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    morning everyone!  Crazy night around here - had severe weather which is always fun... and today it's freezing again.  Dear weather - I've already washed and put away my winter running gear, could you please stop making me get it back out?


    rtr: sorry about your student - I've never really thought of it from the teacher angle but that must be hard.  My paper was 10 strategies/ activities in the classroom - basically 10 in depth lesson plans


    seattle: I think the end of the semester does that to everyone - just worn down from the work load and trying to decide if it is really worth it.  Just need a break to recharge!  mmmmm mac and cheese - great comfort food!  And I agree that my long runs have felt awesome this time - my mileage has actually been about 3-4 below what I did last time, but I didn't run near as good in my training. Hopefully that will translate to a good race and not a disaster at mile 14 again!


    java: did you end up at game? heard getting home was a fiasco because the highway flooded.  I was upset that they didn't even dress out half the team - felt sorry for anyone that had tickets and had to watch a JV team play


    rr: 4 miles after work and class today.  Really don't want to dig back out warmer clothes but I think i will have to...


    nrr: so ready for teh weekend. need a good long night sleep and some relaxation.  I have been incredibly unmotivated and unproductive at work this week.  goal today and tomorrow is to remedy that. Might hide my phone or something.  Have a tune up chiro appt at lunch today, get all straightened out before the race.  I actually haven't had many problems in the last 6 weeks which is amazing since i've done two 20 milers in that time period.


    fr: need to grocery shop in the worst way.  I had to eat snack foods for dinner last night.  not the healthiest meal plan.  Might do some tuna tonight.


      Good morning!


      RR: Didn't get out yesterday afternoon because of some severe weather.  Today is hot yoga!


      NRR: Really hoping Big B's soccer practice is cancelled tonight. No way the field will be dry. I just want to go home and curl up on the couch tonight (after making dinner, doing baths, reading stories, doing laundry, and putting the kids to bed of course).


      FR: Still doing pretty well. May have had some ice cream last night....



      OU - DH ended up taking Big B to the game, which worked out great. Big B is only 5, so he doesn't care who is playing, They came home with their clothes completely soaked though because the streets were flooded when they left. Good news is that since I didn't go last night, DH has to take me to the play-offs!



        OU: So were your strategies in a certain subject (like lesson plans for history) or were they all encompassing and for like a 3rd grade class.  UGH sorry it got cold on you again.  I also think about ES this time of year.  I can't believe it's been, what, 5 years now?

        RTR: So, so sorry to hear about your student.  I bet that has a huge impact on the classes and school when a student dies as well.  HUGS!

        Seattle: Glad your DBF is so supportive when it comes to your school work and training.  He sounds like a great guy.

        Snow: Hope you had an enjoyable day off.


        RR:  Got out for a 5 mile run the past couple of days, meeting friends today maybe running a little further, it all depends on how much time everyone has.

        NRR: Had to do all kinds of financial aid paperwork yesterday for both my DD and myself.  Unfortunately the IRS retrieval system doesn't seem to be working right now.  I got worried and thought maybe my return didn't get filed so emailed my tax preparer and she said it was okay that lots of people have been having the same problem. UGH!!

        So I'm not enrolled in school and in debt, woohoo!!  Classes start Monday.  I tell you, this place has been great - the admissions counselor has called me daily, the financial aid people are on top of things, and now I have a "student manager" who has been calling me and making sure everything is set.  I guess next they set me up with an advisor.  Since it's all online they must feel like they have to be on top of it or people may not follow thru?  Also I applied last week not knowing classes would start on the 22nd, so they really sped me through the process.

        Oh yeah, also got a massage yesterday - pure bliss!  I totally dozed off during it and started drooling.  embarrassed.

        FR: I finally have healthy food in the house again which is a good thing.



          Good morning!


          RR- Climbed hard w/DBF last night, it was fun!  Today is 7 mi w/5 @ MP after work (probably in the rain...  I was lucky to have some gorgeous days earlier this week!)


          NRR- Enjoyed watching some TV and going to bed early w/DBF last night.  Tonight is going to get caught up on homework.  Work has been crazy busy the last few days and we have a two hour webinar about the new accounting software so I'm sure today will be crazy as well.  Ah well, it's just the nature of the job to be super slow the first half of the month and crazy the second!


