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Help pick a logo for Invisible Shoes (Read 433 times)

Huaraches Maker

    It's about time we had an actual logo ;-) ... so thanks to the amazing website, we're getting one.

    You get to vote on your favorite(s) from the top 8 (out of over 332 submissions)

    Go to

    When you check out the choices, keep in mind that we'll be using the logo both with and without the accompanying text.

    And if you hover your mouse over the selections a pop-up window will show you a bigger version that's easier to see.





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      Make it invisible.



        Also - you might consider renaming the shoes.  I'm an Intellectual Property atty - and the strongest form of trademark is that which is non-descriptive of the class of goods it is identifying; thus, the most powerful trademarks are those which having nothing to do with the class of goods: e.g., "Apple" for computers, "google" for search engine.



          I've voted.  For 5 of them, I ranked them clearly at 1 star (#348, #310, #265, #189, #134) and left comments about why.


          #281 is okay but a bit busy.


          I really like #276 and #289, both resonated with me, but I voted 5 for #289 and 4 for #276 because I think that #289 is a little simpler and appeals a bit more to me, but I considered ranking them both at 5.

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          Huaraches Maker

            Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and opinions... this is a tricky one (lots of good options, each has a + and -)