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    Good morning!

    RR:  Probably nothing again today.  I have plans to meet up with a friend to run after work, but I woke up feeling full on sick (sore throat, etc), so a rest day is probably wise.  Its frustrating because I just had a cold a month ago.  Hopefully running will happen on Thursday.


    NRR:  We took our kitten to the vet last night and she is good to go for spaying so we're having that done on Thursday.  She'll be at the vet for two nights.  We've only had her for a few months, but I'll miss not having her around.

    Today is just work, then probably relax after work and hang out with DF tonight.


    FR:  I'm thinking about making spaghetti and caprese for dinner, my specialty.


    Have a good day! 


      Morning rtr!


      rr. Didn't run yesterday but I will tonight after M goes down. 


      nrr. I got my hair cut last night. Nothing major just a trim. I'm trying to let it grow out again. We'll see how long I can go before it drives me crazy!


      fr. Ugh. Pizza again last night. Tonight?  Pasta with meat sauce?


      Hope you all have a great day!

        morning all, happy Tuesday!

        rr: well something had to give this week and today it was running.  Alarm went off and I was just too tired.  My rule during maintenance is if I don't want to get up and run I don't force it.  I just enjoy being able to do what I want to do.  hopefully tomorrow, but with as busy as this week is it's hard to say.  tonight I will do my arm workout though!


        nrr: my plans last night got screwed up by holiday decorating, so not to be bah humbug or anything like that!  Atleast most of our outside is decorated now - we have a nice wreath over the windows and the trees are wrapped.  I do love christmas, just not during finals week!  Presentation tonight in another class. Will be low key - it's more about the actual layout of the presentation that we turn in then the presentation to the class itself so I'm not too worried.


        fr: working to get veggies and fruit in everyday.  got a bag of apples and lettuce to make salads.


        simon: you passed your luck onto me - I have to get a root canal next week.  ugh!!!!


        rtr: bummer on feeling sick! better now then in a few weeks but still.  feel better soon!


          Good morning!


          RR: well, never made it out yesterday. DH got home late and my niece begged to go home with me when I picked the boys up, so I had an extra kiddo. So will run today instead of yoga. I really hate to miss yoga, but I NEED to run.


          NRR: DH is finishing up a big job this week, which means he will be working a lot of extra hours. I'm so ready for our vacation! My dad is going with us to watch little b and Big B will be in ski school for at least two days, so that gives DH and I two days to hang out on the slopes by ourselves and enjoy some alone time. We need it!


          FR: well, I followed my daily yesterday, except I added some m&ms and a piece of leftover birthday cake. The cake was not even very good. Oh well.



          B: nutrigrain waffle, pb, all-fruit jam, coffee w/ truvia and skim milk

          S: mini luna, coffee

          L: leftover lentil soup

          D: meatball sandwiches, salad



          rtr - to answer your question from yesterday, I just throw the oats in uncooked. Smoothies are the one time I do not use steel cut oats - just regual old fashioned. Do you have a recipe for the spaghetti and caprese?


          Simon - how is M's ear? I hope she's feeling better.


          OU - I couldn't get up for my alarm either today! Luckily its the day I leave early for yoga, so I can just sub running. Really prefer running early though. Maybe tomorrow we can get up!


            Add me to the list of people that couldn't get up for their alarm this morning...  I haven't been sleeping well this week!



            RR - 3 mi lunch break run, looks like it might be another rainy/windy one. I am using the next month or so before marathon training starts to experiment with bumping my running from 4 days a week to 5 days a week to see if that is doable or not.

            NRR - Work, then dinner with Mom and Grandma (bringing leftover chicken parm), then last class of the quarter, woohoo! I have still been feeling kinda crappy this week (still a little cough, feverish, queasy, just icky) so hopefully that goes away soon. Planning on finishing some homework/reading after class and then an early bedtime.

            FR - Cheese tortellini with marinara sauce and salad last night... was delicious!



            Java -  hate it when you splurge for some extra calories on a treat and it isn't really worth it... oh well.  Your vacation sounds awesome, it will be wonderful for you and DH to get to spend some alone time relaxing together with how much he has been working and the bustle of the holidays!


            ou - good luck juggling everything during finals - I am so glad I only have one at a time right now.  I'm sure eventually I will be fine with more, but juggling work/holidays and going back to school for the first time is enough on my plate for now!


            Simon - I always try to let my hair grow out since I love the way long hair looks, but it usually winds up driving me crazy and I always end up getting it cut as short as possible (that it will still go into a ponytail) again.


            rtr - I hear you on the being sick frustration... it seems like there are definitely a few different bugs going around.  Mine has taken longer than I expected to get over, I'm glad I haven't had to miss any work though (knock on wood). Your dinner sounds delicious!




