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    Morning! almost there?

    Mia-dbf's friend go stuck at work so didn't come over for dinner, we were going to make a baked four-cheese penne.  oh well. we made pizza instead to use up some leftover chicken/peppers. was good also.  oh, death is never easy, that is so sad.

    snowed-sounds like your dog is huge! my high school physics teacher had a pyranees, and he was huge.

    seattle-glad your knee is feeling better. and congrats to dbf!!! a permanent position is great.

    RR: 10 miles on the treadmill, gym was less hot this morning. prob bc its 25* out today. nothing too exciting, i thought spring was coming but we are headed for a cold snap and more snow. boo.

    NRR: ready for the weekend. i am tired and this week has been slow. going to do a super small hike saturday with my sisters dog (she and her dbf have a engaged retreat thing for church) and then out with them for dinner/drinks. sunday we are going to see an old college roommmate that just had a second baby.

    FR: made homemade pizza last night--dough recipe had no yeast (read no wait time). wasn't as chewy as regular pizza dough, but was good just the same!


      Good morning!


      RR - had a good climbing session with DBF last night. Planning on running 8 mi after work today so I don't have to do it in the dark tomorrow morning!


      NRR - DBF and I went to our favorite Thai place last night after climbing to celebrate his job news, and fell asleep pretty much right when we got home. I think we are both super tired this week! I am not really looking forward to the weekend, it's his roommate's birthday party at some games place (idk what that means) and I don't really like the roommate, but DBF really wants to go for some reason so oh well. Hoping to make a good dent in hw and studying tonight!


      FR - homemade Philly cheesesteaks and sweet potato fries tonight!


        Good morning!


        RR:  This will happen today.  I didn't have time yesterday, so I'm itching to get out there today.  Probably somewhere between 4-6 miles.

        NRR:  Work, a run, dinner with DF tonight, then a friend is coming over tonight for Downton Abbey since it didn't happen on Tuesday.  This weekend DF and I are going away with a couple of his friends on a ski weekend.  We had so much fun the last time we went that we decided to go again before the ski season was over.

        FR:  So much food last night at the tasting and I didn't even try the actual entrees since they were all meaty. I tried two types of appetizers, three salads, four types of potatoes and eight!!! types of cake.  It was all delicious, so I'm happy about that.


        SJP:  Homemade pizza is delicious!  I used to make legitimate homemade pizza (well, I would buy the dough and roll it out), but now I just buy Amy's single serving frozen cheese pizzas and add toppings.  They're pretty delicious so I don't feel the need to make pizza from scratch.


        Have a great day!


          Seattle:  Cross post!  Good luck with your eight mile run.  Is the party at a Dave and Buster's?  It's kind of like an arcade for grown ups, which is pretty fun.  Sorry you don't like the roommate though.


            Good Morning!  I had so much trouble getting up today.  I woke up super early  and then fell back to sleep.

            SJP: I can't remember how you and DBF met, did you have a mutual friend?  Know each other at college and then reconnect?

            Seattle: I've been really tired this week also.  I think it's the dragging on of the gray and rain.  It seems to get worse after we've had a teaser of sunshine.

            RTR: So did you pick your food and what kind of cake, etc?  I bet the wedding is starting to feel very real now.  How's the car so far?  Do you have the cool control panel that you can talk on your phone and not use your hands (bluetooth but without the ear piece).


            RR: Ran about 6.5 yesterday, probably the same today and TP texted fast - hahaha.  We shall see.

            NRR: Sent out more resumes yesterday.  Although much of the job searching is online, it takes a long time to fill out the various jobsites information.  Did taxes yesterday and even though I made piddly, because some of my investments did well I owe money.  CRUD!!  I'll have to sell some stocks to be able to pay, kind of stinks.  Had a very nice wake up text this morning from TLC saying he was looking forward to seeing me tonight.  Made me smile first thing.  Much better than the text I woke up to yesterday about someone dieing. Oh yeah, had a dream I gained 50 LBS!!!! overnight.  I guess that's more like a nightmare.  UGH!!

            FR: Well I haven't gained 50 lbs but I probably could easily.  Shopped yesterday and got lots of fruits and veggies, also got a bag of jelly beans from TJs.  Not a 50 lb bag though.  Oh yeah the Carnitas I made turned out really yummy!!



              Good sunny morning!


              RR- Yesterday I got in 6.75 miles. My calves are pretty sore from Tuesday still from "running" up the beginning of that really steep trail. Today I think I'll run the 7 miles out to the end of the road where DBF will meet me with the dog and we can hike a short ocean cove loop.


              FR- The venison roast was a fail. We cooked it in the crock pot. But it was really really tough. And there was a huge bone in the middle that we weren't aware of is it was only a portion of the meat so it got over cooked too. I think the next one we'll have to try cooking in the oven. But I made roasted red potatoes, onions, garlic and broccoli that rocked.


              NRR- ...the clouds just made their way in. Hopefully they just keep on moving and the sun comes out again.


              sjp- I thought spring was coming too and then it snowed all day yesterday. Now I love the snow, I mean love it, but I'm ready for spring!


              seattle- ugh..I hate going to social functions I don't want to be at or for a person I don't like. Its exhausting being fake nice/in a good mood that long. Your dinner sounds good!


              rtr- your food tasting sounds fun! My friend is getting married and just did a tasting too. She's going to have doughnuts(I think) and said she had to eat 3 just to taste everything. Did you pick with you're going to serve?


              Mia- scary dream! But that's sweet of TCL's text. It always makes the day better to start off good like that.


                sjp - brr to the 25 degrees!  I am so ready for spring to be here already.  Your weekend sounds fun and relaxing!  This week has gone by pretty fast for me, I am sure the rest of the month will too as I will be super busy with my final next week and then work stuff after that, yikes!  I love making homemade pizza, DBF and I need to do that again soon.


                rtr - enjoy your run tongiht!  Glad the wedding food was all tasty, I'm sure that's great to have one less thing to worry about.  Ski weekend sounds super fun, I'm glad you are taking advantage of the snow still sticking around!  I am not sure where the party is exactly, I am hoping it is big enough/there will be other people there so I can just most avoid the roommate and have fun anyways haha.


                Mia - carnitas sound delicious!  I agree, this week has seemed really particularly dark and gloomy.  I want some sunshine already, I feel like it's been gray for ages!  Lovely to wake up to a nice text from TLC, that must have started your day off well!


                snowden - bummer that the roast didn't turn out as planned...  big chunks of meat like that can be tricky to cook.  It sounds like you have some great spots near you to run, I hope the sun comes back out for you soon!  Yeah, that's something that DBF and I have had to work through a little bit, he has a tendency to want to be friends with everyone, even if they are annoying or jerks.  I am a bit more picky but sometimes I have to be social with him b/c it makes him happy!