Barefoot Runners


I did my first bf run yesterday! (Read 328 times)

    I've been doing some short distances in the middle of my regular run but yesterday I did my first complete bf run!  It was awesome!  I got a pair of VFF over the weekend since the pavement is about 4000 degrees.  They worked out great!  I really want to go out for a longer run today but I don't want to over do it.  Plus I think I have strep so that would be bad.

    But I'm looking forward to my next bf run!  Woohoo!

    under a rock

      Congrats! I'm still trying to fit more in each week but since I have lots of races coming up I'm waiting until I'm done with those to cut back more runs and do them barefoot. But the little I have done has helped me to reduce my heel striking tendencies by a huge amount.