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A case of the Mondailies (Read 11 times)


    Morning! i took nyquil this morning by accident instead of regular cold meds....blah

    MC-haha I was actually born in Presque Isle and both my parents are from northern maine, also know as 'the county' here. we spent a lot of time up there, its really pretty with all the potato fields and farmland but cold and not a lot to do! Acadia does get packed. We hiked baldface mountain this past weekend--its in western maine on the border of nh, and is absolutely stunning. views of all the whites and mount washington. its about 1h45min from portland.

    seattle-how was the race?! you guys are getting rocked with rain it seems!

    mia-feeling recovered from that hike yet?

    RR: ran after work friday to get 15 on the day, then 4 mi before our 11 mi hike, 7 yesterday and 7 today as its taper time. i also have a cold, so okay with less miles.

    NRR: dbf and i had a great hike saturday, it was gorgeous views and warm. couldn't have asked for better views at the top, foliage, mountains, sun...was great. yesterday my cold got worse, we cleaned the apt, lifted, and then went for a walk in the afternoon to get coffee and enjoy the sunshine. stayed up to watch patriots on sunday night football last night.

    FR: made cheesy black bean lasanga this weekend. was really good!



      RR: I'm not gonna talk about that.  I do think my legs are finally recovered though.

      NRR: Not much this weekend.  Went to a surprise party for one of my old co-workers.  It was good to see everyone, but kind of weird when they were talking work.  Sunday I just stayed home all day and did some organizing and cleaning.  House is getting back in order with DD's gone.  It is kind of lonely around here though.   DBF(Not sure) said we'd meet for lunch on Saturday, but then cancelled cause he wasn't feeling well, so we were going to meet Sunday but he still wasn't feeling well.  I told him I'd bring him soup but he didn't want me going up there.  I'm paranoid he's trying to push me out of his life.  Weather sucked this weekend.  High winds, downpours and we had lightening this morning.

      FR: Nothing fantastic but I also stayed pretty under control.  Wasn't too hungry, probably because I haven't been exercising.


      SJP: Your hike looked awesome.  Sounds like you need to rest some to get rid of that cold.



        oh, oh, oh.  I finally got my official job offer and I also got an email about taking a test for a temp job (oct and nov) tomorrow.  I may be working again soon.  I got both of those on Friday between 4 and 5.



          Good morning!


          RR- 10K trail race on Saturday was awesome!  We got totally dumped on with rain, but no wind, and it wasn't too cold.  The trail was well groomed and a bit hilly, super fun to run on.  DBF's friend and I had so much fun that we signed up for another one in November (with a little more vert and more technical trails... we'll see how that goes!) and hoping to convince DBF to run more as well.  Today will be a 4 mi run after work - hopefully the wind that kicked up over the weekend will have died down by then.


          NRR- Had a nice weekend - trail run, then mostly just lounged inside and watched football (both of my teams are still undefeated, awesome!) and watched the storms outside.  Tonight just catching up on homework.


          FR- Made stuffed pepper soup from Skinnytaste yesterday, yum!


          Back in a bit for shouts.


            sjp - oh man, I've taken nyquil in the morning once on accident and it was rough!  hope you can manage to stay awake!  the race was awesome!  can't wait to do another one/do more trail running.  so much fun!  crazy workouts last weekend, enjoy the taper!  great timing to help you recover from your cold as well.  glad you had good weather for your hike!  DBF and I are hoping to get up in the mountains this coming weekend to enjoy the fall colors before they are covered in snow... we've had a really abrupt transition from summer to winter it seems!


            Mia - woohoo on the job offer and possible temp job!  I'm sure that's a huge relief.  Will you be able to juggle school with work or have to cut back a bit?  Bummer on DBF not feeling well this weekend.  Perhaps he just likes to be alone when sick... I know I do!  Hopefully you can talk with him and get some reassurance soon, being paranoid over that kind of thing is no fun at all.