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two fridailies in one week . . . (Read 11 times)


    RR: This has been so bad lately.  I just haven't found time to fit in running with work and school.  I am doing a sit-up and push-up challenge this month, so I'll get in some exercise that way.  I also make sure I take the stairs at work.  This sitting all day is killing me too . . . my hips actually hurt at the end of the day from sitting so much. : (


    NRR: Work is going okay - still in training and we've had some really slow days this past couple of weeks with the instructors taking time off to spend with their families.  Most of them are here from other locations so they went home for the holidays and we have had "substitutes"  I have gotten to do some job shadows with some people that are doing the position I will be doing so that's been interesting.  It really feels weird getting paid for some of the things we are doing.

    Been pretty weird at home with either one or both daughters here as well as friends of theirs.  My house feels very small.  Younger DD is back at school now, older DD is still here and her DBF is visiting right now.  DD says she will be here until the end of March and then try to relocate back to Portland.

    DBF and I are still seeing each other, which is of course much harder now that I'm working.  He's planning to start his long bike rides again on Saturday so that may cut Saturday out also.  Although I may end up having to work on Saturday, so we'll see what happens.


    FR/WR: I've been packing a lunch everyday and doing okay with eating healthy stuff but the lack of exercise is certainly not helping. I've been kind of stagnant but really want to get 10 to 15 lbs off.  I can't believe I was about 20 to 25 lighter a year and a half ago.  I'd be happy between that and where I am now though.


    sjp: Sorry MIL is being such a PITA and especially that you are losing sleep over it.  Wow!!  I"m glad you are sitting and having a discussion with her, hopefully that will solve some issues.


    Seattle: Congrats on the new place!  How awesome to be able to roll out of bed and be at work.  My commute isn't too bad - about 30 minutes.  You are pretty hardcore camping out on NYE.


    OU: Good to "see you"!  ITALY DO IT!!!  you will not regret!!




      seattle-that is great to be so close to work! glad you enjoyed camping, i know if you have the right gear--it is comfortable, i just don't think i could do it!

      mia-i hear you on sitting that much--tough on the hips. hopefully you get into a routine soon and packing a lunch definitely helps! i'm sure you and dbf will figure it out when you get into your normal work schedule. how long will training last--i can't remember?

      ou-you must be pumped about football last night!

      RR: 8 this morning and some elliptical--which has been my new normal. oh and shoveling at 5 am also. my right foot is bugging me a little bit, the 3rd toe joint feels sore, so not sure what is up the that. being careful.

      NRR: headed to my parents this weekend to do xmas with them and bc my sis/bil got all the boys tix to see a monster truck show so dbf, bil, bro, dad and nephew will all be going to that. they are all excited. then watching football with the family and playing with my monsters!  

      FR: eh, nothing too exciting.




        RR- 3-4 mi lunch break run today.  I am still pretty tired from moving!  DBF and I are thinking of starting Insanity this weekend, so we'll see how that goes...!


        NRR- Looking forward to doing some more unpacking tonight and just having a super low key weekend.  the last few weeks have been so busy!  and need to get organized because school starts again on Monday!  I am glad I'm only taking one class this quarter though... and it's "interpersonal communication in the workplace" so that doesn't sound too challenging.  Think DBF and I might just have a Breaking Bad marathon this weekend - we started watching around Thanksgiving and are super hooked (halfway through the third season now).  It's so good!


        FR- need to get some groceries, and think DBF and I may do some cooking ahead this weekend as well.  it's been pretty terrible in this area lately...



        mia - I feel so lucky that I can run on my lunch break, otherwise I'd never get it done... sheesh.  I feel you on the sitting all day, I try to chug water and it's a double win - hydrated and I have an excuse to get up and go to the bathroom every so often haha.  Sounds like you have had a crazy few weeks as well - it'll be nice when things settle down and everyone can get back into their routine!  Glad you have a decent commute as well Smile


        sjp - enjoy the weekend with your parents/family!  that sounds super fun.  good call on being cautious with your foot - hopefully it will go away soon!  I get twinges like that sometimes and totally freak out that I am injured, but (knock on wood) most of the time a day off or a few easy runs seems to do the trick!