Barefoot Runners


Barefoot running Questionnaire (Read 367 times)

J Klooster

    Dear barefoot runners,

    As you may know the incidence of running injuries is high. In the past years barefoot running has become very popular. And it is believed that barefoot running has a positive influence on the incidence of running injuries. However, scientific prove is still lacking.


    We conduct a study in which we try to gain insight into the effects of barefoot running on injury incidence. In this study we compare running injuries of barefoot runners to runners who use running shoes.


    We are looking for habitual barefoot runners, or runners who use minimalistic shoes, who want to fill in the questionnaire in the link below. It will only take 5-10 minutes of your time. All participants can be kept informed on the results of this study by filling in their e-mail address in the questionnaire. This is completely optional.


    This research is part of my bachelor thesis for Human Movement Sciences at the University of Groningen in partnership with the Center for Sports Medicine of the University Medical Center Groningen.


    Thank you beforehand for your cooperation and time

    Jesper Klooster