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    Thanks, Zelanie - what a HUGE improvement you've also made to your health! You remind me of a friend I made thru WW meetings... she's 63, has lost 137 pounds, is now on staff (Receptionist), and has placed #1 in her age category in 4 5K races she has won! Wow!


    And I think that was so exemplified when I visited the western suburban Chicago area this last October, to visit with my mom and 2 sisters. (Mom is 82, moved there 1 yr ago to live with my 2 sisters there.) Natch, they were (especially my mom) amazed at my "new looks" (not finished yet!!). And what a new twist! I made going to my weekly WW meeting a priority - gained some new WW pal/friends in the process! and made activity a priority (used hotel's health club and pool!). What a great feeling that was in Chicago - as here on our msg boards - to know we're really like a FAMILY - all striving for better health and happiness and feeling GOOD! Smile It's a unique "club"! Smile

    And we love it, don't we? Smile

    Your collective stories DO inspire me - and I'm so grateful for that. Now.... gotta go to my gym, to start my New Year 2013 off to a great start!

    Thank you all!!

    I want to live - not merely survive! And I won't give up this dream that keeps me alive!

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      jackjnston what do you think of the new 360 plan?  I heard the meetings are more interactive?


      I'm not sold on ActiveLink.  I think it's great for people who are couch potatoes but I don't want to earn extra activity points for everyday activities such as laundry.


      Our leader hasn't really gone over the new plan.  I think she's waiting for the attendance to ramp up in the New Year.  So, I am actually a bit confused as to what is is all about.  At our last meeting, there were only two of us in attendance so I am hoping she gets to it next week when the line is out the door!


        Hi all..I just joined this group but will not join WW until next week on payday.  I am signing myself and my husband up for the online membership.  I have been successful on WW in the past but have gained all of it back.  I currently weight about 173 and want to lose at least 30 lbs preferably about 35.


        I took about a 9 month hiatus from exercise.  It was not intentional but I got burnt out on running and cycling and interested in other things, parrots to be exact.  This may sound dumb but I have decided to run every single day, at least one mile, rather than just 3-5 days per week.  I find it too easy to stop if I take a day off.  On days that I don't feel like running or whatever or I need a rest day I will just run 1 mile.  I started on January 1 and most of my runs have been only one mile.  I'm starting very very slow this time.


        I look forward to coming in here and discussing WW with people who run!


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          Good Morning Smile


          My name is Erica and I'm a WW Lifetime Member who is no longer at goal. I'm 3.5 above goal but about 10 lbs. heavier than I want to be. I just started working at WW as a receptionist and I'm hoping that keeps me on track!


          I first joined WW in 2000 when my daughter was 6 months old. I lost something like 36 lbs. and kept it off for 4 or 5 years. In the last 8 years I have gained and lost the same 20 lbs. twice and I'm bound and determined to stop that cycle!! I think WW is a fabulous program - especially now that they fixed the weird carb/fiber loophole of past programs. I'm a vegetarian (no meat at all - no I don't eat fish) and overall I eat really well - but portion control is my issue!!


          I'm also hypothyroid so that comes with its own struggles but that is mostly under control at this point. A friend once told me that if you were once overweight and lost the weight, you have to eat 20% less calories to maintain that weight than someone at the same weight who has never been overweight. I believe the source of info was a documentary of some sort...but that is pretty sobering and seems to really hold true for me. I eat much better (and less) than many thin people I know but I have to work MUCH harder to lose or maintain my weight.


          I hope to get to know you all better! Yay for WW!

          Being the best tiny spec that I can be!

            Hi everyone,  I'm Craig,   51 years old,  live in Texas.

            After starting and stopping a few times in 2010-11,  I started running in fall 2011 and have stuck with it and enjoyed it since then.

            Finished 2 half marathons in 2012, and my first full marathon will be in Feb.


            Joined WW in Dec 2011 at my wife's suggestion (she's a Lifetime member) and it's very helpful that we both are tracking and go to the same meetings when our schedules allow.

            Have lost 68 pounds and I'm almost at goal  -- possibly at tonight's weigh-in if I'm lucky.


              Hi!! I've been a WW online member for 11 months. I've lost 33# with the new program and a total of  63# since my daughter was born 16 months ago (little one #3 ) I've been running again since fall. Have my first half the end of April. Trying my hardest to be ready!  I am also still breast feeding, so the last couple of weeks I've adjusted pts trying to find a happy medium. I for the most part do not use my activity points if I leave my DP,s at the default for nursing moms. Not sure if that is good or bad. I'm also hypothyroid.