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PR in my VFF's (Read 414 times)


    Hey all,

      Just wanted to drop a note and say I got a PR in the Seaside Florida Half Marathon this weekend!


    It was my third half, and my first race since I started training exclusively in my VFF KSOs this year.    My time was a respectable 2:05:17; not bad for a 190 lb 46 yr old.  My calves are still a little sore today, but I think I'll be able to take the  stairs at work without assistance .


    I saw one other runner in VFFs in the 5k, and a lady wearing them the day after for recovery.  She said her son just finished a 50k trail run in his last weekend... sick.


    Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement.   To those just starting, good luck and keep on trucking!



      Wonderful news, and congrats on a PR. Minimalist shoes are definitely becoming much more prevalent, hopefully because less truly is more when it comes to running.

      If you need help walking up the stairs, which I know you were joking, but try walking laterally (sideways). It looks a little silly to walk up stairs like you're trying to climb a steep hill, but it doesn't engage the same muscles as normal walking.

      Happy and quick recovery.

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        Congrats on your PR!


        Last month at a trail HM I was lined up at the start with a couple wearing VFF. The woman placed 3rd in her age group. I've seen many people wearing them at trail races lately. In Jan the female winner in a trail 5k wore VFF.

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