Weight Loss Dailies


Sundaily morning (Read 9 times)

    WR: gained a quarter pound this week. That's ok, I guess, because I lost 2.75 lbs after Thanksgiving, which was odd, but I tried to eat little during Thanksgiving. But I had an upset stomach afterwards, so some of that weightloss must have been dehydration. Long story short, the loss over 2 weeks is a true 2.5 pounds Smile


    RR: it's cold out, but I should run 3.107 miles today. That's to the 5k marker my wife marked based on her garmin, I'd say 5k but I don't want to imply an actual 5k race. Usually I run in miles, think in miles, but good to have a 3.107 mile reference, which is darn slow, like 40 minutes, but that is with some snow. In my mind a race would realistically be around 35 minutes for me if no snow. Guess that is my realistic goal for my first 5k in 2 weeks. Wish I could say sub 30 is my goal, but I don't know how that can happen without losing another 10 pounds first.


      RR: Yesterday did some ice-skating at a b'day party I went to.  Haven't ice-skated in years.  Went out and fell flat on my butt first thing, but didn't fall again after that.  Supposed to run today but it is about 18 degrees out and not going to get much warmer, not sure I want to run outside.

      NRR: some homework, b'day party yesterday and then DBF told DD and myself out for dinner at an Italian place near his house. Today will be more schoolwork, making sure I'm all set for work tomorrow (eeeeeek!), and then DS is coming over for dinner.

      FR: Too many sweets yesterday with b'day cake and then DD and I shared a tirimisu for dessert at Italian restaurant.  Today I think I'll make some kind of chicken chili or soup for dinner.  Hopefully there will be leftovers for me for the week.  With DD home food goes twice as fast, of course.


      OFS: I'm sure you noticed that it's quiet here on the weekend.  You will probably go faster for your 5K because with all the people around and the excitement of the event usually your adrenaline kicks in.  We don't have snow here it's just super duper cold right now (unusual).


        Mia, quiet is ok. I'm just gonna chug along. Diet and running. Slow and steady weightloss. Got to stay focused. Posting everyday on the topic seems a good idea. Every day I need to say to myself, 165, 165, 165.


        18F is running weather. A nice 25F here for my run today, which felt good. But questioning whether to run won't happen until below 0, I hope Smile Even then, I will bundle up and trudge a mile, if not actually run it!