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    Good morning!


    RR:  Running will happen today!  It has been a week and I need to get myself back out there.  I was taking time off because it was freezing and I had no desire to run.  Today is supposed to warm, so I am going to run 4-6 miles.


    NRR:  Work, run, then I have dinner plans with a friend.  Overall a pretty nice day!  I do have a ton of grading to get done, so I need to make the time to get that done since grades go in next week.


    FR:  Out to dinner tonight, I'm not sure where.  I'm hoping Ethiopian.


    Have a great day!

      seattle: yea I saw we both ran 11 this weekend- way to go!  I am thinking about 1-3 grade to teach so I am doing a lot of stuff in that area, but from all my friends, it seems like you just get stuck whereever when you are just starting out!


      mco: you can get down into the 140s!!!  I was in the 140s for about 3 years then slipped really bad last year and had to work to get back down, but I'm already feeling better after loosing about 4 lbs off my last years weight!


      rtr: running in bad weather is so hard.  That's why I always start a plan early January so that I have a reason to, otherwise it would never happen!


      rr: holy smokes it was 64* this morning - shorts and t-shirt, and it was so muggy, hair was plastered to my face!  4 miles out of it, felt pretty good.


      nrr: suppose to get storms this morning - yea!  since I don't have a window I might be moving around alot to watch the rain (we are in a drought, we are amused easily!)


      fr: had some delicious spicy salmon, dirty rice, and spinach for dinner last night at cajun restaurant.  also had a small treat of a small twist cone for dessert.  today is officially 4 weeks without a coke!




        RR - 6 mi rainy run after work. Had a good run and a good lifting session with DBF last night!

        NRR - Finished all my month end stuff yesterday, so I am happy with that! Now I have a few days to relax a bit and get everything organized for next month, vacation, etc. I am looking forward to having more work starting Feb! Got lots of hw done last night, so I am happy about that too. Probably more of the same tonight - I am all caught up, now just trying to get ahead so I don't have to worry about it while we're on vacation!

        FR - Chicken & veggie stir fry last night, was delicious. Thinking broccoli beef + baked potatoes tonight.

        Back in a bit for shouts!


          RR: 3ish?? miles with Winston at 4:30 this morning. Was 67 degrees and humid and I was in shorts for the first time in a while. Glad I got the run in early because it is pooring rain now! Winston did well except by the end he was dragging. He was giving me the evil eye when I told him to finish strong and drug him for a few blocks.


          NRR: Obedience school tonight. DH is working late so I'll have to get the boys after, which means I probably won't get home till around 8:00. BOO. So glad I have my mama to pick them up from MILs for me and feed them so we don't have to miss obedience school. Went to Muffins with Moms today at Big B's school, which is really just a way for them to force you to take your kid to the book fair. It was a madhouse and it took so long in line I didn't even get a muffin!


          FR: Not much going on - except the coke and doritos I felt the need to have for lunch yesterday. I really enjoy a real coke every once in a while.



          B: WW toast w/ LF cream cheese (good thing I ate after my run since I didn't get a muffin), coffee w/ ff creamer

          S: kind bar or clif's bar (depending on how hungry I am), coffee

          L: leftover chicken fried rice (recipe from Skinnytaste - love that site)

          D: ??? Will probably scarf something down before obedience school - I don't think I can wait to eat till we get home.



          rtr - your honeymoon sounds amazing!! Sometimes I think it's good to take a break from running. Reminds you why you do it.


          ou - I'm looking out my office window right now - you aren't missing much. It's dark and rainy.


          seattle - enjoy being caught up! Wish I was!




            rtr-I would buy the condo. DBF and I are serious but I would not make a big financial decision like that together. enjoy dinner out tonight!

            jen-way to go on bringing the veggie tray. also a week in florida sounds awesome.

            java-oh sorry that little b wasn't feeling well--makes for a rough weekend. That is great that winston is doing better. silent running partner!

            seattle-i did like the condo and have seen several units in the complex, the sellers are crazy however and have priced it 15 grand above market value. not worth my time...

            MC-safe travels!!!

            ou-totally agree, i hate january. all of it, and its so long, why does it feel so much longer than july which is the same number of days?

