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    I am not creative this morning!


    RR - today will be a rest day...  I thought our company Christmas party was tomorrow but it's actually today, whoops!


    NRR - Looking forward to the Christmas party tonight!  It's at a really fancy seafood restaurant on the Seattle waterfront, with catered dinner and a free open bar and cocktail making station.  Sounds fun!  I'm glad that DBF can still come with me despite me telling him all along it was on Wednesday haha!  Not much else other than that and work today.


    FR - tonight's menu looks soooo good!  I am excited to nibble on yummy things!


    Back in a bit for shouts!

      Seattle, the Christmas party sounds like it should be fun!  I love seafood.  Beer and wine, too.  I'd probably stick to water and shrimps (dipped in sauce of course), if it were me there.  Well, maybe a light beer first.  Ok, a second one.  Oh, what kind of seafood is that, it looks tastey too!


      RR, rest day because I played a soccer game last night.  Any time I come out of it injury free, I feel good Smile  I can't wait to run again.  Tomorrow!


      FR, DW made sausage in red sauce last night, with cheese covered broccoli on the side.  Even my son liked it!  He asked if we could always have cheese on the broccoli.  Well, he certainly can.  I don't know what kind it was, I didn't ask, but I assume some low fat low calorie cheese Smile


      I never know what is for supper when I come home.  That's one of the perks of being a spoiled husband.  She's always making something.  And on the rare occasion she doens't want to cook, then we go out to eat, or she gets Chinese.  Either way, it's a win!


        Survived two days in the workforce so far.

        RR: Unfortunately haven't run the past 2 days.  I did walk up the stairs at the parking garage which is 9 flights.  Other than that it's pretty much sitting.  I'll have to figure out when I can get in some running.

        NRR: We have 11 weeks of training and this first week is all HR stuff like benefits offered by State Farm (GREAT BENEFITS!), employee code of conduct ,getting badges, filling out forms and lots of self study online about rules of the company.  It's about a 30 minute commute and then another 15 minutes driving around and around the parking garage until I find a spot.  I get home and I am doing a couple of hours of school work each night.  I also did quite a bit over the weekend.

        FR: Not bad but I'm not exercising so I'm concerned.  Also they put bowls of candy in the training room so having a few of those during the day isn't helpful.