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Blisters after Barefoot Running (Read 1683 times)

Fast Ninja

    After putting aside my Huaraches and Vibram KSO's lately,....


    I started to run Barefoot now @ 5:30mins/km pace Avoiding Rocks and obstacles in the runway,


    And referring to the title above,

    Yes I think Blisters after barefoot running is one result of unprotected running..


    Please answer my following questions:


    1. Do i have to pop blisters when they occur??

    2. The next time i run barefoot again (feels great  tho)? or do i have to wear my vibrams again or Huraches again?

    3. If i want to continue my bare foot run Do i have to tape (ducttape / Micropore /3m ) my Feet for me to protect my skin from blistering?

    4. if Huraches (again) is one solution -- how can i adapt to its form without hurting myself... because there are lot difference when u use VIbram, Huraches and plain barefoot


    Huraches tend to invite little rocks in to Jam beneath your foot and the toe flops sometimes dig into sand making your toes Sandy and Dirt that makes u irritable when your run..


    Vibrams KSO so far.. No Problem


    Bare foot-- FEELS GOOD! but problem is the blister!!


    ~please help me how to Run again FREELY BAREFOOT Society!!


    Fast Ninja

      Note: Taping is The Toe part


      Please help also in how to Properly Strap your huraches -- Because it find very stiff on my ankles

        If you're blistering, you're going too far, too hard, or your form is not quite right (or the roadway is very hot and your feet are sticking too long per step).  When starting barefooting, many of us have to go slower and less distance than we were shod.  And it might take a long time to build back up.


        I usually only get blisters (on a couple of toes) after road races.  I don't pop them, personally.


        You don't have to wear vibrams or huaraches next time you run; you don't need to tape your feet.


        I recommend going to Barefoot Ken Bob's website and start with the Begin Here!! tab to learn how to start running barefoot more gently.