            RR: 8 easy miles this morning, cutback week for me. i also did lots of foam rolling. have a 10 mile race this coming sunday. not as sore today from lifting, thank goodness.

            NRR: busy at work, big project deadline in a couple weeks, and one of my coworkers took another job, so we are going to be scrambling. its fine, i just haven't worked on this project yet so am completely unfamiliar.

            FR: nothing exciting, tried the raspberry fruit filled mini wheats...and yum.


              Hi all,


              RR: We finally have snow on the ground, so I'll focus on getting about 6 in on the treadmill before I go home.


              NRR: Really busy week at work, getting ready for Seattle trip, etc.


              Seattle: Thanks for the tips on the trails! There is a slim chance that we can get out for a trail run tomorrow afternoon, but in all likelihood we'll be on treadmills at the hotel sometime tomorrow evening. I go to the area quite a bit, though, so I'm intrigued to check out the one you mentioned in Redmond.


              RTR: Have a great run today! Ethiopian sounds adventurous! I think I've had it once and really liked it.


              OU: Your dinner sounds amazing. I love Cajun food. I'm going to keep plugging on the pounds ... I know that if I don't eat anything after dinner, it will happen. That's (I think) the only thing I'm doing wrong.


              Java: You and Winston are so dedicated to obedience school ... that and the runs will make him a terrific dog, I'm betting.


              SJP: Do you have a particular strategy for foam rolling, or do you just go where it hurts? Do you have a time you want to hit for the 10-mile race? Enjoy your cutback week!




                RR- Nothing today. Well I'm slightly entertaining the idea of going to the gym. Cold, icy and cold again outside. I managed to squeeze  run in on the treadmill at the fire dept last night in between work and my class. The treadmill is hard for me. I have low patience and get bored really fast. I was constantly changing the incline and speed. But, as always, I'm glad I did it!


                FR- Still over doing it on snacking at night. I haven't gotten in enough of a habit with  MFP yet and whenever I get off track for the day I stop logging. Which is really when I need to log the most. ..The past few days I've been feeling skinnier, today I definitely do NOT. Maybe I really should go to the gym, do cross training, and actually weigh myself. I weigh myself at work, but its hard to get an accurate reading because I wear pretty heavy clothes that I guess are 7-8 pounds but don't really know.


                NRR- Back to work again today. Because of the EMT class my schedule is hectic and I have Wed and Thur off now.


                rtr- Hope you enjoy your run. I think its okay to take brakes like that. It may make the first few runs a bit harder but after only a week you'll be back to where you were quickly. Don't push something your body doesn't want to do. ...And its winter and cold, and a nice warm blanket is inside.


                ou- 4 weeks w/o a coke! Yea! I will gladly send you all the rain you could possibly want, and then some.


                Seattle- How much more work are you going to have? It seems like you're ready for it.


                Java- Has Winston gotten better at running with you? What do you do when he wants to sniff everything?


                sjp- Nice on the 8 miles. I need to foam roll a lot today too, my hips are pretty tight.


                MC- I'm on the same page with you and weight/food. If I could just quit this ridiculous eating after dinner I would be much better off. I'm thinking of saving myself 300 calories for a snack at night so I don't go cold turkey(especially if I'm hungry) and work my way down from there.

                  snow: i have the same problem with MFP - if I mess up I want to give up, but I force myself to see how it affected my day and it usually keeps me from snacking later on because I know I'm close to running out of calories.  I'm a big weigh in person, but i know alot of people aren't.  Depends on if you get affected strongly by bad numbers everyone in a while!


                  java: the rain is so nice - it was flooding the street outside our office it was coming down so hard.  Looks like it is clearing up now.  Glad Winston is a good running dog!  Always hit and miss if they will work out.  I agree that the run this morning was disgusting!


                  sjp: I love getting thrown into a project at the very end and not knowing what is going on!  makes for some interesting days...good luck on 10 miler this weekend.  Did you decide to do another marathon this spring?


                  seattle: hooray on getting month end done.  what was the decision on the house that DBF parents are buying? Going to move in?