Weight Loss Dailies


Thankful for the Thursdailies! (Read 9 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on going for a swim after work today.  I haven't done this since the end of the last school year, so I'm looking forward to it.  I'll probably get in 1200-1600 yards.


    NRR:  Picking out pictures last night was really fun!  It turns out we won't get our album for another six months or so, but we should get our disk of pictures in a month or two.  Today's just work, a swim, then DH and I will probably just relax.


    FR:  We went to Carabba's last night, which is so good, although not the healthiest I'm sure.  The herbs for dipping are the best.



    SJP:  We actually got to see all the pictures online (there were hundreds!) and we had to pick our favorites out of those to narrow it down.  Last night we went through our favorites and picked the best ones for the album.  It was fun!  It’s insanely hot and humid here too, I’m hoping it cools down soon.


    MIA:  Sorry about the computer problems, I hope it’s an easy, cheap fix.


    Seattle: Did you see any results from Whole 30?  Not just weight related, but how you felt and what not.  Are you reading anything good?



      rtr-oh great. that is awesome you got them all online first. we got a sneak peak from my sister's wedding, its so hard to choose! we are going to be back to 60* by tomorrow. haha. our late summer was 1 day!

      mia-hope you got a powercord to fix your computer...and not have to take it in or anything.

      seattle-that is awesome your boss is a runner too. i like my boss as a person, just not as a professional. haha.

      RR: i ended up running 4 miles after work yesterday in the heat (had to) and then some abs. this morning i ran 10, was a little tired, haven't doubled in a while.

      NRR: happy its thursday.  i am ready for a weekend. supposed to get more storms this afternoon, hopefully not for the commute home.

      FR: honey roasted cashews...yum.


        Good Morning!

        RR :  ran in the great yesterday which Im not crazy about.  Today going for a hike. Heading out at 8 and not going to be back until 3ish.

        NRR: power cord didn't work for my computer. Going to the apple store tomorrow and I'm prepared to get a new computer but not thrilled. After nay mishap with it a year and a half ago, it just hasn't been the same.

        FR:  yesterday lots of fruit and veggies and rice and beans for dinner.


        RTR :  that seems like a long wait door your pictures?  Was it hard picking?


        SJP: why the double yesterday ? Just because it was nice out?


        Seattle: it was a hot one yesterday, hope you enjoyed the picnic.



          Good morning!


          RR- Had a good run yesterday despite the heat (it was almost 80 when I ran).  Today will be a rest day!


          NRR- DBF and I had a lovely picnic last night, it was cooling down by the time we got down to the beach and it was an absolutely gorgeous night.  Then we just relaxed and watched some TV and went to sleep super early.  I can't believe how much earlier the sun is going down already!  I love fall, but the shorter daylight is tough to get used to.  Not sure what my plan is for tonight, probably getting some cleaning and laundry done.  I am looking forward to the weekend already!


          FR- Thinking steak/brussels sprouts/sweet potato fries for dinner.  I love roasted brussels sprouts, so good!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            mia- have fun on your hike! i love hiking this time of the year. I only ran 2x yesterday because it was really warm and I don't know how many more days like that we'll get! It was almost too hot for running, 88*, but I like it and I went slow.