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Barefoot/minimalist Shoe Running Clinic in Grand Rapids, MI (Read 376 times)

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    I'll be running another barefoot/minimalist shoe clinic in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The clinic will meet twice- January 16th and 30th from 12-2.  Topics to be covered include:

    • My Six Principles of Successful Barefoot and Minimalist Shoe Running
    • Progression of transition
    • How to develop excellent form
    • Drills
    • Common concerns
    • How to avoid injuries
    • Winter running
    If you have questions or to register, contact Jason at barefootchronicles "at" gmail "dot" com.  If you are interested in bringing a clinic to your area, contact me.  Here's the site for clinic attendees:

    The site also contains some video of previous clinics.

    Barefoot Running University- Jason's barefoot running site



      I'd love to come up and meet you sometime and see the clinic. January is a bit of a rough time to start to learn to run barefoot unless you have a treadmill around but I hope the turnout is wonderful for you.


      I live in Ann Arbor, so 4+ hour round trip drive in the winter is not exactly tempting.



      As a side note, would love for you to open your log, assuming you have your training on here, in order to get a peek!

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        I'm tentatively planning at least one, maybe three clinics for the Metro Detroit area.  The first one will probably be around the beginning of April.  I'll keep you posted.



        I don't have my log here.  Actually, I don't usually keep a log when I'm not in a training cycle.  I have a rough idea of my mileage, but it's more of a "zen" approach.  During my training cycles, I usually use running2win.  I may switch to here once I start serius training in a few weeks.  My log isn't too impressive, though.  I have a few half-assed runs during the week, maybe a day of hill repeats, then a long run. 

        Barefoot Running University- Jason's barefoot running site