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    ou-do you have a large company/party?

    rtr-did you get a pizza stone? i love mine, homemade pizza is so good.

    snowed-yikes about the boat trouble. is it hard to find someone to help you tow back to shore? can you/dbf fix your boat yourselves?

    MC-did you get the workshop all painted?

    RR: 15 miles saturday morning, it was awesome. then had bachelorette, slept 4 hours but managed 8 miles sunday morning, and 10 this morning. it was low 60's and sunny, so perfect this morning. super tired, not sure if i'll force p90x tonight or not. only 2 wks til the wedding, can't slack now!

    NRR: whew, what a weekend. bachelorette on saturday night, no drama thank god. then my sil/bro/kids are in town so yesterday when i got back (bachelorette was here) we went to the park, nephew got a train ride, had a picnic and then played on the playground. we were worn out so all took naps yesterday afternoon. they are so cute. my nephew calls dbf 'untle' haha.

    FR: homemade pizza last night, was really good!




      RR:  Trail marathon yesterday which was seriously hard. 2500 ft climb in the first half, then down but still some climbs in second half. Very technical, had to stop and hike, climb lots. Hot too. Dusty, dirty. I didn't fall or have to potty on the way though.  Did great some bad carafes that needed attention during so stoppered and had a fireman at an aid station take care of them. They were on my calves, so he washed the dirt off and put neosporin on them. Told me I had nice calves haha. My friend fell and scraped her knee and elbow so another fireman took care of that for her. We started 15 min late because we got there and friend realized she left her shoes at home!  We still passed lots of people though.

      So glad when we finished!!!!

      NRR: 6 hour drive today

      FR: lots.





        RR:  I'm meeting up with the running club for four miles tonight, followed by burritos afterwards with the club.  It should be fun.


        NRR:  Not too much going on here, except that we're closing on our house on Thursday, so I'm trying to get ideas on how to paint it and what not.  Right now it is decorated in a very patriotic manner.  Not my style.


        FR:  The usual, looking forward to a burrito bowl tonight.


        SJP:  It's not really a pizza stone, more like a pizza pan.  Still nice though.  Nice job on the running this weekend even with the bachelorette party!  That's cute that your nephew calls DBF untle.


        MIA:  Nice job on the trail half!  Where are you driving today?


        Have a great day!


          SJP:  Sounds like a fun weekend.  Did everyone stay at your place?


          RTR: Nice to have time to paint.  So many fun colors.  I had so much fun painting rooms in my house this spring.  I drove from Bend, OR back to where Iive in WA.  Long drive.