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    Good morning!  Sorry about the lame title, I apparently lack creativity before I've had my coffee.


    RR:  I'll be running after work, probably four miles.  Yesterday I didn't run, but I did walk three miles while running some errands.


    NRR:  Work, then a run and hopefully I'll be able to pick up my car today.  I think DF and I will probably just have a relaxing evening at home tonight.  We are going skiing this weekend, which I haven't done in probably twelve years, so that's something fun to look forward to.


    FR:  I made black bean burgers and sweet potato fries last night.  Wow, sweet potato fries are amazing.  I had never tried to make them before, but I will from now on.


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later today.


      Good morning!


      RR: Will try a few after work today. Debating on taking the dog since I have to stop a lot with him to get him to stop pulling the leash. But, he hasn't been run in 2 weeks, and I know he needs it. Thinking it may actually be a good thing since I need to take it slow anyway.


      NRR: First obedience class with Winston tonight. I'm actually excited to get him started. We have so much work to do (especially with leash training), so it will be nice to get him going. Big B had a great first day back at school yesterday and wasn't begging not to go today, which is always a good thing.


      FR: Did ok yesterday until DH offered to pick up pizza on the way home so I wouldn't have to cook - why do I think I need 3 pieces???



      B: a piece of leftover pizza, coffee, creamer

      S: special K bar, coffee

      L: salad w/ lettuce, tomato, carrots, 1 hardboiled egg and about 1/2 cup of cottage cheese, pear

      D: probably leftovers since I won't get home until late with the dog.



      rtr - Good morning! I confess that I hate sweet potato fries. I know they are better for me, but if I'm having fries, I want the real thing! Hope your evening with DF is relaxing. I skied for the first time in at least as long on our trip, and I was fine, so I'm sure you will be too.


        RR - 3 windy miles + ST yesterday, rest day today. I have not been loving the lifting lately... I think I just need to get back into a routine and get excited about it again.

        NRR - I am really ready for it to be summer... I definitely have SAD and have just been feeling down and restless and tired lately. I found some vitamin D supplements so maybe those will help. It's hard having no daylight and no sunshine for weeks at a time! This is also the slow time of the month at work, so hopefully I won't be too bored... I like having lots of work to do. First day of class today, so back to that routine as well. It's an earlier class this quarter (ends at 7:15 instead of 9:45) so that should help.

        FR - Not sure, maybe grilled chicken and wild rice after class.


        more shouts later, but rtr, I absolutely love sweet potato fries.  I was skeptical when I first made them but now they are one of my favorite foods!  in restaurants they seem kind of hit and miss but I have perfected my homemade version!


          jkr: that's so cool that you get to shadow!  do you think your summer rotation this year will be in pediatrics also?  Love that while most people cut way back on miles during the holidays you bump up to ridicuolous high numbers!  So motivated.  Feel you on going back to school next Tuesday, I still have a ton of things on my to do list I need to get done, but I just want to sit and be a bum!


          mia: i would guess the "girls" just don't know how to act around new people.  We are that way at our office - we get in our routine and it's weird to have someone that isn't in it.  give it a few weeks and I bet you will be right there with them!!! Commutes are horrible! That is my least favorite thing about where I live vs job!  I live about 20 minutes from nephew, I probably won't see him tons but hopefully will be able to visit on sundays 2-3 times a month! I want him to love me!!!! Have to save him from his crazy parents!  That is the Aunt's job, right?


          java: that OU game was terrible.  We turned it off in the 3rd quarter.  and last nights didn't even make it to the 2nd quarter.  Pretty pathetic bowl season!


          rtr: that is cool that you live close enough to be able to just go skiing over the weekend - it would be a week long vacation for me!


          rr: did about 2.5 last night - don't have as much time to run in the evenings as I do in the mornings, but I enjoy not waking up early so whatever.  Next week will be back to school and back to early hours.  tonight I'm thinking 2 miles of hill on the mill and some strength training.


          nrr: just surviving Tuesday.  football game last night was a bust so we watched some episodes of Elementary instead.


          fr: still going strong.  by eating much lower calorie food I'm staying way below my calorie level each day, but I'm full so trying to add some healthy fats in to bump calories up a bit like avocado and nuts.

            java: is Winston doing better with the biting? I hope so - made me sad that it was a problem!!!  Heartland is going to be at a race I'm doing this weekend with pups - love seeing them, they are so cute!! Where do you do Obedience class? Petsmart or someplace else?


            seattle: I never see sunshine working 7:30-5:30 either, but atleast when I get up and go to a window I can see some, couldn't imagine it being cloudy as well.  Good thing you have that fun vacation from DBF to look forward to!


