Barefoot Runners


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    I have never been a runner; I walk. When I walk at the beach, I have always walked barefoot but wear shoes everywhere else.

    Recently, I decided to try running but am in the research stage.

    I just heard about barefoot running and that sound pretty good to me.

    When I go to the gym after work tonight, I am going try walking barefoot on the treadmill.

    Running in Socks

      That's awesome!  Since you're just starting up, you may as well do it the right way and run barefoot.  Happy training!

        Thanks for the encouragement. I went to the gym last night and used the treadmill barefoot.  My gym buddy told me I was crazy and would hurt myself.

        Since I am not a runner and not an athlete, I thought I should ease into it.  I only did 22 minutes which consisted of alternating back and forth between 2 minutes of walking and 2 minutes of running.  I stretched out when I was finished.

        I noticed that the back of my calves felt a little tight later on but they are fine today.

          You should tell your friend that they will hurt themselves running in shoes.