          FR- Steak & baked potatoes last night, not sure about tonight... maybe chicken cordon bleu?


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Hi Everyone, Holy cow yesterday was busy!!!!

            ou-wow school is super busy! is there a may term that you can power through then take a break for the summer from school?

            rtr-oh wow, i'm so sorry to hear about your student. ((hugs)) that is so tough. let us know if there is anything we can do!

            seattle-yum, mac n cheese has a way of throwing you back to your 6-year old self where the biggest stress was deciding what game to play or if you should ride bikes or play basketball!!! glad dbf gave you a pep talk, support systems are everything.

            java-haha, even a cancelled soccer game won't lead to relaxing! i hope you don't have to stand in a puddle for that...

            mia-congrats on school!!! that is so awesome! yikes, hope everything is good with the taxes, i'm sure its system overload.

            RR: well, i ran 10 miles yesterday morning bc it was 45 and sunny and that is practically tropical for us. haha. and then my foot got angry. its the base of my calf/heel and i've had this before, so trying to ice and cross-train. i think my shoes are toast also.

            NRR: wow yesterday was busy at work, i was here late and didn't have a break all day. had a house going out for construction so that was a ton of coordinating with the architect, then a few other projects  yesterday that need quick answers. today is much calmer and i'm just working along, thank god. dbf is equally as busy, i talked to him for about 4.5 seconds yesterday.

            FR: need groceries, have zero right now for food. trying not to buy too much since we'll be moving in a week or so. (!!!!)


              sjp - so you found a place?? That's great! (See what happens when I'm gone for a bit!) Hope the foot heals up quickly!


              MIA - once again, I missed something.  What are you going to school for?


              seattle - your dinner last night AND tonight sound yummy! Hope things slow down for you soon.


                ou - your weather sounds so annoying!  I am so looking forward to consistently having decent weather (well, as much as that ever happens here, haha).  Glad your long runs have gone well, that's such a good confidence booster in marathon training!  I am ready for the weekend as well... no real plans yet but I will be happy to not be at work!


                Java - enjoy hot yoga and hopefully you can have a relaxing evening without having to go to a wet/muddy soccer practice!  Your NRR made me tired just reading it!


                Mia  - glad things are moving along for you going back to school, how exciting!  it's great that the school is really responsive/etc too.  massage sounds lovely!  I have a groupon that I've been meaning to use, think it may wind up being a post marathon reward!


                sjp - nice that work is a little calmer today, you can only take so many crazy days like that in a row!  hopefully new shoes will help your foot issue, I can always tell when mine are getting worn out because everything starts twinging and getting grumpy.  So exciting that you guys will be moving soon!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Very behind on running. Strategy meeting this week at the office, so we have a bunch of people in from out of town, early mornings, late nights, extra projects.We have had 22 inches of snow in the last three days, so the roads are a mess and the half marathon I'm signed up for this weekend might get canceled. They canceled the full marathon part of it.


                  NRR: Just work, strategy meetings, as mentioned. And snow, snow, snow. My car (a VW with all-wheel drive) got stuck in our driveway last night so had to drive DH's truck to work this morning.


                  FR: Too much snack stuff during the meetings. I brought some almond in self defense but ended up eating some M&Ms.


                  OU: I am so, so sick of cold weather, too. Hope the chiro appt goes well -- I had one this week, too, and it was long overdue.


                  Java: Hot yoga sounds great, especially when the weather is cold  and wet out.


                  RTR: So sorry to hear about your student. That must be really, really hard. How did the run with the group go last night?


                  Mia: Your online program sounds great -- very well organized! Isn't all the student financial aid paperwork maddening?  I got my DS's financial paperwork done just in the nick of time. The data retrieval thing never works for me.


                  Seattle: I'm sure it's hard to juggle school and work when you're at those busy times of the month -- but I bet you'll find in the end that the schoolwork is worth it. I can say that I questioned finishing my master's many times, but was glad I pushed through, if no other reason than the feeling of completion. Enjoy your 7 miles (hope it doesn't rain too much). Seven miles probably feels like nothing to you now.


                  SJP: Bummer to hear that your calf/heel is bothering you. What do you to for cross-training?