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Wet and Windy Wednesdailies! (Read 13 times)


    Good morning!

    RR:  Today I'm planning on swimming after work, then meeting up with a friend for a run, probably 4 miles.  I ended up not swimming yesterday and I've come to the conclusion that I need to schedule a rest day into my work week.  I don't do that now so I end up just not working out too many days a week.  I think I'm going to make it Wednesdays from now on.  Well, not today obviously because I didn't work out yesterday, but that's going to be my plan for next week.  To do this though, I need to double up on running and swimming once or twice a week so i can get in all the workouts I want to.

    NRR:  The usual around here.  Today is work, working out, dinner with DF and then a relaxing evening at home.  I'm doing a one month free trial of Netflix, so we have Here Comes the Boom to watch tonight on DVD.  

    FR:  Ended up having Indian food last night, it was delicious!

    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for shouts.



      seattle-wow that hike sounds intense but awesome! has dbf done a lot of climbing?

      rtr-have you not taking rest days previously? or just not during the week. a mental break in the workweek is nice!

      snowed-are you following a marathon plan? hope you busted out a good run yesterday!

      mia-yes dbf is def standing up to his parents, they just aren't getting it. when is your next race?

      RR: 8 miles and 30 min elliptical today. an old guy at the gym this morning goes 'hey young lady, you usually are over there (pointing to my typical trusty treadmill) glad you are okay/here' haha bc someone was on it this morning so i went to the back row--i know, crazy.

      NRR: ugh more snow. i'm over winter. however looks like we'll be all clear for my nieces first bday party this weekend. SO excited to go home.

      FR: fell face first into some pb m&m's. think i am a little stressed these days




        RR - 4 mi lunch break run + lifting at the gym w/DBF after work, then we are going to check out the climbing gym and see if we can get a membership going there!

        NRR - It was nice getting home so early yesterday and having my run already taken care of! I just relaxed a little bit, read a little bit, did some laundry, and got ahead on some homework. So nice to have weekdays like that every now and then instead of the constant rush! I finished all my major month end stuff at work yesterday, so I'm glad about that too - now it's just tying up loose ends and getting reorganized for next month. DBF and I are planning to watch Argo when we get home from the gyms tonight.

        FR - Pork chops and sweet potato fries were delicious last night, and I made enough to have leftovers at lunch today, yum. Not sure what's for dinner tonight but we shall see. DBF and I are both really liking the diet so far, it feels really natural and satisfing and tasty, and it could be just a placebo effect but we both feel like we have a lot more energy, less stomach issues, etc. So far so good!



        rtr - your workout plan sounds like a good idea!  I am definitely a fan of the double workout days, that's the only way I can usually fit in everything I want to do, but it definitely leaves me needing a full rest day (usually Thursdays).  Enjoy your low key night tonight!


        sjp - DBF has done a ton of hiking and a decent amount of climbing, and so has his friend that we will probably go with.  They are both tall and fast hikers and I have short little legs so I am worried about even keeping up with them, haha....  lots of work to do over the next few months!  I am with you about being over winter...  PB M&Ms are amazing!  I have totally fallen into them a few times this winter.  Yay for getting to go home soon!


          Seattle:  Argo is so good!  I saw it when it came out.  My only regret is that I saw a news story before I went to the movies that detailed the actual event and the outcome, thereby spoiling the ending!  Sorry, NBC News, we're not all up on the 1979 Iran hostage crisis, please at least give a spoiler alert!  That climbing gym sounds amazing.  There isn't a hefty orientation fee?  The one I checked out required an expensive lesson before we could use it.


          SJP:  I take rest days during the week, I just don't plan have it planned out.  It usually is just me deciding after work that I don't want to work out, which means it happens too often.  I think having a planned out rest day will give me something to look forward to and will help me stop slacking on the workouts.  I love everything peanut butter and chocolate, quite possibly one of the best combinations ever.


            rtr - as far as I know, the only thing that is required before you can get a membership is to pass a belay test - I'm sure people that haven't climbed before would have to take a lesson for that, but DBF taught me how so I think we should be able to pass it without paying $ for a lesson.  Hopefully there aren't any other hidden costs or anything!


              Happy Hump Day!

              RTR: rest days during the week are definitely good, esp. when you are working all day and the going all evening.  How is DF's running going?

              SJP: No next race planned . . . I have to watch the funds so can't afford entry fees now.  I am doing a stair climb on March 24th, then my Danube Marathon Cruise is in May, might do a trail marathon in August to make sure I'm ready for the Rim to Rim Adventure in September.  I'm glad DBF is standing up to his parents, my ex never did and when he finally did they of course blamed it on me.  Well they won because he is living with mommy and daddy again. BIG "L"!!!

              Seattle: You will have to let me know some of the good trails you have run around here.  I need to get in some trail running practice.  I have to get some trail running shoes, a hydration backpack (needs to hold xtra clothes, etc.) and some hiking poles.  I'm going to ask for those things or at least GC's for REI to get them for my birthday.

              Snow: The fafsa isn't for me it is for DD's financial aid.


              RR: ran with my friends yesterday afternoon, and we are going to meet for a run this morning as well.  my legs felt much better after running yesterday, the soreness from the stairclimbing seem to go away.

              NRR: Did lots of cleaning and paper sorting yesterday.  TLC asked me to go to his place last night, he had a not-so-great day at work and needed some TLC from me. Of course I went up and brought some turkey soup and a roasted veggie and quinoa salad (really yummy!!) .  Then we just cuddled, talked and watched TV.

