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    ou-sounds like  you had a great vacation. and the photos on fb were stunning. those hikes looked absolutely gorgeous. hard to get back into the swing of work i bet.

    mia-whew, you just went and busted out 20 miles, that is great! only takes 1 run like that to remember what fueling does for energy. are your running buddies doing the trail marathon also?

    snowed-did you enjoy texas? nice to get back to your routine i bet.

    RR: 8 easy miles this morning. it was gorgeous out, sunny skies and no humidity. feeling good during cutback week. probably p90x tonight.

    NRR: bored at work, just have a couple thing this week--both bosses are out. dbf and i have a wedding this weekend and then have mon/tues off next week, which will be nice.

    FR: eh, feeling puffy.


      Good morning!


      RR: A few icky, humid miles with Winston very early this morning. Abs at lunch.


      NRR: So proud of Big B! Last night he asked me to wake him up early so he could run with me. I told him that mommy gets up super early and that he needed to sleep so we could just go for a run after he gets home from MILs. So then he asked if I'd wake him up early enough to do his kid's yoga dvd. I woke him early expecting him to have changed his mind so he could sleep a bit longer, but he actually got up and did it! He's gained a bit of belly fat this summer, which I'm sure is baby fat since he's only 5, that DH has been worried about. DH is overweight and so is the rest of his family and DH was teased about it quite a bit when he was younger, so I'm hoping this is the start of a healthy habit.


      FR: making chicken fajitas in the crockpot for dinner. Thinking I'll have DH make me a perfect margarita to go with it!



      sjp - my boss is out this week too. It's nice to have some pressure off every once in a while.


        Good morning!  Sorry I've been MIA for a few days, I've been busy and then I was sick yesterday!


        RR- Nothing yesterday, felt really sick to my stomach and icky.  Today I will aim for 3 mi over lunch if I am feeling up to it.


        NRR- Getting into crunch time at school, but I'm slow at work, so at least I can get some reading and hw and whatnot done while I'm here.  Had a pretty good weekend - DBF's family finally met my mom and everyone seemed to get along so I am glad about that!  Had a nice relaxing snuggle night with DBF, which is exactly what I need when I don't feel very good.  I have an exam, a project, and some homework to get done tonight so that's not so relaxing!


        FR- Thinking stir fry chicken and veggies with mashed potatoes... nothing too crazy.


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Good Morning!

          RR: Yesterday was a rest day, today meeting my friend for about 7.5 miles in my old hood.

          NRR: Felt lazy yesterday.  School work, laundry, grocery shopping, a little cleaning - that was about it.  Older DD will be home this Thursday, so life will be a little different with sharing my house again.

          FR: loaded up on veggies, and fruit at the store.  Off to a healthy start this week.


          SJP: Yes both my running buds are running the trail marathon.  They are both generally faster than I am during races, but we might stick together for this one.  My one friend has run this twice since she lives in Bend during the summer, but she hasn't run much this summer with all her children's activities.  Are you taking mon/tues off - it's not a holiday is it?

          Java: Sounds like Big B is a cutie.  Good for him! was it hard getting back into the swing of things after vacay?



            Seattle: Being sick isn't fun.  Hope you are feeling better today.  Parents meeting . . . that's big!