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Links to new/upcoming minimalist running shoe companies? (Read 490 times)


    Hi, anyone have any links to new or upcoming companies in the minimalist running shoe market? I vaguely remember one of these barefoot forumers getting lots of advice before creating a shoe that is more "forum approved" than most? Not sure which forum it was though... it was definitely crowdsourced...


    I don't mean new or upcoming minimalist shoes from the big three -- vivo barefoot, feelmax, or vibram fivefingers, I mean new companies entering the market in upcoming months and stuff. Anyone have any links to any of the new guys? Thanks!

      None of these really fit your criteria, but I am putting them for completeness. There is something else coming out, but I have to remember the name.



      Vibram Five Fingers (of course)

      Vivo Barefoot


      Edit: Found it Skora

      They still haven't even made a production model yet. So, we will see.


      Huaraches Maker

        And let me add for huaraches kits and custom-made running sandals.





          That reminds me


          Barefoot Ted's Huaraches


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            I don't think I'd like that strap between the toes on the huaraches. 

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              I am going to make myself a pair. And just for completeness I am going to make Barefoot Ted's because I prefer the hemp strap.

              EDIT: Found another.