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Christmas Long Weekend Dailies (Read 79 times)


    Figured I'd throw this up here in case anyone is around/wants to pop in over the long weekend!


    RR - 8 mi trail run done this morning - it was a little cold and light mist but otherwise perfect running weather, and it felt good to get back out on the hilly trail again.  I love trail running!  Probably lift/swim at the gym tomorrow if I have time.


    NRR - Had a great time getting Mexican food and such last night - we ended up just staying in and watching Elf.  Mom and brother came with me to the trail to run this morning so it was fun to have company.  Watching the Husky bowl game (not good so far) and doing laundry right now, then probably heading to DBF's parents either tonight or tomorrow night.  I got a lot done at work yesterday so I am looking forward to just relaxing over the long weekend!


    FR - I am pretty much just ignoring this until Christmas is over, but it will nice to get back in a healthy routine then.


      Not sure if anyone will check in but figured I'd stop by...


      rr.  I ran 4 with RP/TP yesterday at lunch.  It was COLD but felt good to go outside rather than be on the TM.  I skipped Thursday's run and thought I'd make it up today but that'll screw up my LR tomorrow.  Considering I've had some trouble with my PF, I didn't want to push it.  So...LR tomorrow 8-9 I'm guessing.  I also want to hike with DH tomorrow but not sure I should do 6 miles 3000' elevation gain on top of it.


      nrr.  So glad I'm done with school for a while.  Time to reenergize!  Nothing major planned for the holiday probably just hiking, running, sledding, snowshoeing, relaxing, etc.  I also have a bunch of appointments next week to take care of - dentist, chiro, pediatrician, etc.


      fr.  Not so great the past day or so.  Will be cleaning it up!


      seattle.  I don't think I've ever seen the whole Elf movie - just bits and pieces here and there.  It is funny though!  Nice work on the trail run!  I'm afraid I won't see my trails for a while since the snow has arrived and everything is frozen!


        RR- Nothing yet. I stayed in bed until 11 today. It was really cold outside and so warm and cozy in my bed. About once a month I catch up on my sleep. I guess today was the day. I FINALLY got my winter running shoes in the mail today. I'm not positive that they fit. I'm thinking of trying a short run in them to see if I like them or not. I don't want to push it though since my foot is still in pain. Maybe I'll just try the first/last bit of walking the dog tomorrow.


        NRR- Work is sooo quite it's hard to have any sort of motivation. I left after only 3 hours today and not getting anything done. But the next two days I think I'll be working alone which I haven't done in quite a while and I really enjoy that.


        FR- Well I'm stuffed right now, so that's how that's going. But DBF's mom sent us a care package with lots of cheese and crackers and some sweets. Also included is Sunshine Wheat and Abbey beer by New Belgium. DBF got me hooked on it when we first started dating. It was so nice to get a Colorado brewed beer in the mail. Felt a little bit like home.


        Seattle- I absolutely love trail running. There is something methodical about needing to be thinking a few steps ahead the whole time.


        Simon- Enjoy your time to reenergize. Sounds like you'll get a bunch of great outdoor time in!