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Week of February 11 (Read 6 times)


    Up 0.5  I've been screwing around with the same 1-2 lbs for about 3 weeks.  Work trip last week didn't help and it was a cutback running week.  Back to basics.  I keep telling myself I feel better and I feel like I've lost inches but I'm still pissed.

    Houston Marathon 1-13-13

    Rock n Roll St. Pete Half 2-10-13

    Gasparilla 15K 2-23-13

    Armadillo 10K 3-9-13

    Ogden Marathon 5-18-13



    The Goal:  Boston Marathon 4-20-15


    The Crap Whisperer

      I'm actually, finally, happlily, down 5.5 lbs.

      Being the best tiny spec that I can be!