Weight Loss Dailies


Finally the Fridailies! (Read 186 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I don't think I'll have time for any of this.  If I do though, it will just be a quick three mile run. 


    NRR:  Friday!  I'm excited for the weekend, but its going to be a busy one.  Tonight is DF's holiday party, tomorrow we have to drive an hour and a half each way to meet up with a priest for the wedding, then we have another Christmas party and Sunday I'm going out to New Jersey to meet up with a friend from high school.  So, it will be a busy, but good weekend.  Then its just one more week of work and then home for a week!

    FR:  The usual.  Probably some tasty hor d'ouerves at the holiday party tonight.


    Have a great day!


      MC-that is great your kids will be home for that long, must be excited! yum, dark chocolate and mint is always worth it! how is your back feeling today?

      java-haha, i stalk packages to the door online and then its like mini-christmas when i open them, even though they aren't for me! do the boys love the dog?

      mia-weird about the management and the 2 weeks. i'm sure they'll miss you as a leader. how was the holiday party?!

      seattle-sweet deal about the raffle! $50 is awesome, can actually get something with that amount!

      rtr-whew, that is a busy weekend, but i'm sure it will be fun! enjoy!

      RR: 10 on the treadmill this morning and felt easy. getting in my 10 mile on the treadmill groove these days. looks pretty chilly tomorrow but going to try and run some outside and some inside to get a long run.

      NRR: nothing much going on tonight, tomorrow running then headed down to see my sister, should be really fun. i haven't seen her in a while!

      FR: DBF and i used a groupon last night for a sports pub that we like, had a greek chicken wrap with sweet potato fries. was.so.good.


        mc: hope that back is feeling better.  I've always had back pain and the chiro has become my new best friend unfortunately!


        java: horrible that big b doesn't remember ever going to IHOP!  I love this time of year with the pumpkin pancakes!!!


        mia; weird on WW not saying anything about resignation...maybe they are so use to turnover they choose not to acknowledge, even when it's someone like you that has put so much into it.


        seattle: I did HH intermediate the first time I started training.  I really liked the mileage. I think I'm going to do a hybrid of Novice II and Int I... do the back to back runs on the weekends, but stick closer to the novice miles cause I"m so busy.  I just took it slowly and would drop one of the shorter runs during the week if I was feeling overwhelmed or tired.


        rtr: lots of fun to be had this weekend - I love holiday weekends, so much to do!


        sjp: enjoy seeing your sister.  Hope you can get some day time miles in - i miss running in light so much, I crave long run days to get it done!


        rr: hmmm maybe 3 after work today.  Also need to do some abs.  Trying to decide if I'm going to do an 8K in the morning.  Waiting for a friend to decide if she is going to do it or not, it's aboutt 45 minutes from my house so probably won't do it if she doesn't.


        nrr: busy weekend planned.  last night I went snow tubing (fake snow slides set up in the ballpark - so much fun!).  tonight we are going to see holiday lights, tomorrow if company christmas party (good food!!!), and sunday I'm going to see the Nutcracker/ volunteering at the children's activities during the show.  Fun stuf!!


        fr: I know tomorrow will be bad so I"m trying to be good this week. Had a salad instead of a burger at the burger place we went to yesterday- that is definitely a win!


          Finally is right... this week has gone really slow!


          RR - 4 mi lunch break run today, 8 mi long run tomorrow.


          NRR - Had a nice night with DBF last night, we made some delicious homemade pizza (yeah, pizza two nights in a row... oh well) that was probably the best we've made yet, drank some good red wine, and went to bed super early (without even watching a movie or anything).  Tonight will be catching up on some laundry and cleaning, and possibly going through my clothes to get rid of stuff that's too big now (yay!).  Don't really have any big plans for the weekend yet, which is nice this time of year.  it's supposed to rain, so maybe something indoors like bowling or finally go out to the movies haha.


          FR - Stiry fry chicken and veggies + baked sweet potato fries...  I need something healthy after all that pizza!


          I didn't make it back for shouts yesterday but I will try to get back later this morning and catch up!


            Hi all,


            RR: No running for a bit--the appointment with the chiropractor yesterday revealed all sorts of surprises: My right leg is longer than the left (I can't remember by how much but it was significant), so I got a heel lift. I have some degeneration in my neck that apparently is really old ... it isn't really causing me pain but probably contributing to other things. Basically, my spine itself is in good shape but just has a few places out of whack. So the doctor wants me to back off on running and weight (especially deadlifts) for about a week while I get a few adjustments, and then we'll reassess what I do from there. So lots of yoga for me in the next few days and "brisk walks" (hate those). Maybe after the holidays I'll put some serious effort into learning to swim. I'm optimistic that I'll get to return to running ... the hip tilt from the different leg length must have been wreaking some havoc.


            FR: Nothing exciting. 


            NRR: Cleaning the house this weekend, doing some Christmas decorating, going to a party, etc.


            RTR: Busy week for you! I remember the meeting DH and I had with our priest so many years ago. We were very young and it made the whole thing seem so "real." It was a great conversation in all.


            SJP: Love your 10-mile treadmill groove! Have fun with your sister. Sweet potato fries are, I think, my favorite food ever.


            OU: So good to hear that you have back issues that you manage with chiropractor and you still can run! I assume your doctor never told you that running is so bad for your back that you shouldn't do it? Good job on the salad ... any wins are huge this time of year in my book.

              mc - actually it has been an uphill battle on my back.  I had always gone to doctors - one who told me my legs were different lengths and put me in a heel lift (my hips are very uneven, but it is not my spine - everyone assumed it was my legs).  Well it wasn't helping so started going to chiro that is a runner - and he said all along its just that my hips are mis-aligned and that they need to be adjust straight which helps to correct leg length difference.  I only have about 1/8" after corrections - originally it was like 5/8"!  so I have to get adjust monthly to keep it in line, it's been out so long that all the muscles are defaulted to it, so he is trying to retrain my muscles.  anyways - getting better slowly! hope your's helps!!!


                Just got back from a great 4 mi run in a little break of sunshine... helped cheer me up a little after the sad news from Connecticut today...  Sad



                rtr - have fun at all the holiday parties this weekend...  it's definitely that time of year!  Woohoo for having such a nice break and going home to look forward to as well!


                sjp - your dinner last night sounds delicious!  I love love love sweet potato fries.  Have fun visiting your sister!  Way to go on getting in the 10 mile groove... that is awesome.  I am thinking the $50 will = half off my next pair of running shoes Smile


                ou - thanks for the input on Higdon's plan - that's pretty much exactly how I'm approaching it.  If I'm feeling overwhelmed/overtrained/etc I am fine dropping one of the easy runs or cutting the mileage back a bit.  Props to you for getting a salad instead of a burger, that is some willpower right there!  Enjoy your fun weekend Smile


                MC - glad the chiro appt was informative - at least when you have an idea what's going on you can get some better ideas to fix it.  I definitely recommend swimming as well!


                Mia - I think it was you that asked the other day, I had thought of doing massage therapy for a while, but now that I am working in accounting and really liking it I'm taking accounting classes Smile


                  OU -- thanks for relating your experience! I think that's my doctor's goal, too, just to get everything in line and keep me going. She's a soccer player, so her focus will be on keeping me doing what I want to do. So great to hear that someone else is managing this and still running, though. Thanks!


                  Seattle: I like the swimming recommendation! I just need to stop worrying about my technical form when I swim, and just go for it.