              RR: Workout failure yesterday.  My stair climbing buddy was sick and I wasn't going to walk stairs in a parking garage by myself.  I ended up coming home and finishing up my Christmas decorating.  Played Christmas music through the speakers the man hooked up and had a nice relaxing time.


              NRR: Went to another leader's meeting yesterday to see how she was introducing the new program - she did NOT follow what we were supposed to do at all.  Members didn't talk at all and that is what we are supposed to be doing getting members to have a conversation . . . she did ALL the talking.  It was boring.  Went through the million and one catalogs I've gotten trying to decide what to get peeps for gifts . . . so hard!  I am clueless this year and really don't want to even think about it.  EX was texting me ALOT last night . . . weird!  I think he is realizing that he messed up big time (for him) - although I am exponentially happier.  He said there are people coming back for a second look at the house, so keep those fingers crossed.  House being sold would be a good thing, making $ on it would be even better.


              FR: Good thing I only have good stuff in my house because I was in a hormonal eating mood last night.  I did have a bit too much PB.




              Snowden: I think you asked about which stair climb i'm doing.  It's the Columbia Tower Climb in Seattle.


              RTR: Sorry you aren't feeling well . . . unfortunately it's that time of year.


              Simon: I am liking my hair longer but it defintiely gets in the way at times.


              OU: Are you still working full time and going to school or did you cut your work down?


              Java: Where are you going on vacation?  how is DH's back?


              Seattle: I haven't been sleeping well either, it's the wind and hard rain I think.  Last night I must have slept weird because my neck is killing me this morning.  Do you work in Seattle or on the outskirts?


                mia: still working full time.  It's hasn't been a problem at all until this week - just lots to get done and keep up with.  I've been fairly quiet at work so I haven't had that stress which is nice.  Something about the holidays just kills the workout mentality for some reason...  awkward on EX texts... his lose your gain!!!  


                seattle: yea juggling finals and projects is tough - it wouldn't be so bad if this one class didn't have a final over half the semester stuff, just a lot to study while writing papers and doing other stuff.  Is your 5th day of running just going to be a light one? I'm considering the same thing - basically adding in a "hill" workout to prepare me for a monster hill in the half.  Will only be about 2 miles extra each week but will be a tough workout day.  I think the time it will really hit is on those high mileage weeks when my legs want a day off.  What plan are you looking at?


                java: what is it about leftover cake and cookies - even if it tastes bad eat it anyways...i just can't throw it away! figure I already invested 100 calories in one bite what the other 200 in finishing????  good luck getting run in today, hope it isn't as windy!


                  Mia - Christmas music and decorating sounds like a relaxing way to spend the evening!  glad you are doing so well, that is great to see!  I definitely think it could be the weather, yesterday morning in particular it was crazy loud outside!  I work on the north end of downtown, near the Sculpture Park.  I do my lunch break runs on the Myrtle Edwards trail, which is really nice... I'm definitely spoiled by that!  Although running along the waterfront like that has been super windy lately.


                  ou - I am thinking of doing Hal Higdon's (I can't remember whether it's novice 2 or intermediate) marathon plan, which has 5 days of running a week - two of them are pretty short/easy though (3-4 mi for most of it).  I'd be ok with cutting one of those out if my body doesn't like the extra day, but I figured I'd try and see how it goes!


                    Hi all:


                    RR: Didn't happen yesterday because work was crazy. That's a downside of the lunch running plan ... it can so easily get derailed. Contemplating doing a morning run on Thursday to see whether I can do it. So not a morning runner. Anyway, I'll do 6 at lunch today and get back to the weights tomorrow. 


                    NRR: Figured out why my alarm wasn't working but still lounged in bed long after it went off this morning.


                    FR: Trying to figure out a good mid-morning snack and I'm tired of apples with almond butter. I'm trying to cut out processed food, but just had a Kind bar and it definitely hit the spot. Probably because it was dark chocolate with sea salt. When would that not hit the spot?


                    RTR: Sorry you're sick, that is sure going around. Hope all goes well for kitty ... it's always such a relief to get that done.


                    Simon: Wish I could grow my hair long but it really just looks better sort of medium length. 


                    OU: Smart move to sleep in. I am torn about holiday decorating, too. My kids are coming home from college in 2 weeks, so I want the house to be all Christmas-y with a big tree, but we're going to be traveling for most of the holiday so we'll only enjoy it for about 8 days. Might not be worth it.


                    Java: I'm always juggling yoga and running, too! I need to prioritize running this week.


                    Seattle: Alarms are the theme this week! I figured out why mine wasn't working, but then ignored it this morning when it went off at the right time. I think 4 days of running a week might be the magic number for me, but I can't figure out how to do that plus weights and still get a rest day.


                    Mia: That would be great to get your house sold! Relaxing and Christmas decorating sounds fun, especially with music!


                      mia - we are going to Winter Park Christmas day. It's a surprise gift for Big B. I think decorating for Christmas instead of running sounds like a fair trade!


