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    So I tried to get back to BF running again today.  I did a half mile loop after my regular run.  I opted to skip starting on the treadmill and just go outside since it is so nice out now.


    It felt pretty good, no real issues and pace wasnt much slower than my other run.  HOWEVER... I need some advice - what do you guys do when the small pieces of crap (rock, twig, leaves, acorn tops, whatever...) stick to your foot and just dont detach.  I had this happen a few times and figured that if I kept running it would jar loose after a step or two.  They didnt - I ended up having to stop to take them off.  Is this what you do or do you scrape your foot on the ground to get it off.  I figured scraping might hurt or actually scrape my foot, but that seems a faster option than stopping every half block to remove debris from my foot.

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      I've developed a backwards shuffle/scrape-step that I throw in to my stride when something sticks.  Things stick less now than they did a few months ago, but I still need to from time to time.  Just lightly scrape the foot backwards as you're picking your foot up off the ground anyway.  Works for me.  Smile

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        I usually just add some twist and grind it off on the ground,  unless it's on the high part of my arch where it's harder to rub off, then I slow down a little and rub it off on my other leg.

        It does become less frequent.  Probably because you stop noticing the smaller stuff.
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