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Weak soles after a visit to a swimming pool (Read 487 times)

Paolo Costa



    I'm a BF beginner (started 1 month ago). I took my children to a swimming pool two days ago and now I feel my soles are a bit weaker. is it normal?




    Paolo (Italy)

      I asked a similar question about running on wet pavement. The veteran BF runners seemed to think that it is not a problem if your running stride is correct. Anyway, I would think that your feet would be back to normal after a couple of hours out of the pool.

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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        When your feet are immersed in water for awhile, the water softens the skin some - maybe turning the bottoms of your feet white and wrinkled looking.  This may be why your soles feel different.  I'd just wait until they felt and looked normal before running barefoot like Larry suggested, so that the softer skin doesn't become abraded.  Enjoy the running! 

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          I ran six miles in the rain without a problem on a Friday, and on that Sunday my feet looked and felt normal but every itty bitty piece of gravel made itself known.

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             not a problem if your running stride is correct. Anyway,.

            I used to be plagued by abrasions on the least little bit rougher surfaces when wet.

            however, after advice from Kenbob's,  it seems to have  been eliminated

            apparently by straightening out a splaying right foot and landing as gently as possible without any slippage. 

            Going a lot slower too due to an aging knee is probably reducing slippage too.. 

            In fact, just had my first consecutive wet runs with an uneventful 10K and marathon in last eight days,


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