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Vibrams to the rescue (Read 372 times)

    I picked up some Vibrams last summer, and did some running in them before drifting away from them.  Then, a week and a half ago, I started getting some shin pain.  I was planning to simply take time off until the shin healed up, but remembered that these things were stashed away in a closet.  I've taken them out on a few runs now, and there is no shin pain or discomfort at all.  Of course I was doing 45mpw previously, so the two miles or so I'm doing in the Vibrams isn't keeping me totally in the game, but it's nice to at least keep up the routine of getting out every day for a run.  The only downside is some tightness in the calves, which I expected.  It is no worse than when I adjusted my form to land farther forward on my foot.  Maybe this weekend I'll get up to a three miler in the things.


    On an added note, I found last year that these shoes are great for playing kickball!  It's amazing how much control you have in a kick when you can feel the ball.  This likely doesn't apply to anyone else, but if you happen to find yourself in a game, strap them on your feet.

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      First of all, great idea on the kickball, as long as you don't "toe" the ball. I reckon that would hurt quite a bit!

      If you run in just the VFF, you can be back up to 30-40 in no time (well no time being a few months most likely). As long as you ease into it like you are.

      Hopefully things continue to go heal up for you.

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