Weight Loss Dailies


We're half way to the weekend Wednesdailies! (Read 10 times)


    Good morning!

    RR: Yesterday I had a pretty good workout. I wanted to make it a bit longer, so I started out with twenty minutes on the elliptical, then I swam for 1600 yards. Today is a run, probably around 6 miles. I'm running with the running group, which is planning for around four, but I think I'll run a couple before.


    NRR: Work today, then run with the group. After that, DF and I are going to dinner at our favorite Mexican place and hopefully we'll make it home in time for Survivor. The exciting lives we do lead. Smile


    FR: Mexican tonight at a great Mexican restaurant, which by definition means there will be a margarita consumed.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Snowden: I hear you about MFP. Its hard to stay within the limits on rest days. Have you thought about looking at your MFP diary on a weekly basis? For example, on the day you run 10 miles, you might have left over calories, then the next day you don’t run, but don’t want to stick to your 1300 calorie allotment, you can just look at it as eating the leftover from the day before. That way, you won’t feel so bad about going over on your rest days and avoid getting discouraged. I agree with you, the 1350 that they allot as my base is too little, even on a rest day. I like swimming a lot! I don’t go as often as I like, but it always feels great when I get it in.


    Foco: I hear you about getting derailed with evening runs. Sometimes the last thing I want to do after a long day at work is go out for a run.


    MIA: Are you training for any upcoming races? Seattle: 100 miles already? That is amazing!


    SJP: Those whipped black beans sound interesting. I’m not sure that’s something I would like, something about the consistency. I do like mashed potatoes though.


    OU: That’s strange that the yoga teacher didn’t know what class she was supposed to be teaching. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

      morning all!

      rtr: love that exciting life - you are adding a margarita, I think that totally counts!!!


      seattle: did you do grilled cheese and tomato soup? I did and it was delicious!  I usually will run solo with my headphones, but there is just something about the support of others suffering around me and aid stops and such that makes it so much easier when I get over 10 miles.  way to go on 100 miles this month! I need to check mine out, I'm probably close!


      rr: 5 miles last night with my 4 legged running partner.  Was really nice.  Tonight I'm going to find some hills at a local park to run up and down, switch up the normal treadmill hill for awhile when the weather is nice.


      nrr: why is it only Wendesday? This week has been dragging so badly at work!


      fr: getting gyros for dinner tonight - super pumped!



        seattle- will be nice to have a couple weeks off of school! funny about tweaking a butt muscle...nothing like a good workout to get your waddle on!

        mia-i am doing a half on april 6th, so pretty soon. all the snow should be melted by the weekend since it'll be in the 40's here the end of the week, but its still annoying to shovel in march! that is nice of DD's dbf to take you out!

        MC-any luck finding apts? its so hard to find a decent place to live. so many dumps!

        snowed-maybe try around 1500-1700 cals/day? if you are starving, then maybe try a little more and see how that feels on rest days? its so hard to find the balance that is right for you.

        rtr-mmmm nothing better than mexcian! have fun at run group tonight.

        ou-do any of your friends do cross fit? never had a gyro before...perhaps i'm missing out!

        RR: kinda tweaked my ankle yesterday when i slipped walking to my parking lot after work, its the foot that is giving me a little PF trouble, so i ran a couple miles and then did an hour of elliptical. it is already feeling better.

        NRR: we got 11 inches of snow, we didn't have any left, so it doesn't look too bad. its always just a mess on sidewalks where i work bc they can't stay ahead of it. otherwise, filling out my bracket!!!! i love college basketball.

        FR: feeling kinda puffy, need to reign it in.


          Good morning!


          RR - 5 mi tempo run over lunch today (probably in the rain!), then climbing at the gym with DBF after work.

          NRR - Huskies lost the basketball game last night, not really surprising but still a bummer. It was nice to come home from work and not have much to do though! I baked some brownies for DBF last night - dark chocolate, and frosted them w/raspberry glaze this morning. Hopefully they are yummy! We may go to a late happy hour with some of his coworkers tonight if we aren't too tired after climbing. I got lots done at work yesterday so I am feeling pretty well caught up - hopefully today will be as productive!

          FR - Grilled cheese and tomato soup was delicious last night. Not sure about tonight - DBF bought some flank steak from Costco so maybe we will have that if we don't go out.


            Good Morning.

            RTR: I have the stairclimb this Sunday and after that I'm just getting ready for the running cruise and then going to start training for the Rim to Rim in Sept.  I might sign up for a local race in between.

            OU: Sounds like you are making the most of your break from school.

            SJP: Wow the snow melts fast when It melts.  Do you have to worry about flooding since it melts so fast?  Actually it's TLC (my DBF) that is taking up out.  We are going out on Thursday night and then he bought tickets to take us to see Cirque De Soleil (Amaluna) which is near him.  DD and I are very excited.

            Seattle: I am very impressed with how much you work out all the time.  Way to go!  I'm sure it helps to have a DBF that is also into working out.  How is he feeling?

            MC: What is your DD getting her masters in?