              FR: Good day of eating yesterday, it always helps when I'm busy at night.  Like I said the roasted veggie and quinoa salad was yummy!!





                RR- Yesterday I got in around seven miles. I felt like I was dragging 90% of the time and kept talking myself through it. When I got home I realized I was getting just over 8min miles, so I did pretty good. I think I'll get in a shorter/ easy run today along with walking the dog and fire drill.


                FR- Doing so-so. I have the day off work today and the house only has coffee and bread in it. So i'm going to try and actually plan out some meals and shop for those.


                NRR- My boss(the nice one, the supervisor is the dick) left me and the other mechanic beer last night for us to find when we went for our dinner break. Of course I can't drink while I'm actually working on airplanes Smile but I brought it home. It was really sweet. He's a pretty quite guy so it was sort of his way of saying thanks I guess.


                rtr- I'm so jealous of all the interesting food you get to eat. We've got the very basic bland restaurants here, and even if we had interesting things like Indian I think I'd have to trick DBF into eating them. Good plan on the rest during the work week.  I definitely do that!


                sjp- I'm not following a marathon plan. I am debating with myself if I even want to consider one. I feel like I can listen to my body pretty good and know how to push myself but not over do it. And knowing me I really don't think I'd stick to a work out plan(or I'll get to stressed trying to stick is it). But my marathon is still 5 months away so I think if I decided I wanted to do I plan I could still start one soon-ish. I'm just not sure on it. I get the jist from some people that its stupid to just go out and do it but why? I'm already doing speed work, easy runs, long runs, tempo runs and rest days(and trying to strength train).  I don't want to get sucked into a plan, but I also don't want to be that stupid new runner that didn't train right. ..Obviously I've been going back and forth with this in my head. ... Also I finished off the last of a bag of chocolate chips that I bought for baking cookies. I never made cookies, DBF and I have just been snacking on them.


                seattle- Glad the diet is working out so well for you so far! It's awesome when something like that is enjoyable and had good effects right away instead of waiting to see if you see a difference on the scale.


                Mia- Here is the hydration pack I use. http://www.rei.com/product/847180/osprey-verve-13-hydration-pack-100-fl-oz-womens. I still haven't figured out how to link correctly yet. But its great for longer trail runs. I carry a marine radio, cell phone, bear spray, trail mix, chocolate, water of course and some extra clothes and a basic first aid kit. So its also great for shorter hikes. When i buy backpacks I always buy women's specific ones, makes a world of difference!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: My legs were getting jangly from lack of use, so I took them for a quick 3-mile run at lunch today. Good call. Much more focused now.


                  NRR: Work and thesis, and that's pretty much it. Looking good to have the thing to my adviser by Sunday morning.


                  RTR: I bet you will love Netflix. I pretty much watch that and occasionally order one-offs from Amazon.


                  SJP: Niece's birthday party sounds really fun. A 1-year-old + birthday cake = fun. I love it that you have a treadmill at the gym that's unofficially "yours"!


                  Seattle: Your climbing gym sounds really cool. I really need to see Argo. Your diet is Perfect Health, right? And that's kind of Paleo? Do you have a specific carb target you're aiming for each day?


                  Mia: I have been loving quinoa lately, too! I need to cracking on my DS's FAFSA ... need to get our tax return e-filed but there's some form that's not getting accepted for e-filing yet that's slowing things down. Frustrating.


                  Snow: Wow, good for you on the 8-minute miles! I've never followed much of a plan for the halfs I've run ... I just try to make sure I do at least one 11- or 12-mile run two or three weeks before. But this year I want to get a little faster, so maybe I'll get more official about the training. Will worry about that next week ...


                  Rerun: Congrats on the baby news! :-)


                    Snowden: thanks for the link to the hydration pack..That looks perfect.  Your run sounds like you really pushed yourself.  You may want to look at a plan just to see the amount of mileage to get in per week/ and on long runs working up to the marathon.  Then incorporate mileage into your own plan.


                    Running buddies decided to do speedwork today.  UGH!  I couldn't go as fast as them but wasn't too far behind.



                      Had a great 4 mile run over lunch, another negative split run and it was great, I really just needed to clear my head a bit!



                      Mia - I think my favorite trail that I've run so far (the one I've been doing some of my long runs on) is Lake Youngs in Renton - it's pretty nontechnical but hilly and awesome.  I've been meaning to try some others (Bridle Trails, Redmond Watershed, Carkeek, Lord Hill, Rattlesnake Ledge... tons of places to go!) when I get a free weekend.  yay for TLC time last night!  I hate it when DBF is sick but I love having any excuse to baby him and spoil him Smile


                      snowden - nice work on your run yesterday... too cool about your boss leaving some beer for you.  I hope the meal planning helps you out!


                      MC - Perfect Health is pretty similar to Paleo but less restrictive - essentially the only things you really can't eat are grains, beans/legumes, veggie oils, and processed sugar. (unlike Paleo, where rice/potatoes/dairy are also no nos).  I haven't been focusing on a carb limit at all (don't want to restrict myself too much in that area while marathon training), just focusing on eating more clean/healthy and upping the healthy fat intake a bit!  Glad you got in a good lunch break run, I love those!


                        MC: you are going to feel like you have so much time once your thesis is done. Do you have a child graduating from college this year?

                        Seattle: funny we we're just talking about lake youngs trail today. We ran on that on a cold miserable wetdayand it does not have good memories for me.