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annual Seattle RunningBarefoot Run of the Month (Friday, June 11 @ 7pm) (Read 539 times)

MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

    thanks to Promotion Events (and their predecessor), the annual Fremont 5K Fun Run has been the "RunningBarefoot Run of the Month" for Seattle  since 2003. They provide us a table to (1) promote running barefoot, (2) display/post recent news articles featuring running barefoot, and (3) offer goods (shirts, bumper stickers, etc.). 


    We offer free running barefoot tips and probably should charge a dollar every time someone asks to see our soles.  Many interested runners show up from invitations we liberally issue during  our participation in various other area events (e.g. Resolution Run and Splash, Valentine 5K,  St. Pat's Dash, Mercer Island Half Marathon, Tacoma City Marathon etc.).


    We usually have 2-3 barefoot runners and are hoping for 2X that this year from as far away as Lee's Summit, MO (Barefoot Rick) and Vancouver, Washington down by Portland (Barefoot Ryan)..


    please join us if possible and have your Seattle area running friends join us too. 




    - barefoot jon (seattle)

    first barefoot marathon - 1990

    first barefoot Ironman - 2004

    first barefoot ultra - 2008



    Fremont 5K Fun Run

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    Seattle, Washington (Adobe Plaza)

    4:30 - 7:00 pm  (RunningBarefoot table)

    7:00 pm (RunningBarefoot Run of the Month/Fremont 5K Fun Run)



    ps to jason: we'd love to feature any hard copy articles/photos we could borrow

    of your recent Guinness record.  thanks.

    Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”K

    MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

      Six happy pairs of bare feet from last night's (Friday - 6/11/20) Fremont 5K annually designated as the RunningBarefoot Run of the Month even since the RD saw me running the 5K route sans shoes

       some ten years ago.   A lot of Vibram Five Fingers are planning on shedding them too for next year.


      Left to right:

      Barefoot Peter ( Olympia, WA)

      Barefoot Ryan (VAncouver, WA)

      Barefoot Rick (Lee's Summit, MO) -

      barefoot jon (Seattle, WA)

      Barefoot Billy (Seattle, WA)

      Barefoot Ted (Seattle, WA)  -

      more bare feet at

      Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”K