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    rtr-sort of makes it better to be at the DMV if its to change your name! that is fun about the love connection. hope you had fun and they hit it off!

    mia-wow 8 weeks is a lot! that'll be great to be learning with others though. I think there are about 130 attending. Should be good. and i saw hannah got married on fb, and canuck also! hopefully people pop back in in the fall when its less busy!

    RR: 10 miles this morning, i felt tired. my legs were a little tired but mostly i need sleep i think. have tomorrow off work so hoping to relax a little bit before the rehearsal dinner and such.

    NRR: headed home tonight after work. have to load up the car and we're off. its only a 2 hour drive, but i really hate being in the car, especially after i've sat at work all day. otherwise, wedding central when we get home!

    FR: eh, nothing exciting really.


      RR: Not sure what is on the exercise agenda today.  My TP's are all out of town, but I may do something with older DD.

      NRR: More schoolwork today and definitely need to do some vacuuming.  Met some old co-workers for dinner last night and it was good to see them.  So glad I'm not still working at WW though. I have a wedding to go to on Saturday Night, no guest was stated on the invite, so I'll go solo.  It's a cruise wedding.  So once there I am obligated to stay until the boat hit's the port again at 11 PM.

      FR: Got a fajita salad at the mexican restaurant last night, had a margarita also.


      SJP: I bet you are going to be exhausted after all the wedding festivities.  I hope you get some rest before that.




        HI all,


        Wow, I keep thinking I'm just missing a day or two, and I turn around and it's a week!


        RR: Been sticking to short runs every other day or so--3-4 miles. I'm thinking of moving down from the half marathon to a five-miler for the September race since I've not been getting many long runs in. I don't feel too bad about it because the summer has just been crazy, so I'm happy that I'm just keeping up somewhat with running. The thought of slogging through 13 when I'm not really prepared doesn't sound great to me right now. I'm really looking forward to cooler weather so I can run at noon again ... I've done it a couple of times already this month so I know cooler times are coming soon.


        NRR: I don't know why we keep packing our schedule so tight this summer. I had my sister's family over last weekend because they were in town for my niece's soccer tournament. And my older niece is heading off to college, so we did a breakfast celebration (with my sister's famously spicy bloody mary's) on Saturday morning and then watched soccer games. There also was a huge musical festival going on in town, so spent some with DH, DD, and her DBF riding our bikes around and checking out the music. Then I went to NY for a quick work trip on Tuesday, back late last night, and I had a really hard time getting to sleep. Going to dinner with a coworker who's in town tonight, then hope to see DH later this evening when he gets back from his work trip on the western slope. The running around continues ... almost can't wait for the snow to fly so I can just veg out for a bit. Speaking of which, I have been jamming in a couple of episodes here and there of Orange Is the New Black on Netflix. Really entertaining!


        SJP: Wow, the wedding weekend sounds so fun! You are doing great at keeping up with both running and PX90--you have been really consistent. We actually are still not finished with the painting project--we suspended it last weekend so we could hang out with my sister's family. But we'll be back at it this weekend, and we will prevail!


        Mia: Your recent weekend with DBF sounded really lovely. You two seem so happy together ... even love painting together! :-) Such great news about your job, and it sounds like a terrific situation to be starting with others so you're all on the same page. Is younger DD still traveling?


        Snow: How's the hiking with dad and brother going?


        RTR: Congrats on the house! You are so smart to get that painting and floor work done before move-in. Sounds like you're enjoying the last little bit of the summer break!