang out in the pre-med area and find a good doctor to marry so I could stay home all day!!!  enjoy your last few days - when do you move back?


      java: I have problems being the "mean" type of pet owner also - my pets walk all over me.  I took my first dog to Petsmart which had a good school, but their prices went way up and it wasn't worth that much so I didn't take my second dog - i wish i had!  I'll have to look into K9.  Ghost runner is such a fun race - i've done it the last two years.


      rr: did my hill on the mill last night.  Ugh kills my legs - 5% incline for 2 miles, ran 6 minutes of it last night.  Goal is to add a minute each week so that I am running the whole 2 miles for a few weeks before the race and when I get to race day I will be able to tackle the major incline!  tonight hopefully yoga!


      nrr: Wednesday - tough to face when the last two weeks have started on WEdnesday!!!!  Oh well just push through I guess.  Out of the office all day at meetings.  It's raining off and on, so I"m just hoping I don't get drenched!


      wr: 152.4 - hmmm, so really no progress since saturday :-(


        Morning!  this has been a looooong week!


        RR - 5 mi lunch break run - hopefully the windy weather of this week will have died down a bit by then but it sounds like it's now absolutely pouring out... yay winter.

        NRR - My class that I was going to take this quarter ended up being canceled because not enough people signed up - I managed to get into an online class (same class, just online) but it's not with the same professor that I liked. Oh well, I will get to see how the online thing works at least. Stopped by to see my grandma on her birthday yesterday, she is the sweetest lady (turned 88!). She had a necklace that someone had given her and said "oh honey, I can't do the clasps very well so I don't wear a lot of jewelry, I want you to have it". So sweet (and it's actually a really cool necklace)! Tonight DBF and I are surprising my mom by cooking a belated birthday dinner for her, so that should be fun. He has some big presentations at work today so I think after dinner we will probably just head back to his place and fall asleep to a TV show or something.

        FR - Making steaks tonight w/salad (thinking mixed greens, spinach, gorgonzola, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, and some sort of vinagrette) and french bread... I am looking forward to it!


          Hi all,


          RR: 6 miles yesterday afternoon in balmy weather for this time of year--I could have worn shorts. I need to remember to wear my heel lift in my left shoe when I run. I could feel my hips getting off-kilter and had the familiar low-back ache afterward. Did yoga sculpt (yoga+strength training) this morning. Really love that class.


          FR: Discovered some really good salmon fillets in the frozen food section of Whole Foods, so I had that and leftover curry green beans last night.


          NRR: Finally took the Christmas tree down last night! I don't know why that's such an annoying task. I should have assigned it to the kids before they went back to college. Tonight I'm going to tackle the New Year's cards. Work today will be a slog ... much to do, not enough time. Definitely feeling Wednesday woe-is-me.


          RTR: I hate getting gas so much that I always drive around for a few miles with the low fuel light on. It seems you never know when the auto shut-off is going to work, so I'm always paranoid when I'm in work clothes that I'll have a gas incident. Have a good swim tonight!


          OU: Good job on the hill running. If I end up running on the treadmill, I'm going to boost the incline. Maybe not to 5% though, will have to work up to that. Don't be discouraged by your weight progress ... keep plugging and it will come.


          Seattle: Too bad that your class was canceled! But maybe doing an online class will be good as far as cutting down on transit time. You seem to be very self-motivated, so you'll probably like it quite a bit. Your grandma sounds terrific! It's great that you're in the same town and can spend so much time with her.


            Good morning!


            RR: Nada today....


            NRR: Winston did ok at obedience school. So much to work on! Hopefully we will get him leash-trained soon - he almost ripped my arm off going into the building last night!


            FR: I really need to work on this. I eat what is in my dailies, but have gotten bad about snacking again. That will be my focus next week!



            B: greek yogurt (chiobani pineapple - yum), ww toast w/ lite butter, coffee, creamer

            S: clif bar, coffee

            L: tbd

            D: tbd



            rtr - what a not-so-fun way to start your day! Sorry the attendant was such a butt.


            OU - maybe we should make a date for the Ghost Run! You bring your pups and I'll bring mine!


            seattle - I love how much you appreciate your family. Your grandmother seems like a wonderful person. I'm sure you will enjoy the necklace!




              RR- Hoping to get a run in today. Either that or the gym. And a walk with the dog.


              FR- Well all the ice cream is gone so I can start eating right again. I'm terrible. I told DBF ice cream is not allowed in the house, even if I beg him to buy it.


              NRR- Nothing too exciting. I'm working on getting a "bug-out" bag ready. Something we can just grab and go if there is an evacuation again. When the quake/tsunami warning came I was running around trying to get a bag together while DBF was looking up when the wave was supposed to hit. Basically I grabbed my half packed hiking bag and some food and water. I did a lot better than other people but if a wave had actually hit we would have been without a lot of necessities.


              rtr- Suck about your car overflowing! I had a Sitka Beater(what we call old crappy cars in Sitka that people don't want to pay to have taken off the island to a dump) that the fuel vent didn't work so it would spurt out gas if you filled it too quickly. So I had to hold the handle down as lightly as possibly and to took 15 minutes to fill up a 10 gallon tank!


              OU- nice hill/treadmill work. 5% is not easy! You seem to be staying healthy; your weight loss will come! Just keep up with it. What's your ideal weight?


              seattle- I can't do online classes. It takes a lot of dedication to get it all done when you have to teach yourself. But I know some people who it really works for. Hopefully it works out for you.


              MC- your yoga classes sounds nice. I think I'm going to see if I can budget yoga in. Maybe once a week.


              JAva- I'm with you on the snacking. I eat dinner at work and when I get home at 10 its soooo easy to snack. A small healthy snack would be fine, but i end up eating a large, unhealthy snack. I think if I could get that in check weight loss would come much easier.