                      MC - I love Kind bars. They are fairly unprocessed as far as processed food goes (if that makes sense).


                        Morning Everyone-


                        RR- I think I'll hit the gym today and walk the dog. My winter running shoes still aren't here and with snow/icy ground I think I'll stick inside. It's time for more strength training anyways.


                        NRR- Mom gets in around dinner time so I'm taking the day to clean up what I said I was going to clean a week ago. Buy groceries. You know, look like a civilized person.


                        FR- I think I'm going to make spaggetti tonight. Had baked chicken and rice last night.


                        rtr- aw, feel better. Being sick sucks. I think it was you who asked yesterday, my town is about 8000. So not super small by any means but small enough for no variety. Limited places to eat and 2 grocery stores. Everything is marked up like crazy.


                        Simon- I just cut my hair too, although now that its shorter it get in my face a lot more. 


                        ou- how is maintenance going? More difficult that you thought it might be?


                        Java- I'm very jealous that you're hitting the slopes soon. Skiing is my absolute favorite.


                        seattle- Yea for making it through the semester!


                        Mia- Hope your house sells soon, that sounds like a huge hassle.


                        MC- Yum. That Kind Bar sounds good. I'll have to see if they're sold here.


                          Good Afternoon!

                          rtr-feel better, sore throat is the worst bc you  never know what is coming next, cold/flu/strep etc. rest up!

                          simon-love getting a haircut even if its just a trim. are you trying to grow it out?

                          ou-good luck getting all your hw done this week and presentations, its such a busy time of year for college classes.

                          java-does DH have lots of new jobs lined up for the new year? sounds like a much needed vacation for all of you. you leave on xmas?

                          seattle-how long is your class? i'd be getting nothing done after 9 pm, let alone studying and such! hope you feel better too!

                          mia-haha no such thing as too much pb!! but i hear you, its sits like a rock the next day. weird about EX texting you but good to hear the house might sell soon. how are your kids these days with their dad?

                          mc-i get in food ruts all the time. everyone at my office laughs bc i eat pb/bagels everyday. kind bars are yum. have you tried making your own lara bars? just dates/nuts or whatever other ingredients you like, much cheaper than buying them...

                          snowed-good luck getting all your errands and cleaning done before your mom gets in town. are you doing anything fun while she is here?

                          RR: 10 miles outside again, was 30* but no wind so it felt okay. i don't love running in the dark though.

                          NRR: DBF is traveling this week to a conference for work, so not home til thursday. going to do some xmas shopping and wrapping while he is gone. otherwise, not too much going on.

                          FR: we went to chipotle for lunch, my coworker had to pick up his car and it was out near where the chipotle is so a few of us went there. got veggie burrito bowl, yum!




                            Simon:  I'm way overdue for a haircut.  I haven't had one in over a year.  Oops.  Needless to say, its gotten pretty long.


                            OU:  Good luck getting through finals!  That would be really rough while working full time.


                            Java:  Your vacation sounds fun!  For the spaghetti I sautee some garlic and onion in olive oil, then I add a cut up habanero.  After that simmers a bit I add a jar of Ragu traditional sauce, some italian seasoning and salt.  I know, not entirely my own recipe, but it is delcious!  I do make good sauce from scratch, but that takes so long and usually ends up being more expensive.  For the caprese I just slice up a big fat tomato or two and a ball of mozzarella.  I arrange it tomato, mozzarella, tomato, etc, then add some salt and a sprinkle of olive oil.


                            Seattle:  I hope your cold goes away soon too!  It sounds like you're entirely too busy to be bogged down with that.  Have fun with your mom and grandma!


                            MIA:  That's frustrating that the other leader didn't do what she was supposed to.  Were you there in a supervisory capacity at all or just to observe?


                            Foco:  I love that you're able to run on your lunch break.  I don't have enough time otherwise I absolutely would. 


                            Snowden:  Enjoy your mom's visit!  That sucks that everything is so marked up.  I suppose its harder to get all the stuff up there.


                            SJP:  Yum, chipotle.  The veggie burrito bowl is my favorite.


                            Have a great night!


                              Hi girls...its loves from over on RWOL.


                              Stopping in to say hi.  Emailed with MIA over the weekend and it made me miss you girls.  I don't want to say too much on here but if any of you who have my email address shoot me an email I will catch up with you- lots happening in life but I dont want to post it on here.  My school email account got messed up and I lost my entire address book so I don't think I have any of your addresses.  I hope you are all doing well and I still check out the forums every so often hoping you are all doing well.


                              Does anyone ever hear from La runner, williams, jndruns, meredith who lived in hobken,rabbit? I'm sure I am missing some people...we used to have such a great group.


                              Hope to hear from ya'all soon Smile