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    Good morning!


    RR:  Running didn't happen yesterday, so it'll happen today.  I'm thinking of running 10 tonight after work.  That's what I did last week and it got the weekend off to a very nice start.


    NRR:  Friday!  Tonight I'll run, then DF and I will hang out.  Our typical Friday night consists of hanging out, watching a couple of shows and drinking some wine.  The rest of this weekend I want to get some wedding stuff done (invitations ordered, songs selected, etc).  I'm also thinking of checking out this new place that is basically full of trampolines (like 20,000 square feet of them) and you pay for a certain time period.  I just learned about it yesterday and I can't wait.  I really like trampoliines, so I'm pretty excited.  Also, I want to see the movie 42 (the one about Jackie Robinson).


    FR:  The usual.



    Foco:  Your weekend sounds very relaxing!  Sometimes those low key ones are the best!


    Snowden:  Holy buckets, nice job on the run!  That’s a super impressive distance and a super impressive time.  Do you have a marathon coming up?  I vaguely remember you mentioning signing up for one.


    Seattle:  I imagine you’re super hungry because of all the amazing workouts you’ve been doing lately.  Marathon training seems to have that affect!


    MIA:   I’m glad to hear your interview went well!  That’s frustrating about XH!  I’d probably just tell him to leave, but I can be abrupt like that.


    OU:  That’s an interesting race idea!  I’m not sure I’d like to wake up early both weekend days to race though.  I hear you on the swimming.  I haven’t been going as much lately, so I’m really contemplating canceling because I don’t know if its worth the cost.


      So glad it's Friday!


      RR - 5 mi luch break run today (hopefully before the rain hits), and then 20 miles probably in the rain, wind, and mud tomorrow!

      NRR - Got a lot of homework and some relaxing done last night and went to bed early, was super nice. Hoping to get some more homework done tonight so I can stay ahead and not have to think about it over the weekend! Think DBF and I will probably do some climbing, and then maybe go out to a nice dinner/movie, we haven't done that in a while. It's supposed to rain all weekend but next week looks pretty nice!

      FR - Spaghetti and french bread night!


      Back in a bit for shouts!


        Morning Everyone!


        RR- Yesterday I skipped on the run and went for a good hike with DBF and the dog. I think today will be a shorter, easy run and then a dog walk. Still a bit stiff from my long run.


        FR- Went grocery shopping yesterday and stocked up on some good stuff. Lots of fruit.


        NRR- Back to work today. Nothing too special going on.


        rtr- Your weekend sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Trampolines are a TON of fun! I signed up for my first marathon which is August 3rd I believe. Although I'm not following a training plan or anything, just sort of running by feel and trying to hit certain milestones.


        Seattle- Aw man I hope the weather isn't terrible for your 20 miler tomorrow. Dinner and a movie do sounds nice. DBF and I spent the day together yesterday. It hadn't happened in a while and was really nice.


          Had a lovely 5 mi run over lunch just now, I went a little early and managed to beat the run.  I didn't bring my watch and it was just really relaxing and soothing.  Work is super slow/quiet today!


          rtr- seriously on the marathon training = hungry.  when I was working on weight loss over the fall I was eating 1300-1400 cals/day and now I am hungry all the time and eating in the 1800-2000 range haha.  I agree, a nice workout/run on Friday night is a great way to start the weekend off right.  The trampoline place sounds like so much fun!


          snowden  - hope work goes by quickly!  I used to always take a day or two off after my long runs but now I at least like to get some walking or easy running in just to keep stretched out!  You are going to have such a great base built up for starting marathon training, amazing!


            Hi all,


            RR: Just did 8 miles at lunch with co-worker and it felt pretty good. Really windy but otherwise a nice day. I'm going to do a hilly 12 tomorrow or Sunday. Probably tomorrow.


            NRR: Got DS's financial aid app stuff done last night (the dreaded FAFSA) and the rest of the financial aid stuff emailed this morning. DH and I are going to hear a local bluegrass band tonight -- friends of ours, and I haven't heard them play for a while so will be fun. DH is still campaigning for me to go to the western slope retirement party with him tomorrow, and then we would take our raft and fish on Sunday. But I think I'm going to counter with me staying home tomorrow and then we could do a hike/fish with dogs on Sunday. Really need to hang out this weekend instead of running around more.


            RTR: You are so organized on the wedding stuff, seems as if you're just checking things off right and left. The trampoline place sounds excellent -- I have loved those since i was a kid. That was one of the first big purchases we made for our kids and it was well worth it. I took it down last year because we switched insurance companies and they won't insure it. But I'm thinking of putting it back up. I want to see the Jackie Robinson movie, too.


            Snow: I need to get groceries, too. My veggie stockpile is dwindling! Sounds like you're ready to run a marathon right now -- I'm sure you'll crush that one in August.


            Seattle: Dinner and movie sounds great, and I hope the weather for your long run tomorrow cooperates!


              Hi everybody,


              I'm new and would like to join you all.

              It seems you take the Weekends Off around here?


              Nice to meet you!