            Snow: More snow?  Are they days starting to get longer?


            RR: Walked "the hill" yesterday with my friend, today we are meeting for a run at 10.  It is raining cats and dogs out there, should be tons of fun.

            NRR: DBF (mine) is taking DD and I to see Cirque de Soleil tomorrow night.  I'm excited!!  So is DD.  Neither of us have been before.  Kind of a boring day yesterday.  Going to do some job searching today and send out some resumes.  Found a really cool decorating app for my iPad called Houzz - it's free.  If anyone wants to get ideas they have TONS of pics and how-tos on there.  I am getting all sorts of plans, now just to carry them out.

            FR: I am also feeling fluffy.  I keep saying I need to watch it and then something happens and I stray. UGH!



              Good Morning!


              Frosty trees and blue skies this morning.


              RR- Had an incredible trail run yesterday through a bunch of snow yesterday. As if hills weren't hard enough, add 6 inches of snow! I'm contemplating doing a long run today. It's been a while since I've been able to get one in.


              NRR- Have to head into work, but not til 4 and only for a few hours before I head to the fire dept. Not too bad, but I feel like my entire day is already full and my coffee is still brewing.


              FR- Overall I think I am doing much better than I was 2 months ago, or even a month ago. Not only is it really really had to break bad food habits but it's also a lot to figure out what works for me and what doesn't and what is healthy and what is not.


              rtr- Good idea for MFP. I have wished that MFP would do "rolling calories" because weight loss isn't on a daily basis but and overall thing. There's not a way to set this up is there? I'd just have to see myself and know what I have left from previous days I think.


              ou- enjoy your park/hill running, that will be a great change from the TM for hills


              sjp- I just upped my calories from 1240(way low) to 1400 and I'm trying not to worry about calories too much on the days I don't work out but am really busy... so long as I eat healthy items. Hope your ankle stays better! It's scary rolling and ankle because most the time its okay, but it could be really bad.


              seattle- enjoy your run, enjoy your climb!


              Mia- The days are noticeably longer! The dog keeps waking me up because it's so light and then it's still light when I stop for my dinner break at work. The days change quick around here, something like 6 minutes more day light every day for a while, then it tapers off. I saw Cirque de Soleil with my mom a few years back and it was awesome!


                Oh boy... it stopped raining, but now it is super windy - looks like it will be between 15-25 mph for my run.  yippee.  and the forecast for tonight is rain, wind, and snow showers.  Groundhog lies!!!!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Yesterday for my after-work run I tried to take both dogs out (yellow labs) on waist leashes, and then I quickly remembered why that doesn't work. Way too much bouncy excitement and entanglement with each other and mailboxes ... it was quite comical and lasted for about 50 yards before I turned around and headed back. So instead I made up a game where I threw the Chuck-It ball for them, sprinted back and forth across a pasture that's in front of our house, received the ball from the young lab, threw it again, and sprinted again. It was fun for all, and I hate sprinting, so that made it a little more tolerable. I did that for about 20 minutes. Not really a run, but it was something!


                  FR: Still on the veggie train. I got a bunch of peppers and pico de galla and snowpeas and carrots to munch on for lunches and snacks.


                  RTR: Mexican sounds great (I agree with OU that margs are exciting!), and running with a group sounds fun. I'm going to check that out for spring runs ... I think there's a group here that does a long Sunday run, so that would change things up a bit for me.


                  OU: I should take each dog out separately, because I do like to run with them. Do you always run with your dog?


                  SJP: I can't imagine you having to rein anything in with your mileage! I did get an app in on apts for the kids today -- it's very close to campus in a cool old house ... but a basement unit. That's the only downside, and they did a good job with windows and letting light in so I think it'll be OK.


                  Seattle: I haven't had a grilled cheese in so long. Sounds wonderful. Must be a great feeling to be somewhat caught up! Sounds like your run will be tough today -- I so admire you Northwestern runners. You just get out there and do it.


                  Mia: Well, if you have to run in the rain, better to do it with a friend. My DD is getting a master's in hydrology. She'll be working on a project studying high-altitude bogs. I think she is studying peat moss, in particular. I'm not sure I understand it all, but she is very excited! You will love Cirque de Soleil -- I saw  a show years ago and it was amazing.


                  Snow: Your trail run in snow sounds tough! At the conference I was just at, I heard a session about "Tiny Habits," and how little changes seem to work for people better than trying to make big changes. Sounds like you're doing that with your food choices and gradually eating healthier! I think if you have some good go-to snacks for those vulnerable times, you can keep the good trend going.


                    Ended up running 6 miles with friends and it wasn't raining. As Seattle said though, it was super windy.

                    DD is practicing her horn now and it's really loud.

                    snow:  I bet the longer daylight hours are great except for the dog waking up so early.

                    MC:  wondering how your dd got into that course of study. Does she have lots of projectveto complete prior to graduating?  My DD  is stressing with her senior thesis, senior art project, various literary reviews and crew. Wish I could take some stress away from her.