              Hi all,


              RR: Was going to run on treadmill at work this morning but it's going to be a beautiful day here so I'm going to run 6 outside at noon instead. We're supposed to get snow this weekend, so I figured I'd take advantage of the good weather now.


              FR: Had a weird concoction last night of smoked salmon, a little brown rice, feta cheese, and walnuts. It sounds gross but it was actually pretty good. I also stir fried some green beans and added some curry powder for some extra zip -- that turned out pretty well.


              NRR: Got caught up on Downtown Abbey last night since I missed it Sunday night. DH is gone all week, so pretty quiet in the evenings. I don't get home before dark, and the dogs are pretty wound up when I get home, so I'm currently researching some lighted balls that fit in the Chuck-It that they can see in the dark.


              Java: I'm the same way with pizza ... if I eat any, it's 3 pieces. Good luck with the obedience training -- hope it goes really well!


              Seattle: I completely understand you on the winter doldrums. I had SAD even when we lived in North Carolina, and the winters there are quite a bit brighter than Seattle's.


              RTR: I love grilled sweet potatoes ... I chop them up with some garlic and roast them on a cookie sheet at 425 for about 40 minutes. Not exactly fries, but I love them. Most of my family just doesn't like sweet potatoes as much as I do, though.


              OU: Great job on your food tracking! Will be so fun to see the results on the scale.


              Snow: Congrats on your anniversary! You're getting some good mileage in.


              JKR: I'm going to run the Horsetooth Half outside of Fort Collins -- it goes up around Horsetooth Reservoir, very steep climbs, but beautiful. And then the Colorado Half in May ... down the Poudre Canyon. Yes, I'm very happy with the renewed focus on yoga.


              Mia: I should make my own tortilla soup .. where did you get your recipe?


                OU - Winston has gotten better at the biting. I've had to completely change the way I approach training - I'm more of a live and let live rather than a dominant pack leader. I've talked to the people at the rescue a lot and they have really been pushing me to be more dominant with him. So, any time he approaches me or anyone else with his mouth, he gets a swift, hard swat on the nose. Even when he's flea biting us (which I know is a way of showing affection), he gets a swat. This way he learns it is never acceptable to approach a person with his mouth. He has caught on pretty quick. We are also doing a lot of training with him to show him that he is the low-man in our pack and that the kids are above him just like DH and I are. It is just so not in my nature to be dominant with our animals, but he clearly needs that, so I have had to re-train myself too. We are doing obedience training at K-9 University (which the rescue really thought highly of). I'm hoping he and I will be able to do the Grey Ghost run next year!!


                  Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday! It's funny how I always lose track of the days of the week over winter break... I think this is the last time my winter break will be so long, Next year I'll be doing clinicals. Sigh. All good things must come to an end, right?


                  RR: Lovely run this morning out on my favorite trail. I'm sure going to miss it. Also, I'm going to miss waking up and running in the daylight. And being up late enough that breakfast is actually appealing before I run. It's been so nice. It was absolutely FREEZING this morning though. Like I was a little miserable for the first couple miles. I'm so ready for Spring now. I have a feeling that I will be spending lots of quality time with the treadmill once class starts again... getting motivated to go run outside when it's below 30 degrees, before 5am, and pitch dark... not so easy.


                  NRR: Winter break got me thinking... I think I would make a really great housewife. I also don't think it would be horribly boring. Hah maybe I should've spent the past three years finding a rich man to marry instead of getting my dPT...


                  FR: Meatloaf last night turned out really well! Not sure what's on the menu for tonight. Trying to use up some of the frozen stuff we have here. Hoping I'll find some inspiration between now and then.


                  Shoutouts later... time to take the dogs for a walk. Hope y'all are having a great day!




                    RR- Did about 3 miles before I had to walk to last mile home because my foot started hurting. So I won't be running today just in case but I want to hit the gym. Get in some cross or strength training.


                    FR- I've been having WAY too much ice cream.


                    NRR- DBF and I took the day off together yesterday for our 3 year mark. We went out to dinner at a restaurant we haven't been before. Food was pretty good. It was a pretty low key day/evening but I really enjoyed just spending time with him. We don't get to see each other much lately with our schedules.


                    rtr- Skiing sounds awesome! Skiing is a passion of mine, but I haven't made it the past two years. Have a great time!


                    Java- I hope Winston takes to the obedience classes. I'm glad to hear he wasn't to bad around the kids that your family could keep him. I'd love to run with my dog. Whenever I try its like she goes slower than when shes walking! But I think its just a conditioning thing that I need to slowly work her into.