                Missed shout outs yesterday, so I'll do them first today!


                Runtravel: Skiing this weekend sounds like fun! DBF and I always mean to go snowboarding every winter, but neither of us has the money or time hah. Maybe next year. I haven't found a new favorite dinner recipe just yet… I did make some coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that were AMAZING. Haha. It's clear what my priorities are when it comes to eating/cooking for myself. Ugh sorry about the disaster at the gas pump this morning. I hate when even a little bit of gas splashes on my shoe I feel like I can smell it all day long. Hope your day got better from there!


                Java: What kind of dog do you have the runs with you? His name is Winston? I love that name so cute! Mmmm I absolutely love pizza I don't think I can ever get away with less than 3 slices myself haha.


                Seattle: Ugh it doesn't seem light outside where you are until 10am?! Miserable! And now I feel like a wimp for complaining that it doesn't get light here til after 7am hah. I feel you on being so ready for summer. Once the holidays are over I'm so so done with winter. Happy birthday to your grandma! Bummer about the class being cancelled, but at least you were able to find an alternative.


                Ou: I'm really hoping that my summer rotation is in peds! Since I got bumped last summer, I get first pick of sites this summer… I don't even have to use the lottery system that the rest of my class has to use. I'm excited about that! Haha I really think I would've made a good housewife! In another life, maybe. I'm heading back to Richmond tomorrow afternoon sometime. Whenever I can get myself together and hit the road. Nice work on the hill run last night! Hills are really rough. I know when I head back to Richmond and then to DBF's in Charlottesville the hills are just going to sap my pace and mileage. Like always. It does make running on flat ground seem really easy though, so there is an unspdie.


                MC: Wow your dinner from Monday night with the salmon/rice/feta/walnuts… that sounds really yummy. I will have to try that combo sometime. I love mixing up veggies and rice and meat like that. The two half marathons you have planned sound like they are going to be on such beautiful courses! Do you have a leg length discrepancy? My mom does and wears custom orthotics when she runs.


                Snowden: That's pretty cool you live in Alaska! And work as an aircraft mechanic? Sounds like a great job. Where did DBF move from to be with you? That's so sweet! I bet you love having him around now. How do you like Alaska?


                  RR: Another great run on the trails this morning. I charged my iPod so I listened to music for the last 5 miles. Sometimes I really love listening to my iPod for the last few miles of my run, but sometimes I just need the silence. It's nice to change things up sometimes. I'm going to have to get used to running hills again... ugh not looking forward to that.


                  NRR: Last day at my parents'! I'm actually really bummed to be going back to my place tomorrow. I thought I'd be bored or anxious or just get sick of being on winter break... but I haven't. At all. I forgot how much I absolutely love being around my family all the time and not living alone. It's so nice! I had gotten used to not seeing them and being by myself all the time. Now I remember how awesome it is. And going back kind of sucks. Can't wait til I graduate and can move in with DBF... I'm tired of living by myself it's lonely.


                  FR: Hoping to get something good for dinner tonight! Stopping by Harris Teeter after the gym tonight. We'll see what looks good.


                  Hope y'all are having a great Wednesday!


                    Back from a really cold 5 miles...  it was a lot colder out than it has been the past few days!  I think it is supposed to snow this weekend (hopefully only a little).


                    jkr - glad you enjoyed your trail run!  Funny, the trail that I usually do my long run on is super hilly so if I want to avoid hills I have to not trail run!  so nice that you had a good long break to enjoy relaxing and being with family.  hopefully the time will fly by and you'll be moving in with DBF before you know it!  I suppose technically sunrise is around 8 am here but when it's raining like it was this morning it just seems to stay dark all day. yuck!


                    snowden - I think I am just going to schedule time to do my online class when I would normally be going to lecture so that I don't procrastinate or forget about things... hopefully it will work out ok!  good idea on getting the emergency bag together, that's probably something I should think about too!


                    MC - I can't believe it's only Wednesday, sheesh!  This week is dragging by.  I think putting Christmas decorations up is so much fun and taking them down is always such a pain and kinda sad.  Yoga sculpt sounds like an awesome class!


                    ou - nice work on the hill training - it takes a while to get used to but it definitely pays off!  I think same thing for MFP - I didn't lose too much right away but once I got into a good routine with it it started coming off more regularly.  Keep at it and you'll be fine Smile  I keep thinking it is Friday today...  I am all screwed up from the days off over the holidays!


                    rtr - I hate starting mornings off with crap like that, just puts you in a grumpy mood for the morning.  I don't like rude customer service people, argh.  I was one (for years) and I know that customers can be mean and grumpy and annoying but sheesh.  especially if you aren't being rude to them, they should be nice to you!  Hope you have a relaxing swim and night with DF!


                      Just got back from a hilly 5.5 trail run. It felt great to be out. It was cold, right around freezing. But its a clear sky and the sun is out which instantly made me happy. I added some fartlecks to my run. I've never done them before and I really enjoyed them. It was just fun running faster for short periods of time. I also found that it helped me get my pace back up near the end of the run when I started to drag.


                      jkr- I absolutely love living in ak! DBF moved from CO. He's from denver but technically moved from Rangely(where we met and went to school). He went to school for his A&P (airframe and powerplant = aircraft mechanic certification) just like I did. But the place I work out is really the only place to work in this town as an A&P. We didn't want to work and live together right off the bat. Now I would be perfectly fine if we worked together. He's currently working as a cook. He's overqualified but I think he's liking it there and doesn't want to complicate things.  I know what you mean about it being lonely living by yourself. I lived alone for over a year here and didn't really know anyone. It got very lonely! I'm sure this last semester will keep you busy and you'll be living with DBF soon!