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Week of February 4 (Read 6 times)


    Good morning everyone!  Hope the Super Bowl didn't cause too much damage.  I watched a couple of commercials then turned on something else.


    Down 1.5 this morning, which is really only .5 since I gained a little last week. But...headed in the right direction and my fat/muscle ratio went down 0.5 point.  Seems like that's more stubborn.


    Challenge this week - three days and two nights of work travel.  I'll eat at Whole Foods one night vs. a restaurant.  Gotta figure out the rest.


    Have a good week!

    Houston Marathon 1-13-13

    Rock n Roll St. Pete Half 2-10-13

    Gasparilla 15K 2-23-13

    Armadillo 10K 3-9-13

    Ogden Marathon 5-18-13



    The Goal:  Boston Marathon 4-20-15


      Nice work on the loss, Monkey! 

      I had a bad weekend.  Wine Tasting tour  on Saturday (didn't eat much, but drank my weight in wine), then recovery yesterday plus Superbowl didn't do me very well.  Weigh in is tomorrow, so we'll see what happens...


      The Crap Whisperer

        I'm down 1.5 from the week before...finally. I started following the SHRED plan (it's a book) and tracking points at the same time. It's pretty easy to follow and keeps me within my daily points for the most part - though I do usually use any activity points I earn.

        Being the best tiny spec that I can be!

          Up 1.5 for me, about the same as I lost last week.  But I guess that's what maintenance is all about.


          Last week was all about the birthday cake I made- 17 points a slice. Shocked  Good thing there's none left!


            Up 5.  Angry