                    Seattle- Do you have a happy light? I have one. I'm not sure if the special light bulb actually helps but when I'm really noticing the darkness I turn it on and the light is so bright it wakes me up some. Here's a link to one just in case you don't know that it is. http://www.amazon.com/NatureBright-SunTouch-Plus-Light-Therapy/dp/B000W8Y7FY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357673752&sr=8-2&keywords=happy+light (Not sure if  I did the link correctly, you may need to right click on it.)


                    OU- awesome job on your eating habits! Keep it up.


                    MC- Your salmon meal actually sounds pretty good. It could make a good salad with leftovers.


                    jkr- I think you asked yesterday.. I do live in AK. I live in the south east part so its really rainy all year and not that cold. I moved from Colorado which gets a fair amount colder than it does here.  A very maritime climate so it rarely gets above 60 in the summer. I moved here almost 2 years ago for a job. I'm an aircraft mechanic. I work for a little air taxi business on small aircraft. DBF just moved up here in May to be with me.


                      snowden - I actually just ordered a happy light (I like that phrase better than SAD lamp!) last night, pretty similar to the one you linked.  I am a little skeptical but I've heard good things so hopefully it will help!  DBF gets down a little bit in the winter as well so I figure we can both use it.  have a good cross training session - hopefully all your foot needs is an extra day off to ease back into things.  Glad you and DBF had a lovely anniversary...  I love the low key days like that.


                      jkr - meatloaf sounds yummy!  Skinnytaste has a great recipe for turkey meatloaf "cupcakes".  I never thought I liked meatloaf until I tried that!  Oh man, waking up and running in the daylight sounds lovely.  I really can't wait until the days start getting longer...  it was almost 10 AM here before it even seemed fully light out.


                      MC - I love it when you throw random things together for a meal and it actually turns out tasty.  Enjoy the nice weather run today!  I kinda do my sweet potatoes the same way you do, cut em up, season them (salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, and italian seasonings) and throw them in the oven at 425 or so.  so tasty!


                      ou - way to rock the MFP, you are doing great!  I love it when you have extra calories to eat something tasty and yummy like nuts.  That game last night was pretty pathetic...  we heard the halftime score when we left the gym and were like "what???"


                      Java - glad Winston is doing a little better - sounds like you have a good, flexible approach to training him.  I am with you on the pizza...  if I am going to eat it I don't/can't/won't stop at just one piece!


                      rtr - I have never been skiing... practically everyone I know skis or snowboards but they are all really experienced so I'd have no one to hit (literally) the bunny slope with, and it's expensive if you need lessons and/or don't have any gear.  I may have to try it sometime though!  Your dinner last night sounds fantastic, I'm glad you have joined me on the homemade sweet potato fries bandwagon!


                        I got on the stationary bike at the gym today and gave my leg and butt muscles a good workout. Then I was on the rowing machine for about 10 minutes. It felt good to work my muscles in a different way. I get so attached to running its hard to deviate. When I weighed myself at the gym I was surprised to see 126.5 which is down 2 lbs from about 2 weeks ago. I'm sure my huge intake of ice cream did not show up on the scale today but I just shocked me at how much I was eating regularly. I'd like to make it a habit to hit the gym at least once a week on a regular basis so I can weight myself and to get a different workout in.


                          Hello again!


                          I ran three miles after work on my way to pick up my car.  I would have gone a bit farther, but I had to get to the shop before they closed.


                          Java:  How does Winston like running?  I've never had a dog before, but I imagine it would be really fun.  Not to mention a great motivator!


                          Seattle:  What's ST?  Is that some type of lifting?  I'm very happy that I joined in on the sweet potato fries too.  I drizzled mine with a bit of olive oil, then sprinkled salt, pepper and some old bay seasoning, then baked them.  They were delicious.  I kind of wish I had another sweet potato so I could make them for dinner tonight too.


                          OU:  Oh, I like Elementary.  What do you think of it?  When do you start your student teaching?  Is that another year away?


                          Foco:  Your sweet potato recipe sounds good too.  How do you like Downton Abbey?  I hear a lot of good things about it, but I haven't seen it yet.


                          JKR:  Your winter break sounds amazing!  I like how you're experimenting with different recipes.  Have you discovered a favorite yet?


                          Snowden:  Happy Anniversary!  Does your DBF work in the same field as you?


                          Have a great night!


                            rtr - I just use ST as shorthand for strength training, so yep, lifting.  I think I am going to make sweet potato fries this week - there is a recipe for baked chicken nuggets on skinnytaste that looks interesting and would be perfect match with some sp fries!


                            snowden - I definitely get overly attached to running too!  Its one of my goals to make sure to keep everything balanced and keep up with the lifting and cross training as much as I reasonably can even during marathon training.