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Interesting visit to the Podiatrist today... (Read 901 times)

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    for the treatment of a minor toenail problem. I noticed wall plaques for three marathons he had run, including Boston - an avid runner apparently.  I thought there was a slim chance he might be interested in barefoot running, so I intended to mention it casually.


    50 years ago I had surgery which resulted in one foot being 1" shorter than the other.  Six years ago I started running. Four years ago I had a fasciotomy for compartment syndrome.  Three years ago I developed PF which resulted in two opposing heel spurs on the affected foot.  All this while wearing "proper" running shoes.  Two years ago I started learning to run barefoot and currently do half my mileage that way - the other half in minimalist shoes. Since then I've been able to run more than ever before without injury or pain. Oh, and I still have a short right foot & heel spurs on the left foot.


    After explaining how my arches work, he recommended corrective foot surgery and customized orthotics, saying otherwise I was headed for "problems" (I'm 64).  He seemed surprised that I had no pain. I showed him the bottom of my foot and said "that's the result of 15-20 miles barefoot on asphalt every week" (soft, pinkish-white, & no calluses) to which he responded with an obligatory "Wow".  After that, we decided that he would treat the toenail today, and I would think about the other stuff. 


    I really do think that for the most part, nature - or barefooting in my case - has a way of compensating nicely for many physical defects and injuries. I sure don't want to screw that up now. BTW, I think he did a great job with my toe.Smile    

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      Podiatrists as a group are probably the most difficult to educate on BF running.  They have too much vested in the traditional views.  Not saying they're bad; it's just hard for them.  Maybe you're responsible for a chink in his armor.


      Glad you're making progress with your podiatric challenges! Smile

      Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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        Bill - glad your making progress.Until I read this post, didn't realize we have bunch of things in common.


        Age 64 (65 in October), faciotomy - in my left calf. Mine is one long, big, ugly scar down most of the calf. I choose not to have plastic surgery to close it after it healed. Left foot and calf are larger than right, and compounded with a bad right knee its a wonder I am running. In fact, 5 years ago, I had an orthopedic surgeon tell me not to and to avoid walking as well! He should see me now, running BF w/o elastic braces! LOL. I also had foot problems with running shoes and have been migrating to less and less as I realized the shoes were a contributing factor. Going minimal and BF seems to help compensate for all the years of favoring my right leg and the imbalances that were introduced. I'm not up to your BF mileage yet but intend to get there!

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          Yea...Doctors. I had a Dr go off on me for running barefoot/minimal in February. It's a liability thing...they have to take a conservative approach, or else they better be in a research facility. there's not a lot of room for free thinking in the contemporary exam visit if you read their licensing and  liability insurance guidelines...